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The Power-The Women Power -Part XII.

   It has been three years since the We Women In Power started and programmed.Now it's growth is tremendous.As expected it keeps spreading its wings in all directions and far and wide.As every one's mind has been with ambitious with big motto,when they find good opportunity on their way,they have never failed to notice it and cleverly they have grabbed the moment.They have seized the moment.Naturally women were born with power.When they are made to known about that fact, right from their birth then there will be no looking back.But the truth is, the hidden mega power is waiting all its life time earnestly to grab the opportunity.Once it feels that this is the right time to transfer its potential energy into the kinetic energy, it emerges out with a vigor that would compensate its all time waiting.

   The big and great evidence for this spectacular moment is  the out come of this "We Women In power " venture.After the fifty families got their mega boat in the form of projects and the ores in the form of powerful positive courage and healthy and shrewd governance given by the three 'Iron Ladies' helped the overall healthy group, to decide on which direction they should sail their boat.God is always there with the needed things for a genuine prayer for the genuine purpose.So with the grace of Almighty they are making their journey as easy as possible with that 100% belief on themselves and on these three iron ladies and finally on Him by pouring thanks on Him.God is so happy with that thanks giving gestures from this group through various forms on every seconds.He is so glad  when he came to know that His children are started understanding the value of themselves and the values of others by being together.God is in his heaven and all is right with this group's world.

   In this three years their growth is tremendous.Every six months they started including a new ideas and keep finding strategies and keep implementing them with that efficiency.Many ladies who are residing near by locality, from various walks of life have joined this venture.So this venture becomes stronger and stronger.Some of new schemes which have been included  recently are;

1.Grocery shop,

2.vegetable shop,

3.Counselling Center with the help of senior citizen who in turn have trained the middle aged group.Now they both give counselling to young  girls and to teens.This is so effective that almost all age group seems to have got rid of their unwanted burden in the form of tension and now they are happy with their easy going life.

4.Summer classes and summer camps for children to refine their talents in their respective interested fields.


6.Stationary and fancy stores.

 7.After so many rounds of big discussion WWIP is doing some agriculture with a tie up with the nearby village.The uncultivated land of the village would be taken on rental basis by this WWIP group and the village as a whole.The expenditure and man power should be shared by the these two groups.Initial  expenditure of the village for cultivation has been borne by this WWIP group as an experimental measures and the harvest of that season has been shared by these two sections.The second season of harvest,has been made to be shared both by these two groups including income and expenditure.They together,have developed a slogan 1+1 which means,it is mandatory that in one way or the other, we have to produce our own food as well as have to produce food for minimum one more person as a goodwill gesture.The whole agriculture product have been marketed directly to the residential area on the basis of that day's market price.So with no middle man,the village and the WWIP group both are on their way of flourishing.

8.With the help of the same village so many concrete buildings in the city started having their roof top vegetable gardens.

9.In the same village itself,they together have started nursery and the grown plants are also sold on that day's market prices.

10.With the available cattle in the village,the two groups have come to an agreement that the overall cost of the cattle and the care taking cost of the cattle and the income drawn from the milk and their excreta as manure can be shared by these two groups.The WWIP has managed to settle their share of amount in the second year of their inception.

   With the help of the income from the village,the WWIP and the village together have fulfilled the basic amenities of the village.i.e The thatched roofs have been converted concrete roofs.To minimize the cost a quality mud has been used instead of cement.Drinking water resources have been upgraded by deepening the river beds of that village.Low cost toilet facility have been provided with the help of government's subsidies.Drainage facility has been improved to a good extent with the help of village people themselves with their undivided co-operation.Now the village is free from all sorts of pollution and the people there are happy with their hale and healthy atmosphere.Cleanliness starts ruling their place.

   When we are able to maintain a good rapport with any village it is nothing else but Heaven.Their impeccable hospitality,impeccable generosity,their impeccable helping tendency,their impeccable innocence and their impeccable respect all these heavenly factors have made their place a heaven.Heaven flourishes this sort of place and the residents of that place and the visitors of that place.So naturally both the WWIP and the village have been on their up gradation.

11.Through franchising their good name and fame the WWIP has started earning in a  spectacular way as other women group from various locality have shown great interest to be in this WWIP circle.

