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   The particular house in that particular village is very popular as one of the 'GOOD FAMILY' in that village.It is a joint family with two close brothers with their loving parents and a sister who is married off to a good person to a nearby village.The two brothers are doing their family business together along with their father. They are following only one formula i.e. 'WE MUST BE ONE AND WELL.The three are married and they are in the state of lower middle class.In the beginning of their married life the usual skirmishes tried to show its ugly face.But the three never let it blow the entire family into pieces. By resorting a common strategy.i.e.The three have left every authority to their spouses but hold the rein in their hand.

   As long as everything in the family goes on well it would be well and good.If they sense any difference of opinion between the family members,as a gesture of nip in the bud, they take off the authority from their spouses temporarily and become the law makers.After every thing comes to the normalcy,the authority would be given back as if nothing has happened.So it is crystal clear to the whole family that every move of every member of the family must be on the formula of 'WE MUST BE ONE AND WELL'.So in the course of time,'As you are on this formula so we are on the same' atmosphere start prevailing.

    In this family,the elder brother has one daughter and son,the daughter is doing her Post graduate course and her brother is doing his under graduate course.Next, the sister has only one daughter and she is a working in a good company and the arrangements are being made to send her off to set her foot in a good family who really mean themselves to adopt this girl as their daughter in law.The youngest brother has only one son who is in the edge of his school, sweet school stage.He is the real personality who makes his family a family who is very mischievous.His original name has been replaced comfortably by 'Exactly..' as he is a fond lover of that particular word.He utters that word minimum hundred times a day.

   For example;

His Grand Mother; Hi! Dude what is this?Is this the mark you have got in your physics test, seems to be lowest of your class?

Our Hero; Exactly!

H.G.M (His Grand Mother);What a irresponsible answer!Do you know?Your father stood first in his school in every test.

O.H (Our Hero); Exactly!

H.G.M.;Ghost boy!Don't raise my temper.I will kill you.

O.H.; Exactly!

H.G.M.; If you are not serious how can we get seat for your higher studies in good college?

O.H.; Exactly!

   By the time of his Grand Mother's temper reaches its all time high,somebody in the family comes to rescue both  of them.

O.H's Uncle; ( Our hero's father's elder brother)  Leave it mother! He will do well in the main exam and he will definitely make our task easy in pursuing his higher studies.

O.H.; Exactly!

O.H.G.M.; Get lost you Idiot! And never forget to have your favorite breakfast.

O.H.; Exactly!

   But by going through all these sort of  dialogue,we are not supposed to come any conclusion that whether he is serious exactly and mischievous exactly.Let us wait and see his final exam result.

    At school,at his friends circle,at his street  and here and there and everywhere our Hero is well accustomed with that particular word 'Exactly'.So his original sweet name has been comfortably replaced by this word as a his name as 'Exactly'.His classmates and friends say,"Hi!Hand over these class Chemistry assignments  'Exactly', who is the in charge for this". "Hi Dude Exactly!Have you completed your Mathematics home work?." ('Not' would be in the lower voice and 'Exactly' would be in clear voice.I.e. 'not EXACTLY'.When his friends keep lamenting,"What a hell with this hundreds of,thousands of formulas,the same count of theories,theorems,this law and that law,oh my God! Had these people had a real brain or in the name of brain did they get some structure from some aliens? "Exactly! would be the response from 'our Hero' while others response would be in different versions.

   One Sunday evening,our hero's beloved aunt who has been married off to a beloved uncle who are living in the nearby village visited them.The alliance seeking procedure for their only daughter at last has come to an end,that the selected their 'would be son- in- law' seems to belong to the upper middle class.His only aunt, had a brief discussion about this alliance and she feels to offer some more special things in the form of Dowry,as the bride groom family belongs to upper middle class.The whole family,has come to a conclusion regarding the bridal side arrangements and about the offering of dowry to their capability.But after some time the aunt is not satisfied with the dowry offering.She keeps playing the same tune as 'As the bride groom family belongs to upper middle class we have to do something special'.After hearing all these 'Our hero's elder brother who is doing his undergraduate course expressed his views.

Our Hero's Elder brother (O.H.E.B.); "My dear Aunt! I think your worries are unnecessary".

Our Hero (O.H.);" Exactly!"

O.H.E.B;" If the bride-groom side are interested in more things in the form of dowry means,definitely they would have gone for the other side which would match their status".

O.H;" Exactly!"

O.H.E.B;" But they seem to be well and good as they are not interested in any form of offerings as they cleared it in the beginning itself."

O.H;" Exactly!"

O.H.E.B;"They want to be part of our family as our family has impressed them in one way or the other"

O.H;" Exactly!

O.H.E.B;"So let us do our best to our capability.Am I correct"?.

O.H; "Exactly".

