Monday, September 21, 2015

2. I Helped Myself.

    Here one more incident to appreciate men's good tactics which would be with good fun.

    For one son-in-law in a village" Ghee " is his all time favourite dish.It means whatever dishes he has, in it " Ghee "must be predominant for him.He is known as " Ghee Man the Great ".He is such a crazy man who has the ability to turn any dishes into the    "Ghee Related Dishes ". For his own sake his own house has a good number of cattle.So he reigns his " Ghee Department "as good and as elegant as possible.

   In villages,the people are having a good rapport with each other as they are known to each other for generations.So the people in his own street who happens to prepare some Ghee related dishes,the first call would come for him to taste the dish.His maternal and paternal relations never interfere his " Ghee Kingdom ".In fact they do their best to help him to rule his " Ghee Kingdom " elegantly.

   But when it comes with the relation of his wife part,they are not comfortable with this," Ghee Man the Great "character.Usually at villages,there are so many festivals, big or small are being celebrated throughout the year and the sons-in-law are often being invited along with their loving daughters as the gesture of respect.But this "Ghee Man the Great " would not be invited for any sort of  festivals at any cost.It is an open secret it seems.

    But his parents-in-law are very tactic to make him believe that as if he has many tight schedules to handle,he would find no time to visit all this sort of festivals.His friends are teasing him by saying that as his parents-in-law don't have sufficient Ghee for this " Ghee Man the Great ", they put  forward this lame excuse. Even his wife with no bothering,maintained the same lame excuse and she
rejoices herself very well by celebrating all the festivals at her birth place with her loving children and leaving behind her loving husband.

   As usual one such grand festival arrives.Fortunately it falls on the day,where the " Ghee Man " has the opportunity to attend this festival along with his family.As there is no other go,his parents-in-law invited him.He made his entry.

   The festival was indeed very grand.But his festival meals were not as grand as he expected.He didn't see any form of entry of his very favourite Ghee in any form of dish.His disappointment was beyond any explanation.Keeping his ' Son-in-law respect'  aside,he asked his mother-in-law for some Ghee." Oh dear! sorry! I totally forgot.Your favourite Ghee would be on its way".Then she went inside and brought a moderate size earthen pot,which was with full of Ghee ( but it was not melted ) and turned the pot and inclined it down completely just above his plate as if she drained all the Ghee into his plate and told with all fake concern in her voice," Help yourself my son"  and kept the pot by his side as if it was her son-in-law's own choice to have as much ghee as he could have.

   His wife was at the other side of the room as if she was busy with  the children,taking no care of her loving husband.Poor son-in-law.His stay over there for three days, it happened so.The fourth day he had to leave for his own village.The grunted son-in-law didn't know what else to do with this uncivilized family.

   The fourth day the mother-in-law laid the table.As usual, she
brought  the same earthen pot filled with not melted ghee and just held the pot and as if she was streaming down the whole ghee just above his meals.And kept the pot by his side and uttered the same dialogue," Help yourself my son " with the same fake smiles in her face.At that time God showered a good mercy on this son-in-law.Somebody outside gave an emergency call for her mother-in-law.She went out.Her daughter also accompanied her.When the son-in-law peeped through the window, he came to know that it would take some minutes for them to come back.

    The son-in-law acted quickly.He took the earthen pot and darted into the kitchen and managed to melt the whole ghee in the pot, in the morning ever green burner of the earthen stove.Then he brought back the pot with the melted ghee with good care and kept it by his side and took his seat as innocent as possible.The uncivilized hosts came back.With a good humble request the son-in-law pleaded,"some more ghee please! ". " All ghee is yours my son",his mother- in-law took the ghee pot and as usual held the ghee pot down.The whole melted ghee streamed down and filled her beloved son-in-law's plate to his heart content.

   The son-in-law looked into his mother-in law's face and with all real sparkling smiles in his face and with such a pride,he told " I  helped Myself very well Mom!as you told me ".  



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