   One more turning point is there as Victor has bought and donated a three storeys building to this WWIP group in its own locality, on behalf of his family.But, Bindhu is not at all ready to accept the land and the building as a whole.She, after consulting her friends Mary and Clara and their group, she, with profuse thanks,on behalf of their group she has made it clear to Victor that they are not in a position to accept the whole property as a donation.Let the land be Victor's family donation.But let the building,she requested him in very humble way, be his family property for some time till the group is able to settle the building cost as early as possible.She made him to accept this with her firm decision by saying that,"Victor! you and your nice family are the chief reasons for the emergence of this venture.It is in fact,your sweet heart's idea and efforts which have been promoted by your mother on behalf of your family. With their humble presence through their humble support and with their concrete efforts have brought a strong belief and a magnificent strength to this group.At this moment please accept our humble thanks in Clara's version as life time gratitude.You people have done us a lot.So for the sake of our self esteem please let the Group has take the building on monthly rental basis till we settle the whole amount".

   Bindhu's simple logic made Victor to accept this arrangement is "Efforts through sweat makes life sweet".The buildings has been estimated as one crore value,and the group hasn't taken any money from their venture as an income,the major part of their monthly income of the group, nearly two lakhs of money has been put on its way to make this first emerged positive powered WWIP group to have a building of their own.So after these three years, they are able to settle the amount nearly seventy two lakhs towards their building dues.The process is going on and more and more new thresholds are on their way as presents (gifts) to this group for their flourishing bond.


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The Power - The Women power. Part XI

   The group,seemed to be well settled with their confidence through Bindhu's elegant approach. Bindhu, "Now we shall go to the next level i.e the level from which we are going to spread our wings in all possible directions.With the available great resources we are going to bring many innovations which are going to be contagious.At the same time each one of us must turn into a powerful lady to bring positive results to herself and to her children and her family personally and to the circle of the ladies of our fifty families, and to the ladies and children around us who are in real need of our help".

   Observing the the group's  observation on its rise, Bindhu tried her best to bring out the best from the group."We must understand one important thing.i.e.without strengthening ourselves we will not be able to strengthen our fellow ladies and children.Like, with no knowledge of swimming,how can you help people who are in danger under the water.So the need of the hour is, to strengthen ourselves.Other words strengthen our knowledge. 'Knowledge is Power '.This is universal truth.By being together we are going to transfer the knowledge from one another and will be powerful.Based on those transferred versatile knowledge it will be easy for us to implement our ideas and strategies as a cake walk and no doubt it will bring miracles.You just believe it.With 100% of your heart and mind you just believe it.Beliefs only can bring miracles".

   "I have that 100% belief.A strong belief.Let God be a part of it,definitely we are going to create a history.Keeping this in my mind,I would like to express my willingness to own our own Logo.My suggestion is let our Logo be like this

                                                    "we women in power"

    It can be designed as

                                  I P

  We  Women In Power " It literally means we wipe the miseries as well as we whip the creators of the miseries.When we are simply being together for a common purpose means we are owning physical strength.Through the' knowledge transfer ' to each other by being together,it means we are nurturing our internal strength,i.e.our mental strength.When we let these two spectacular strengths act side by side we can expect powerful positive results.For any implementation of these powers,we need one more big power.i.e financial power.As I already told you being as individuals,our scattered internal and external powers are of no use.By joining hands to hands with 100% acceptance,we can generate more and more internal and external powers through which financial power of course.Now let me list out some of  our projects through which we can generate financial power with our available resources".

    The group was so curious.The group felt some electric power in their nerves.They started believing themselves and Bindhu. Why not?One of the eminent industrialist family represent their presence here and (Clara  and Mary) are ready to do anything for this simple lady means, no need for any sort of second thought.More over"Through her speech,this lady seems to be genuine in nature and there is no trace of any sort of selfishness." the group observed.

   Bindhu continued,"When we went through your filled application,being united,there is a great scope for strengthening our selves through some simple strategies.I.e."Where there is a will,there is a way".We are going to care and share everything among our fifty families.Always remember that we are working under one roof.Difference of opinions are always welcome.When the final decision is on the table on any matter, it must convince every family of our group.Now I shall put forward we three friends' opinion and  you people's humble suggestions are welcome to a great extent.".

