Saturday, December 27, 2014


" Bond itself expresses its cozy warm

Where every one's role is on its roam.

To elaborate its strength and security,

It is good to be one to feel its fraternity ".

  The other name for family is BONDING.If everyone of the family members wants to live in a cozy atmosphere,then definitely the  need of the hour is to feel their respective relations genuinely.Because

Feelings lead to humble recognitions;

Humble recognitions lead a fine and shine path;

Fine and shine paths lead to open our hearts;

Open hearts lead to recognize our current roles;

The current roles lead to our respective responsibilities;

Respective responsibilities bring people together;

People together lead to that spectacular caring and sharing;

Caring and sharing lead to bonds in all directions;

Bonds in all directions lead us to all sort of " S " and " S ";

It means " Strengths " and " Securities ".That means,

" All is well with all " to strengthen this " Cozy Bond ".

   Cozy bond is very expressive by our body language.Body language is absolutely vivid when it is
compared with its oral language.So one doesn't need to take any extra efforts to express one's respective love to the respective relations.Just feel the respective relations.Feel to the core.Then BONDS forms gradually,steadily and get strengthened automatically.As usual the first place to start to form this lovely bond is, no doubt our home;our " Sweet Home ".

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Owe To Each Other

   In one way or the other we are in a position to owe to each other either directly or indirectly.But many times,we take many things granted,and comfortably forget the act of giving back happily in the same way or the possible,available way.This attitude is totally wrong and it leads to shrink our boundaries where a good
rapport among any sort of relationship surely get deteriorated.Deteriorating relationship is dangerous where
" Need in Indeed " act and fact would vanish in the thin air.Then everyone get isolated and the unwanted guest " Depression " would lead a permanent " Agony " in the life of every individual.

    To understand the concept " We Tend to Owe to Each Other " we shall go through the following parable.
In a village where there was no electricity.Every family in that village were using only earthen lamps as lights
to brighten their house after the Sun set.Usually in the villages,every house has a open front yard for various purposes.

   The front yard of one such house had been used by an alms seeker for quite a long time to have his meals and to sleep.The owner of that house was also quite generous as that of the whole village.So every night before the bedtime they had been waiting for the alms seeker to have his meals and to make his bed.It means they never closed the front door before the man settle down.It means, they had been helping the man to have the same light from the earthen lamp from their house to finish his cores.

     The time came for the alms seeker to leave this world to reach God's abode.He was waiting in front of the God along with the others to know his next project and the instructions from the God  for the related project.His turn came.God said," My dear friend!I am quite pleased to see you again after completing your assigned project successfully without giving any sort of wounds to any one else.I bless you.Here is your next project.i.e.Thanks giving project ".The man was with all his ears.The God continued, " As being an alms seeker in your previous incarnation and as you had been getting some place and light for your cores from that particular family in that village,I think now it is the time for you to pay back them ". The man was still in keen attention.

   " You may wonder how to pay back them? I will tell you.They have their own farm land.As the house owner became so old and their sons are far away from their home town on their occupation purpose,the owner of the land finds it difficult to find a servant to govern his far away farm land.And you are the person to guard that farm land as an invisible creature".

   The man happily accepted the God's project and came back to this world to pursue his duty as a thanks-
giving gesture.One day while he was on his duty,he happened to hear a boiling conversation between a father and his son.They seemed to be working in a family for three generations to govern their farm land belonged to some other village .The invisible man with all his curiosity  lent his ears to them.

   Father,"Son! It is totally unfair! We have been working for this kind and good family for three generations.They have a good faith on us.So, as usual, they have sent us to market their huge harvested grains.For their generosity they have got good money for their good grains.If you want to lay your hand on this money,it would be sin forever for our whole family.I never allow you to do this evil thing at any cost ". Son, " My dear father ! I think you are unnecessarily worrying about all this simple matter.If we take a part of money for our well being from this huge amount how come they know? In fact we deserve to have a bit more as we have been working for them for three generations.So stop worrying and start acting as a clever man ".But his father was not at all ready to go against his good master.

    At that time the arguing father and the adamant son could hear a chuckling.They looked for the person
all around.Nobody was there.They got bewildered.Again the same voice continued." Friends! Don't get scared.If you are kind enough, please lend your ears to me to tell my story ". He narrated his story and finally finished saying," As I utilized the house owner's open front yard and the light from his earthen lamp,the God assigned me the job to govern his farm land in an invisible manner, as a gesture of gratitude .If so, I am afraid to think about your next project that is going to be assigned by the God for your ingratitude to your kind master ".

  So it is the time for us to think about ourselves.We tend to owe each other for umpteen times for umpteen good reasons.So let us start it with our parents,our siblings,our education,our teachers and mentors,our life-partners,our business partners,our children,our relatives,our friends,our neighbors,our location,our carrier,our society,our nation and so on.We shall honor this owing to each other gesture throughout our life in a graceful manner.