Monday, January 5, 2015

The Goodwill Messengers.

   Last week I visited our native place and stayed there with our relatives for one week.We are staying nearly hundred kilometers away from our native place on account of our occupation.I love to visit my native place as often as possible.Because every time of my visit some good things  are in array to add good memories on my account.

   The last visit happened to be the end of December.At our place there is a custom of performing special pujas for the sake of the heaven from mid December to mid January.It is a belief that during this particular period of these two months Gods and Goddesses do visit us to see the happy livelihood of their beautiful world which has been created by them with all their blessings and imagination to bring prosperity to their dreamland.So at that time,we must welcome them with our impeccable hearts through our spiritual customs,through which we are expressing our sincere thanks to them for their profuse blessings and in the same time expressing our sincere promise to them to do our best to  maintain the same prosperity in God's own beautiful dreamland.One such custom is,all through this one month,the male youngsters and male children of every village get up around 4;30 A.M.

    They commence their prayer at one of the temple in the village on the behalf of the whole village through ear candy chanting.And continue them by covering the whole village with their bare feet.Even though it is severe winter season,I believe that their strong good intention to make the heavenly bodies, happy to the core,who have visited our place, has given them that sort of physical and mental strength.During this period,to bring the chanters some comfort, the whole village serve them with some hot coffee with some hot eatables every day in turn.I enjoyed this visit thoroughly.

   Every time,when I have an opportunity to visit my native place,I am in the same strong belief that these strong and impeccable hearts,who are the practical and real visitors of God,and who are worshipping God on behalf of  all people who are living in and out of the native village, are the real messengers between the God and all sorts of people of their place in bringing goodwill to everyone.

   And one more thing I feel is that the inmates of the village are the chief sources in transferring the basic respective customs and respective culture of a respective clan to the generations after generations smoothly and elegantly.There the civilizations flourishes intact.