   The group now quite satisfied that when they came to know that their suggestions would be valued,they felt very comfortable and curious about the next level. i.e.The level where their potential energy is going to get transferred into kinetic energy. i.e into action.

   Bindhu,"I am going to list out the resources we are having at present".

1.Seven Tailors with their own sewing machines of various models,
2.Two beauticians cum hair dressers, interior decorator,
4.Two Handicraft related skilled persons,
5.Eleven Knitting related skilled persons,
6.One Yoga Teacher,
7.Three music Teachers including my good friend Mrs Clara who is very good at Guitar,
8.Seventeen Teachers retired as well as working,
9.Many home makers.

   The group was still in good amusement,with these resources what would be her plan?Bindhu with all her smiling face, "I do hope that you people may understand now that in what direction we are moving".There was some murmuring going on."As I already told you based on the' Union is strength' policy,I am going to put forward my ideas.Before that I would like to ask the owners of the above skill set whether they could draw a stable income with a job satisfaction".After a pause for some seconds,no concrete answer from the group."As long as we are being individuals with our respective skill sets with no opportunity to shine it up to draw a stable income and a job satisfaction means,then there will be no use of those learned skill sets.Am I correct?".Bindhu asked the group."Yes! You are correct".Now the group slowly started understanding the point.

   Bindhu continued,"As a whole, we fifty families are going to have common tailors,Hairdressers,Beauticians,
Like these when we make the more things common as far as possible,with the possible help we can extend to each other,we all the whole fifty families are going to draw a stable income.In the beginning it may be a small but in the long run we will get more and more benefits,I mean chain of benefits.When we are able to allot the places for the respective skill set within our locality in such a way then our task will be easier".

   "Now I am going to put forward some approximate calculations,from various resources available for us within our fifty families for a monthly income for each family.

1.From sewing related works: 20 cloths in a                                  
 month with stitching charge of 150 bucks:                150x20=3000.00                              

2.Bridal work dresses,Embroidery,stone work
 5 cloths with charge 300 bucks;                               300x5=1500.00                            

3.With the rag cloths we can make baby wears
cushion covers beautiful and colorful hand
kerchiefs:20 bucks for 20 clothes;                              20x20=400.00                                              
4.Teaching Tailoring:10 people for 500 bucks
 per head for a month:                                               500x10=5000.00                                  

5.Through beauty parlor;30 people for 200 bucks      200x30=6000.00

6.With the available books in our fifty families we
can form a library and through which membership
fee: 25 bucks per head for a month for 100 heads:      100x25=2500.00                      

7.As we are having good strength in home makers
we can start a ' Day care center ' for kids and special
children and senior citizens on daily basis and on weekly
basis.This arrangement would be a good relief to working
parents especially on weekly holidays and on summer
 holidays for children.

On daily basis 500 bucks for kids and for 20 kids       500x20=10000.00
For senior citizens 500 bucks for 15                            500x15=7500.00                                  

8.The home makers seem to be good at preparing
break -fast and meals item for a quite a number of
people.The interested persons together they can
prepare anything of of one's choice when they get
order two hours in advance.It will be good boon to
everyone of this locality for working parents and on
small get together function.

Through the break-fast for 10 heads a day for 25
 bucks for 30 days                                                     10x25x30=7500.00
Through meals for 10 heads per day for 50 bucks for
30 days                                                                      10x50x30=15000.00
.                                                                             .
Through preparing sweets and snacks on order
 basis.Average 10 kg.500 bucks per kg.                       500x10=5000.00                                                                

9.We have sufficient number of teaching community.
With their favorable subject and time we can earn
through our tuition center
For elementary section for all subjects 500 bucks
per head for a month.Assume 50 children                     500x50=25000.00          
For middle class children 750 bucks per head for
a month.Assume 50 children                                         750x50=37000.00
For higher class children 1000 bucks per head for
one month.Assume 50 children.                                   1000x50=50000.00                                          

10.Through craft related works.Like making door
mats  and wall hangings and so on assume                                    5000.00                                                