   Their aunt is so convinced along with the whole family members.The arrangements for the family's grand occasion i.e One of their family's loving daughter is going to set her foot in another family to take in charge of making her destined place as one more loving place just as her own family.The whole family's joy finds no bounds.Every one of the family members and nears and dears keep on putting their effort to make this grand function an elegant one.Many volunteers of the villagers have come forward to extend their help of their capability as a gesture of respect on this family.

    The Grand Day arrives.By the time of this day many relatives of the Bride-groom side are quite familiar with our Hero Mr.Exactly.His harmless fun brings so many fans for himself and to his family  from the Bride-groom side.Every where in the Marriage Hall experiencing the adorable sound of music on various matters like floating the soothing music from the low speakers and the sound of music on teasing,giggling, pulling each other's legs, healthy comments on each other's recent past deeds, on their dresses and so on.
These occasions are so special for sensible cousins for youngsters as well as elders where is the place to bring back their childhood memories,their teen age romances and now analyse their practical life and their readiness to help each other's family to their capabilities all have been celebrated under one roof of marriage hall.In fact our Hero 'Exactly' is the center of attraction.


   Majority of the youngsters  from the bride groom side are rejoicing themselves by creating chances to make our Hero to utter that word 'Exactly' at exact times.All sorts of fun keep imprinting their presence in everybody's mind.

   By the grace of God,The main part of the function gets over.i.e.There is love,nothing else, pure love that has taken an oath in front of God's representatives of various forms and in front of their nears and dears by the two souls to flourish  and extend this pure love first between them as soul mates and to extend this pure love to their respective families.

   Now it is time to taste the feast.Our Hero 'Exactly' accompanied his elder brother with good enthusiasm to serve the tasty food to the tasty people colorful young lady butterflies.The newly married couple should be served first.One senior citizen who is seated next to the Bride groom with an adorable voice utters to our Hero,'What a lovely brothers you two are just as twins"

O.H; "Exactly!".

The senior citizen; "Good for this appreciation?"

O.H; "Exactly!".

The senior citizen; "Oh my God! Very fun making boy"

O.H' "Exactly!".

The senor citizen; "My boy!God may bless you with this fun for ever"

O.H; "Exactly!".

   After having delicious meals with good heart and with good stomach, the people who  have made this function a really grand one, by their honorable visits with their hearty blessings,have been relaxing in the main marriage hall for some time.The Bride-groom who is sitting in the middle of his relatives, gestures our Hero to come to him.Our Hero accompanied by his elder brother moves towards the Bride groom side.

The Bride Groom;"So you brothers have done your part very well to make this ceremony a grand one by handing over your loving and beautiful cousin to me as my life-partner"

O.H; "Exactly!.Enjoying the blush on his cousin's face.

T.B.G; "I would like to give you two lovely brothers a lovely feast.Would it be possible for you on coming Sunday?

O.H; "Exactly!".

T.B.G; "And one more good news for you two.These colorful lady butterflies also will be there to give you a Red Carpet Welcome"

O.H: "E..X..A..C..T..L..Y....!.".

  The whole marriage has been experiencing an earth quake as the result of Our Hero's excitement in superlative degree.The Bride-groom's father expressed his warmth to his fond visitors as "Even if you get crores of crores of rupees,do they match this lovely family and these two lovely boys?".

The visitors; "E..X..A..C..T..L..Y.............".

   The marriage hall experiencing another thunder storm.

Monday, March 17, 2014

1.Quit Bragging.

   When ever we are not feeling good, internally as well as externally,next second with no more confusion let us make our stride towards our best well wisher,who is reigning the whole world just through the 'Truth' nothing else.Hope you have understood whom I mean.Yes! It is God.Like the good books He is the master who instruct us without rods or bad words.He is the master who listens us without anger.He is the master who guides us without bread or money.If we approach Him,He is not asleep.If we seek Him,He does not hide.If we blunder,He does not scold you.If we are ignorant,He does not laugh at you.When ever we go,I mean whether it would be a day or night,rain or shine,in our up or down position, no doubt you will get a 'Red Carpet' welcome.We can feel and observe how we and our life are valuable.

   The prime thing we need to understand the universal truth is,have a good look at ourselves in our own conscience mirror.Then we will understand who we are and where we are. God says," Why are you bothering  about all things unnecessarily.What ever you have taken,it is taken from here.You haven't brought anything else with you when you were born.In the same way you are not going to take anything else with you when you leave this world.To-day's yours would belong to some one else tomorrow.The day after tomorrow it would belong to the other one again.Considering all matters, whether it was past,whether it is present or whether it will be in future,feel good always.When I call you back once your role is over you will come alone to no need to obsess with anything else". So let us make our every allowed day a day for ourselves and for others,when something belong to us to-day.

     As God himself cleared that you are temporarily given a chance to carry on My temporary work with the resources given by Me, and at any time you would be called back,then is there any logic there to brag?.

