Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Power - The Woman Power-Part I

   It is the location which helps many ladies many times to have their nostalgia.You can guess the location.Yes it is the invariable location which has all these credits is,yes you are correct.Ten points to those who have found the correct answer.It is the VEGETABLE MARKET.The important place for everyone for one reason or the other,one  day or the other for their nostalgia.Green memories at green place.i.e.THE VEGETABLE MARKET.

   There,as usual every one seemed to be with some busy interactions with their choice of vegetables either with their family or all alone.But definitely this place gives some refreshment with all sorts and with all colors of vegetables and green leaves.People were moving around to reach the vegetables of their choice.If you have time,like all other places,the vegetable market also helps us to study the people.Quite interesting.

    As everyone,Bindhu also came there to take home some vegetables of her choice and of her family's choice.As she was collecting her vegetables she was casually looking around to conform if there was some familiar figures.Her eyebrows raised  with some surprise when she spotted some one.With her half-done collections of vegetables,Bindhu heading towards that figure.The pathetic disoriented figure.But some life long identification aspects would be there for any sort of figure as an Identification Card. Bindhu touched   that figure gently and the figure turned around. Bindhu,"Hello Madam!Please Don't say at the end of my question "Yes! I am Clara".One second the figure examined Bindhu,and burst out laughing."Oh My God! my young lady! If you say I am Bindhu,I have no objection at all".

   For Clara,she  could not help admiring Bindhu's eye candy appearance who was her senior by two years in collage and their team's basket ball team captain.Very approachable and jovial person.She used to give no time to any player in the team to regret their mistakes in any sort of match."Come on! cheer up every body!Still we have umpteen chances.Grab them". She was the only person who was in the leading position to preserve the team spirit till the end of the game.So the teams under her leadership,no doubt has emerged with so many spectacular victories.Now the old Basket ball Captain was standing in front of Clara with the same vigor and enthusiasm.Clara was motionless. Bindhu's confident posture,her attire and her hair style for her age along with her full of beans nature, all these features made her appearance as junior to Clara. Clara felt so sick.

   Understanding Clara's sickness,Bindhu uttered the same old energetic words,"Come on Clara!Cheer up!Stop regretting for everything.We have umpteen chances;Grab them.Now it is the time to grab our choice and our family choice of vegetables".As usual Bindhu gave Clara no time for any of her regrets and took her hand within her and started going around the vegetable market.After paying the bill they set their foot outside the vegetable market.Still Clara was helpless to divert her eyes from Bindhu."Clara!my dear!Stop inspecting me.Instead inspect the road.The traffic is heavy.I very badly want to have some sandwiches with our favorite ice-creams to celebrate our meeting after  very long years.But the ice cream parlor is at the other side of the road.We have to cross the road.Be careful.Come along!"Bindhu grasped Clara's hand and crossed the road successfully.

   As it was around six in the evening,the ice-cream parlor was crowded  as usual.Week days morning hours seem to be better for some tasks.Buying vegetables,shopping,hospital visits etc.But it is hard to find time for all  which in turn we choose the evening hours which seem to be a tough hour to escape from being sandwiched from almost all directions. Bindhu and Clara waited for some time to get their seats.Then they relaxed themselves on their seats. They ordered for their respective favorite ice creams and sandwiches.All these time,Clara noticed one thing that there was no surge of tensions could be traced in Bindhu's every action.Being as cool as ice,she seemed to be enjoying the atmosphere.Even though Clara made a phone call to her husband and informed him about her being late,she was not sure how it would be taken.But still she was on her wide eyes thinking how it could be possible for Bindhu to maintain the same "Nothing to worry" nature,even after entitled herself in her destined place.

