Monday, October 7, 2013


   The whole village became awestruck.The news they heard was really an unbelievable one.The news related to  that positive vibrant house was really a bitter news.Bitter to its core.The house was on the one of the main entrance of the village.Very respectable house.In fact the house belongs to one of the lower middle class family of the village.But the family Heads were very rich in earning respect.They were not selfish.They were not self-centered.We can call them as humans,the word which really means the value.

   As their house was situated in the place which was the threshold of the village they used to have so many variety of visitors.The visitors themselves were willing to visit this house.The fond welcome of the family Heads Gurunathan  and Subha Meenakshi were really made for each other category couple.Their hearty hospitality with their very simple available feast and their fond inquiry about the visitors health and about their family matters with real concern makes the visitors to disclose themselves with a good faith on this couple.The host and guest at the end of the conversation they used to resorted to a good deal of caring and sharing phenomena.

    Quite a number of village daughters-in-laws used to have their tips for good seedling,time for seedling,time for harvest from this house head lady  Subha Meenakshi.They were very comfortable with borrowing and sharing of the available seeds with this lady.As a spectator we can feel the respect the daughters-in-laws of the village were having towards this genuine lady.As this house had some cattle, the incoming and outgoing of the passers by of the village during summer was a common sight for chill and light sour butter milk.

   Now,the news spread over the village was that this family head Gurunathan was under severe stroke whose left side failed to show its presence.The whole village thronged their house with so many prayers towards God.They were not able to digest the stillness of Subha Meenakshi. She seemed to have drained all her energy.No consolation helped her to come back to her consciousness.One elderly person suggested,"Let them breath the atmosphere.Let us give them some time to be on their own.Now let Gurunathan get admitted in the town hospital.Hurry up."

   The couples have seven children.Three boys and four girls.They were staying with their youngest son who was an agriculturist.He had two children.The other two sons were government employees.The eldest one had quarters and was just 10 kilometers away from the village.He also had two children.The second son in the Army in a good rank and his life style was some what in higher position.His frequent transfers all over the country never let him to pay frequent visits to his family.He and his wife were working couples.They also had two children.

   The daughters of the family were fortunately destined to persons who were government employees so that their families could be a manageable one with their guaranteed regular income..Even though they were destined to the same below middle class family they could  manage to keep their family with good sort of satisfaction.The sons and daughters took after their parents in all general basic manners.The village thought so.

   The bitter news had been passed on to the other children of the family and by evening except the son who was in the Army, all other grief stricken  children were there in the hospital.They tried their best to console each other with their own heavy hearts. Gurunathan was advised to stay in the hospital for one week.After taking so many tests, the kind doctor in soft and encouraging voice did his professional tactics with moral values.

   The doctor called the whole family members including the son who was in the army who arrived on the fourth day of his father's hospitalization."Look this good man's beloved family members!This stroke is not serious as you think.This depends on Mr. Gurunathan's will power and the whole hearten support from his beloved family through unconditional love which can bring miracles into his body.This will help him in greater way to come back to normalcy in shorter period.Remember love is nothing but it is the feeling of the God.When love and God work together we can make a thing positive.Tomorrow Mr. Gurunathan will get discharged.God may give you all strength .

   The wise doctor gave individual suggestion to Gurunathan,"Mr.Gurunathan you seemed to be a good  and active family head.As long as our body has life we have to face different difficulties like this.Treat this as the seasonal changes but try to retain some spring in your every season.Your family seems to be good.As long as our health and mind have a good rapport with themselves we can see good in everything.To keep them in good rapport we must be sensible..Fortunately your stroke is not serious one.A good and active family head should not be bed ridden.So develop your will power by pleading God to be by your side, try to start doing your own work your self from the day one..Like eating,walking, reading, using rest room and so on.Many times I noticed in my medical service that' the village Back Bones' are much stronger than the' city back bones'.God may give you all strength".

   Subha Meenakshi made up her mind.She took the Doctor's version as God's version.With her all smiling face and encouraging interactions Gurunathan started feeling easy.He tried his best to be on its own.The whole village depending on its leisure hours came to give him and wife a good  company with some encouraging stories.

   All children settled in their places as usual,and their frequent visits to their parents with their families,help the house to be  in a festive mood.Every one of the family including the village thought so.But here in the youngest son's family a different script for different story was going on.The youngest daughter- in-law was totally not comfortable with the present scenario.Till now, her good and active parents-in-law were responsible for all in and out activities.Now she and her husband had to take all these responsibilities.More over the frequent visits of the relatives and village seemed to be an utter disturbance for her privacy.As her mind and body  were not having  a good rapport with them selves she discovered and invented only bad things in every movements of the family.Forgetting the all sorts of the receiving help from all family members and the village,she started creating negative ripples in that nice well going family.