   Everything based in our life based on three prime factors;These factors are simple and elegant when we are ready to have a good look at these factors.These three factors always keep reminding us the fact "Who we are and where we are ".They are

1.Internal factor

2.External factor

3.Financial factor.

   When we talk about the internal factor, if we are really having a feeling of 'Human' this factor would always accompany us and help us to take things simple and make things simple.It wouldn't let any chance to create any sort of complications.A story goes like this.

   Once in heaven,as usual God asks His P.A.about the everyday matters on world which he created with all his creative mind to make a happy place for every one on the world.He expects a positive answer from his P.A.But," My Lord! I am very sorry to say this.Umpteen times I have requested you to pay a visit to your loving world which you have created with all sorts of wonders to make the people hale and healthy who living there.But actually your loving, beautiful world is deteriorating". is the answer.

   Shocking God accompanies His P.A. to his beautiful world.On the way they have to have so many unpleasant sights of inhuman behavior.From dawn to after noon God and His P.A.continue their journey by watching all these not pleasing events.About lunch time they happened to be in a agricultural land where a poor farmer is on his work.As he is so hungry he seems to be expecting his wife with his lunch.He very often shifts his eyes from his work to the main path.After some time, a lady seems to be his wife with all her hurry she comes running with his lunch.

   Seeing his wife,the farmer is so happy.When she comes near to him,he asks his usual question it seems, "Have our parents had their food?".She answers,"I am so sorry.To- day my master delayed his grains as my wages.So it took some extra time to prepare food.As usual I asked our parents to have their food first.But they told----", "We are at home under the shadow of the roof of our house but our loving son is working in the field under the scorching sun with his starving stomach.So you first let him have his food and we shall have later".

    After hearing their loving parents answers,the farmer sends back his wife by saying,"No!no! it is not at all fair;Leaving our aged and hungry parents not having their food in time,we are not supposed to have our food in time..So you go back and feed them and bring the news back that they have had their food.Then we shall have our food together".

   God turns to his P.A.and told,"Mr.P.A. we need not worry about anything else.The power of this sort of righteousness would save my world. i.e.dedicated responsibilities would bring peace which in turn lead to so many developments for the sake of my loving and beautiful world.

   When the fact is as such that the righteousness which is always accompanied by the dedicated responsibilities never turn its face to any sort of bragging.

    Secondly,when you talk about your external factor one of the incident I ever remember.Here one of the reputed regional political party's founder had one specific ardent follower.For a quite a period of time the two were together.In fact,the ardent follower worshiped the founder as his all in all in all matters.As his life and political mentor,as his guide,as his philosopher,as his teacher,as his close friend and what not.The Founder also treated this specific ardent follower as one of his beloved family member.During their political journey,at one period of time,there was a strong difference of opinion between these two leaders and as a result, the ardent follower parted himself from his close,his all in all personality the founder,and launched a new political party.As a result of the quick and well establishment of the new political party,in the next election,the ardent follower and his political party won a landslide victory and  became the chief of his province.

    On the day of the formal ceremony to celebrate the new elected chief to assume his office,his former political mentor had been invited under the V.I.P. list by the newly elected chief personally.He also had come to attend the function to honor his former political disciple.The function was about to start but both didn't take their respective seats,kept standing.It means,the new elected Chief kept standing as the gesture of respect for his former political mentor and also senior to him,to take his seat first.But in contrary,the newly elected Chief's former political mentor kept standing as the gesture of respect for the newly elected chief as the Chief of that province.He did respect the newly elected chief for the power of his newly  assumed office.

   From this incident,the lesson to learn is,

                                         "The strong difference of opinion may be there

                                                  the' MUTUAL RESPECT' must be there".

    When we are ready to learn to respect the respect is there any need to brag on any matter?.

   Thirdly,when we come to the financial factor,the story goes like this.In the olden days when we had very limited transport facilities,one rich man got down from the train and he looked around for a bullock cart to reach his destination from the station.That was the only source of transport facility for shorter distances.A man came forward to help him.On the way,they had been talking about some general matters and some family matters.They reached the destination.When the rich man was about to pay the man who was the owner of the bullock cart,he refused to take the money with all his humility, by saying,"Master! from your saying, I came to know that you have got great help from my ancestors who were once very rich and philanthropists.I am very happy when I came to know that you are very ready to pay back by any chance as you are not able to find them at their place.As I have come from those prestigious ancestry,please let me have a chance to do some good to others as a gesture of philanthropy,which is the chief sign of my beloved ancestry.

   The lesson we have to learn from this story is we must respect our pedigree i.e.our family pride.No doubt one way or the other every family, has its own pride and prestige to be preserved and to be carried on.i.e Do we want to get isolated and want to be a laughing stock through our bragging all the times,on all matters with our oral language and our body language? So let us stop bragging and let us not start bragging.