   After having some comfort,Bindhu turned to Clara,"I think now it is the time to catch up with the details about  our self after our collage ever green time".No response from her. Still Clara seemed to be not comfortable with any thing.It would take some more time for her to relax.In the collage days Clara was a good player.Very co-operative.As she was belonging to rich family and was having a good fondness on dresses,her dressing sense was amazing.Very good at playing Guitar.She won so many inter collage Guitar competitions and even after all these possessions, definitely she was not head strong.But now her appearance had no single similarity with her collage days. Bindhu assumed that Clara must be in some dilemma.So she decided to let Clara have her favorite ice-cream with sandwiches to fill her stomach then through which it would be easy to open her heart.

   Their favorites snacks were served.Watching all her favorite items,in no time Clara tasted every thing with all her taste buds with a child's happiness.."Thanks a lot Bindhu!It had been a long time since I had this cherish moments.You have given me those moments of our collage days.Remember my life time gratitude for you for ever".Clara expressed her thanks with full excitement.This was too much for Bindhu as if it seemed as Clara doesn't have any sort of relation with the outside world.

    After having their heart and stomach got filled with the related things,Bindhu started to inquiring about Clara's  day-to-day activities concerned with her destined place.To Bindhu's surprise all those happiness what Clara had been enjoying till that second had drained.Tears were rolling down on her cheeks with no control,from her instantly turned red eyes.Taken aback, Bindhu pressed Clara's palm gently,"Leave it Clara!Now let us move .Already it is too late for both of us.By the by my younger daughter's birth day party falls on the day after tomorrow.I do extend my warm invitations to you and your family.I will make a call for your husband tomorrow as a gesture of kind invitation for the party.We shall catch up everything there.Now let us not spoil our cherish moments.I will drop you at the bus stop in my two wheeler".

    Even after settled in her bed,Bindhu couldn't identify her exact feelings  for Clara.Watching her restlessness,her husband and a her good life partner came for her help.After hearing all these regrets from his sweet heart about her good friend,he said,"Dear! I think it would be good to study your good friend's destined place's family back ground.Then it would be easy for you to decide your direction to help your friend.So you extend our daughter's birth day party invitation to their family personally.Personal meetings gives us some better idea.What do you say?"."Excellent! my dear! a good suggestion.Thank you so much".Bindhu hugged her heart throb and went to bed with all her relaxed mind.




Thursday, November 21, 2013

Come, Start and Complete

   It was Sunday. Kishore was busy with the that day's News paper with so many  subscriptions on various matters.Ah! what a day  a Sunday.You can stick to your bed to some more time as if it really belongs to you.After up from the bed lazily, a hot cup of coffee would be waiting for you with the warm copy of that day's Newspaper with colorful subscriptions.Holding the hot coffee in one hand while the other hand would be busy with the brand new News paper,Oh! it is so nice..The aroma of coffee as well as the News paper, really it couldn't be explained.It should be experienced.

   But you see,the Sunday would be the special day for the every family member expect the head of the family lady which seems to be a day consuming more of her time in the name of preparation of some special meals or to be ready to receive the visitors.Everyone would be having their breakfast in different times depending on their "Wake up bright time".In the end of the day she seems to be worn out.Even though all these difficulties are there she would be also expecting the Sunday with some excitement.The special meals she would prepare for her family with the help of all family members would bring that much satisfaction to her.The exclamations from the rest of the family on the taste of the special meals would bring her all happiness.She would enjoy it.More over she could find some extra time to be with her family.So good indeed.

   Around ten thirty Ashok,the elder son of eleven years old and the daughter Meenu of six years old lazily got up from the bed and came towards their father, comfortably seated on his lap.Seeing their lovely children,Kishore kept the News paper aside and with that much love and pride he made them sit on his lap comfortably."Good morning and good day dad".This is the usual cheerful greetings from his children which was taught to them at their early stage."Good morning and good day to you both.Have you had good night sleep?"Kishore asked fondly.Then he turned his head towards the kitchen,"Shree!You see Ashok and Meenu got up.Make coffee ready for them".