   One evening, while she was serving coffee to the whole family members along with some of the village people she burst out her wrath."Look my dear family members!As an agriculturist wife, with no enjoyment in life,I am so tired of all these happenings.Till now, I did my best for this family.Now it is the turn of the other two sons who are government employees, to take the responsibility of their parents.I am not the only daughter-in-law to take all these responsibilities for life time".She got back into the kitchen followed by her husband.Her 'follow me' gesture to her husband gave a clear signal to the whole family that the youngest son of the family was of no use of lending his ears to any one of the family or to the village.

   The youngest daughter-in-law comfortably forgot the privileges she had been enjoying for all these periods for the same sake as a wife of an agriculturist..When partition was done,leaving some parts of land for the family heads, the other two brothers settled their youngest brother's major part of the dues.The second son, as he was in the Army, gave his share of land to his younger brother.Elder brother also gave some part of his land to his youngest brother..All the village taxes had been paid by the second son.The vegetables cultivated from  these four shares of land,including her own,were comfortably transported to her birth place very often.The family heads  were very wise to over look it.

   Everything was over.The parents side elders and some village wise people tried their best to make this issue  not a big issue,they turned towards the eldest son,"Big boy! as the eldest son of the your family,you are in  a position to take care of your parents and your whole family.So don't let it be an issue.There are two options for you.As your working place is very nearby, you can be with your parents with your family at our village itself or take your parents to your place."

   Giving everyone an inexplicable shock,this Big boy politely refused by saying,"I am so sorry I am not in a position to either being with them in the village or taking them with me.Let us not take it as a big issue.Every problem has its own solution.Within few days every thing will be on its track.Now it is the time for my family to catch the bus.See you."He retreated comfortably with no sense of his sixth sense. He didn't seem to have realized that this was the time for him and his wife to be in his parents position.

 The discomfort prevailed over there was at once put an end by the second son.He tried to simplify the problem created by his elder and younger brothers,"Dad and mom! there is nothing to worry.They seemed to have their own problems.But I have no problems.For a change why don"t you people come with me and try to enjoy the city life.In our quarters we are having some  kitchen garden.You people enjoy growing vegetables by enjoying the company of your grand children.More over the hospital facilities are far more better in the city compared to our village.There are more chances for dad to come back to normalcy quickly.We will take you to the so many fascinating city places which you failed to visit all these years due to your tight schedule.Now it is the time to relax.We shall enjoy to the core.We shall visit our village very often by creating opportunities for it".He gestured to his wife and children to extend their warm invitation towards the family head.

   Ten years passed.Nothing had stopped for none.The two brothers never tried to even the matters all these years.In the beginning the sisters did their best to bridge their parents  and these two brothers.But they were not at all ready to budge.All in vain.The net result was war of words.Naturally the sisters visit counts to their birth place drastically came down.The brothers seemed to have not bothered about this.No inquiry about their parents.No visits.Nothing.

   Now the time came for the elder brother to invite his parents and his brothers' families for his daughter's marriage.He came to his younger brother's place along with the youngest brother.Their life partners were absent.When they entered the house,the second daughter of the family Durga was there.She was 'Call a spade a spade' type.

    Durga invited them with all smiles.The brothers with no sign of guilt simply disclosed the matter.The family heads didn't know what to say. Durga started'"Oh my dear brothers! so you have come to invite our parents for our family's grand occasion.Still you seem to have no sense of your present condition.Very pathetic.Our parents taught us that the prime thing we have to do is to earn respect for our age.Then every treasure would follow it.They are the living examples for us.Do you people know? All these ten years, how many peoples from our own village and our own relation did visit our parents and blessed our brother's family.Still they are on this sharing and caring policy through various measures.All these are the results of our parents self owned respect."

   There was a pin drop silence.Durga continued."You ruined your own esteem  and your family esteem.You people failed to balance your position.It is universal law that a family's balance depends on the clarity of the mind of the men in the family.As  ladies are from the other family, they have no idea about our own family's  value based back ground.You men are to treat your wife and your children as one eye and your parents and brothers and sisters as other eye.When both eyes are able to co-ordinate with each other only we can see the clear and good side of the family clearly.And the things which bring no good to our family could be analysed and sorted out properly.As long as you men are not  at all ready in doing your prominent roll as a good coordinator for the sake of a family prestige,every family would undergo the same bitter experience of our family"

   Durga stopped for a second.Still no more response from her brothers' side.Passive listening is a good gesture of reformation.Durga felt.She started again,"As for as I am concerned, with the available resources our family have, we all must be as happy as we can.And with that same available resources we can fulfill  every one of the family members dream when we are ready to be together.I have a strong belief in it.Now the ball is in your court.If you are really interested in our whole family's presence in this grand occasion,go back.Being a good coordinator bring your whole family to invite our parents with all respect.Otherwise,there is  no meaning in celebrating a grand family occasion in the absence of your own blood and soul.

   With no words to utter the brothers left the place.There was a ray of hope in the family.