11.Forming recreation club with the available indoor
 and out door games articles with us.Through which
 as membership fee 50 bucks per head for 50 heads          50x50=2500.00                                                                    

12.Forming gym center with our available unused
 gym related articles.200 bucks for 50 heads.                   200x50=10000.00

13.Through yoga classes;                                                  200x20=4000.00

14.Through music classes                                                   500x10=5000.00                                                    
Total                                                                                             212400.00                                                                                                      

 " Approximately we are earning around two lakes per month, with some assumptions of income.If 30% goes for expenditure we get nearly 3000 bucks as a stable income per month for each of these 50 families.Something is better than nothing.In fact this amount really a very big amount.Depending on the intensity of our unity the income would be on its rise"

     After briefing everything Bindhu could sense a good commitment and enthusiasm from the whole group.One of the middle aged lady got up and expressed her rejoice by saying,"Madam! you people (Denoting Mary and Clara ) have done a wonderful job for the sake of our locality.Let it be contagious.I am going to inform about this miracle,yes! really it is a miracle, to my dears and nears.Thanks a lot for you people for your genuine and selfless big efforts to make us to understand that by just joining together we can bring miracles after miracles.We will pay you people back with our genuine effort.Based on ' Union is Strength ' concept we all together will flourish our venture.Then she turned to the group,"What do you say my dear friends?".Another young lady got up and said with very exciting voice,"Madam! On behalf of all of us, this good friend expressed everything in a nut shell.We need you people's governance for each and every activity of our association.When shall we start our wonderful and beautiful venture Madam?".

     Bindhu was so glad.She looked at Mary and Clara.Their Thumps up sign brought a very beautiful smile on her face which lit the whole place.  "As of now we shall start with these opportunities and in coming days we will have more ideas and strategies and many new businesses would be on our way as a result of our wholeness,our co-operation,and our  genuine efforts with commitment..By the way,regarding this projects your humble suggestions must put forward as early as possible.Because time is nothing but money.I think,we shall take a week for our final decisions.Before that we shall allot the places for the respective carrier within our locality on reasonable rent.The house owners who are having comfortable area for any of our above mentioned carrier and are willing to let their place for reasonable rental basis,it would be well and good.With a commitment we shall go ahead with our task one by one with the stipulated time".

     In the end of the successful meeting Bindhu came out with her profuse thanks by saying,"Now I think it is the good time to wind up our successful meeting.On behalf of myself and my intimate friends Mrs Mary and Mrs Clara, I would like to express my hearty thanks to you all friends.Thank you very much for your powerful presence.And now, it is the time to enjoy our evening coffee with some snacks.You all are welcome to the roof top garden".

                                          To be continued...........                                                                                                      



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The Power - The Women Power.Part -X

   Bindhu now could catch up with the rapt attention of the group as a whole through her high intensity of her good intention.The group started showing their positive side that it was the good sign of their good faith on Bindhu. It is a known fact that good intention with positive courage always create a productive atmosphere.Good intention without good courage is of no use..Like vessel with no rope to fetch water from the well and like boat without an ore to sail.It means good intention must be always with good courage.When we seek God's help as part of it,no doubt He is always there with every pace of our stride. Bindhu the God's child tried her best to make some admirable difference to her level.She has good faith on 'Divide and Rule Policy'.By making part by part improvement we can build a good kingdom with a good King or Queen with good responsible subjects for the welfare of the state.It suits both in out of the family.

   The group now was with all their ears.Every one's eyes were on Bindhu. Clara and Mary surprised to see this talent of Bindhu which made the group to open their ears.It is a known fact that when one is ready to open one's ears means he/she is ready to open his/her mind. Bindhu addressed the group once again with her crystal clear voice,"Friends!Now we are in an important stage that we are going to enter our new spectacular world.And before that we need to know about certain facts.When we value these facts,our task would be easy.Here some facts of commandments".

1."The first and the foremost thing we need to get into this venture is,a strong belief.A very strong belief.i.e Believe in you and belief in God.The more you believe the more your mind would do.The more your mind believes the more progress would be the result.The more progress,the more believe in you and in God again which in turn the believe of mind in itself on its rise and naturally the progress would be in the positive direction.So let this circle be on its rotation.Never forget to thank your mind and then to God for your every forward step.As your mind is the true messenger from God to you and from you to God, always show your good side to it with no specks in it.God always likes clean soul and he is always ready to help us through our mind.It makes our task easy".