   Shreenithi,,Kishore's Sweet heart,came out of the kitchen and hugged her children with the same warm greetings and asked about their good night sleep just as Kishore. The children were made to understand that a "Good night" sleep is very important as good diet."We had a very good night sleep Mom"answered Ashok and turned to his lovely sister "Didn't we Meenu?" for more conformation. Meenu approved it with her all smile by nodding her head up and down.Then they looked around "Where are our loving grand parents?.They have promised to take us to the Circus which has come  to our town last week"."They have been to the hospital to see our family friend Grandpa Nathan.Yesterday evening we visited him you know".Meenu answered."As you said,we prayed for his quick recovery Mom!".Ashok told."That is good".Giving a fond pat to them Shree was about to turn to the kitchen.

   Kishore started."Dad and mom's little sweet friends!Now it is your turn to start and complete your every task one by one elegantly by consulting the time.Hope it is all right with you". Meenu with little more laziness."Dad and Mom as it is Sunday would you people please give us some more time to relax a bit?".There was an earnestness  seen in her tone."All right! five minutes granted as an additional relaxing time".With some not approving voice Shree turned to her son,"Ashok I told you people umpteen times,that how important our first meal of the day, break fast is.Help your sister to clean her teeth and bring her to the dining table soon.I will lay the table.Myself,Dad and our grand parents finished having our breakfast.You people come soon".Making the children a bit faster,Shree headed towards the kitchen.

   Ashok persuaded his reluctant sister to get her tooth cleaned,"Look Meenu!as our parents and grand parents say we are to start and complete our every task in such a way. So as morning chores.Otherwise it would bring many sorts of  troubles for every one.My angel sister know!Cleaning our teeth should not take more than two minutes.Concentrate!".Within thirty minutes the kids finished doing their morning chores with the help of their parents. Kishore and Shree in one voice,"You angels came,started and completed your morning chores in stipulated holiday time.That is good;Keep it up".The kids seemed to be very satisfied with their timely responsibility.The real appreciation boosts them very well.

   Then the children allowed to play for one hour and thirty minutes to play with their friends for some time some indoor games and some time with some outdoor games.Some time at their home and some time with their friends at their place.Both Ashok and Meenu were careful about their basic manners which were very often being reminded by their own family members.They never set their foot on the couch or bed at their own place as well as at others residence.If they want to play with their friends's play things they seek permission from their friends and if need arises from their parents for that particular plaything.They kept reminding their friends also about these basic manners by saying,"Our parents say so;our grandparents say so".This brought their friends parents to be under dilemma whether they failed to teach their children about these basic manners which would bring disgrace to their children along with themselves.So naturally they were under the impression to analyse themselves and about their children regarding these basic manners.

     Ashok and Meenu dispose their dresses,uniforms and socks in the washing place if they need to be washed.They maintained their bookshelf in such a way that there would be no difficulties in arranging their books before their bed time.While playing with the play things they use the same strategy of come start and complete.i.e.They let every plaything to go back to its own place after playing with the things get over.When they receive guests they greet them with all smiles.If they bring children with them, Ashok and Meenu would give them a good and comfortable company by all means.They learned to start and complete strategy for each and every task in the stipulated time whether it is big or small. Before they go to bed they would check their next day schedule and how long that day schedule would take to get completed.Gradually they kept upgrading themselves with time management and with some perfection in completing their task.

   Indirectly the children taught back to their parents and grand parents from whom they kept learning every thing.If they say "Oh my God! I forgot to do this or that".the children asked them back,"You elder people always remind us to start and complete one task after other according to their priorities in the assumed stipulated time but you elders seem to be not serious with it.I think we children seem to be good at this timely work but you elders seem to be not bothering about this at all".This statement made the elders so uncomfortable so they would try to be on their track by helping each other as a personal assistant to remind the things to start and complete.They realized that mere preaching doesn't hold any water when concerned with children,minding  their own practice would help them to be in the good books of their children.