2."The second important thing is that we must set all our minds that we all are one as a whole .It must be registered in our mind that we must be 'ONE TO BE WELL' and we must be 'WELL TO BE ONE'.i.e.When we act as one it will lead to welfare of all.If we want to be well we must act as one.It makes our task easy".

3."Charity begins at home.Through this everything begins at home.Keep this in your mind.Charity means 'Giving'.When we are able to get 100% support from our own family for our venture then it would be a 'Cake walk' for us.To get this 100% support from our family,right from the senior citizens to our little children,practice to 'GIVE' more than we get.Give respect,give love,give support,give courage,give faith,give good suggestions,give help,give attention through your five sense organs and give as many opportunities as possible to be together as a family.Always give priority to your family and its members and its pride and its prestige.It makes our task easy".

4."If you are married,we must understand one thing that nature itself has made us very tender for a good reach out.Hence we are able to reach out our destined place from our birth place,no matter the distance, and the nature of the family of our destined place, without ruining the roots of our birth place.So as a girl we were born with a dual role.i.e.To protect and preserve the values of both places i.e. our birth place and our destined place.So act on it with open heart.It makes our task easy".

5."If you are yet to get married then be cautious about your every step.Married women generally have some self controls and as they are directly supervised by the big circle when compared with the yet to get married women. We may think that who knows about our self.Never ever be in this false believe.Always remember 'Murphy's Law' which defines that if anything can go wrong it will go wrong.i.e Avoid the"Can go wrong situations".So be truthful to yourself.A truth is a truth any where and everywhere with its own luster.But fakes depending on the situation,are always in a position to be in a various sorts of disguises.When you are ready to understand this,it makes our task easy".

6."Never ever under estimate anybody who are involving in our venture.Every talent whether it is big or small it has its own importance.The big blades of fans have to be held tightly by the small nuts that the both are interdependent.So bear this in mind that we in one way or the other and for one cause or the other, we are interdependent on each other.So try to develop a good rapport with each other with no fakes in it.It makes our task easy".

7."We either married or yet to get married,in our venture we are in a position to meet so many males for various reasons.In that case,if we are happened to meet some males as good friends,develop a healthy friendship with them with the knowledge of your family,and their family.Many times it brings a very good help to both the families which in turn may be a great help to our venture from their respective field.It makes our task easy".

   "I would like to emphasize once again that our  foundation must be strong on the basis of belief just plain belief that it is possible for us as a whole, to make our venture a successful one and this faith on which the buildings we are going to erect on various fields will be blessed to see generations after generations by the grace of God.So by auto suggestion you inculcate this in your mind as strong as possible.Then the mega power mind will get into the task and makes our task easy".

   Bindhu observed that the seed she had sowed in the field of the group's mind seemed to be started nurturing by the owner of the field.So Bindhu felt that the time was right to take them to  the next level.i.e the brief discussion about the projects.

                                                         To be continued.............

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Power-The Women Power.Part-IX

   That  particular day,the day which was going to create a spectacular 'Meeting Point',for fifty members from fifty families of that particular locality in a positive powered vibrating point.i.e from Bindhu's point. It helps every woman member of that fifty families to begin to recognize herself as powerful resource and how this powerful resource was going to be made to fly in all directions to disseminate the knowledge of ever woman's positive power.

   It was three forty two. Bindhu,Clara and Mary did expect minimum twenty to twenty five members.The three ladies made some interiors at Bindhu's drawing room posing with different colors,sizes and shapes of different flowers.Flowers are the true hosts to welcome the people with no fake hospitality. Bindhu's terrace was made to be a temporary roof garden with some chairs and tables and with one or two colorful big mats to bring a pleasant atmosphere for the members to have their evening coffee with some snacks in the gentle breeze.Coffee and snacks for about thirty members had been arranged from a nearby good restaurant.The restaurant had been asked to supply more coffee and snacks if need arise.

    The three ladies seemed to be very excited when they received their first four members at three fifty.Then gradually the count was on its rise.At four five,forty members arrived. Bindhu felt the intensity of her responsibility on its rise, as the members started pouring in.When she asked the members whether she could start the meeting,she was asked to wait for another ten minutes.At four fifteen nearly seventy members had made their count.Their excitement and enthusiasm made Bindhu to remind God very often to guide her to take this session in the right direction.She had some gut feeling that God had been guiding her from the dawn of that particular day.

    At four fifteen,the front door was closed. Bindhu,looked for Clara and Mary.Their thumbs up sign brought the message that extra coffee and snacks had been arranged by a phone call and extra seating arrangements had been made at the roof top garden.

    Bindhu examined the members whether they were settled comfortably.Then she addressed the gathering with her clear,cheerful and confident voice."Friends! I and my intimate friends are very very happy to extend our hearty welcome to you all.By the way meet my friends who are the prime part of this venture,Mrs.Clara Victor and her Mother-in law,Mrs Mary Alphonse.Many eye-brows of the visitors raised with disbelief when they sensed their intimacy..It is very sad indeed that a relationship between a Mother -in-law and Daughter-in-law has been taken as an eighth wonder in this present scenario.This relation hasn't been even tried by the both sides in many cases to bring its elegance to make it as a natural phenomena.Definitely, two hands have to come together to clap to make people to turn around to notice this lovely relationship.One hand's effort doesn't hold any water indeed.

   Bindhu started taking the visitors to their own new fantastic world which could be made by themselves. When they were ready to know about themselves on the basis of Abraham Linkan's Doctrine in modified form as 'of the women by the women for the women',Then there would be no looking back.With her clear,audible mesmerizing voice,Bindhu entered that wonderful world as the first person,"Friends,Once again a very warm welcome to you all.I and my close friends are pleased to invite you to discover our new fantastic world through which we are going to make many discoveries and inventions.We are going to put forward some suggestions through which we can implement our positive potential energy into kinetic energy. I mean the stored  positive power within us, without our knowledge, will be made to get implemented through our various available resources to earn our own internal, external and financial power. .In fact the knowledge about this power has been brought out by one of my best friend Mrs Clara Victor".

   Bindhu redirected the eyes of  the visitors to Clara's direction. Bindhu continued," In fact there is no need for her to be here to help us to explore that beautiful world.Because she is a blessed child who belongs to the place where the place has been blessed with everything by the grace of God.You people may heard about that reputed Company,"Bindhu mentioned the name of Victor' Company which has earned a name and fame in its own nation as well as abroad.Ah! Ah!Yes!Yes!" was  the reaction from various side of the visitors.They looked at Clara and Mary with all respect.

   Observing that good respect emerged for Clara's family,Bindhu's confidence had been taken to next level.It is true that any sort of venture which would be commenced by a name and fame owned personality for the welfare of the any group of this society it would lay path for easy implementation. Bindhu got back the attention of the visitors after some seconds,she was on her line."So, my humble request is grab this moment.Grab this opportunity.You may wonder which wonder I am talking about.I will come to the point.
Together we can set our feet almost all field for an internal,external and financial welfare and security for ourselves and for our children and for our family.But do register this in your mind that it will be possible only when we are ready to stride forward together.i.e we must associate with each other by forming a concrete stable bond".

   Bindhu observed the gathering.She felt a ray of hope.She kept taking them to that pleasant world of 'Union is Strength' world."Next, when we think about our part, some are home makers and some are belonging to the working class.But I would like to clear one thing that beyond these household chores and our office work we can achieve a lot when we are ready to be together to stride forward.i.e our every talent can be transferred into good money and high self-esteem".More over, more chances are there that we all women members from these fifty families can make ourselves to create a positive powered atmosphere through a good caring and sharing policy. Bindhu's persistence on the 'union' and her insistence in 'its strength' started penetrating the mind of the  group present there,with her efficient approach.

   The meeting was going on with an admirable level after level. Bindhu was very conscious to build confidence in them in each level with possible statistics.She continued,",I will list out our various talents through which we can make so many positive things possible through which we can derive a stable income which would be definitely on its ascending order to enhance our self esteem".Yes!as long as we are being together these two important factors are guaranteed.

                                                             To be continued.......