     Evening Ashok and Meena finished doing their home work with the help of their parents and grand parents as fast as possible but with the logical understanding about the concept of home work.They arranged their books there itself according to the next day's time table.Then they were all marching towards the exciting  Circus tent.Definitely, the whole family members' emphasis on"Start and complete the task" strategy has its own real value.


                 EVERY THING BEGINS AT HOME.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013


  A.   Analyze yourself whether  you are a person with warm words or a person with war of words. Because it is a known fact that warmth brings warmth and war brings war.

  B.     Begin your day with words which should always must start with a lower pitch with all  living things and non-living things.i.e no shouting and no dragging.

  C.     Cleaning helps us to find our lost treasure.So clean up your mind with spiritual thoughts or some positive thoughts or with some happy moments.Garbage always brings bad odour which in turn lead to war of words.Every one hour check the state of your mind and you can find out that a smooth replacement would be on its process.Never forget it to practice it for minimum one week. Then the powerful and loyal mind would understand its role and it starts look into the matter.i.e it always reminds you to be with warm words with all living and non-living things.

   D.    Do something productively for every half-an-hour no matter whether it is five minutes project or five seconds project and no matter whether you are in your working place or at your home sweet home. Example:Reminding your friends about the important office meeting or birth day parties of your family personalities or your colleague or your friends or collect the forgotten details which your boss asked you to submit as early as possible or try to find some solutions for some official problems or for some family problems which need your immediate attention.

           .i.e Your mind would be with full of beans. Remember" The idle mind is devil's workshop".In this process you do give importance to the persons at home as well as in your working place which in turn you will be in the good books of many persons which would bring you a feeling of safe and security.  Hence no rooms for war of words.

     E.    Eat properly.Make sure whether your every meals in a day is a nutritious one with vegetables and fruits and with sufficient water.High nutritious meals have a good rapport with warm words.

     F.     Find some space and time for your visit to your own specialized area everyday.Ten minutes visit every day is far more better than one hour visit in a week.Practice in your specialized area brings warm words of appreciation and encouragement and they help you to build your confidence.No place and time for war of words.

     G.    God is omnipresent and omnipotent.Believe in God.He never fails to answer a faithful prayer.So pray to him to monitor your every day schedule.Then it is His responsibility to make your day with an atmosphere which would bring warm words not with war of words.The only thing you have to do is deserve His monitor.

     H.    Hot drinks always create war of words.

     I.     Itching leads war of words.Let bygones be bygones.No more itching

     J.     Jolly going avoids war of words.It can be done only by  regular practice.Make sure  nothing is wrong from your side.Then make things as simple as possible by saying" for this prevailing atmosphere it seems good to me.If you have different opinion you try for it".Just leave the matter to take its own course.Simplicity always being in the first row pushing the complications back.

    K.     King you are! Assume you are the King of your own territory.So naturally your interaction with the King of other territory would be as smart as possible.Even if you assume others as subjects of yours no problem.A good king's first duty is the  welfare if his subjects.So only warm words have to be placed there.

     L.     Listening is the best tool to generate warm words.Honestly speaking, no one is ready to lend their ears to anyone else but they desperately expect others to lend their ears to oneself.This suppresses the warm words to a great extent and lead to war of words.So with real interest and with real editing capability try to show some real concern to your close circle with their day-to-day activities.This naturally brings warms words.

    M.     Mind  the Gratitude always.Recognize the timely help whether it was big or small it was the help that came in time.Recognize the respective persons  with real concern.It gives room only to warm  words.

     N.      No to  telling tales and keep the Gossip mongers at an arm distance.This is the healthy way to avoid war of words.

     O.      One man army is the best policy.It means you are a reliable personality with all soft skills.So no chance to war of words.Chances are there for warm words only.

      P.      Positive approach always brings warm words.

      Q.     Quick observation of the situation helps us to avoid war of words.When we  are the person in a particular situation, to call a spade a spade, never hesitate to act so.This avoids war of words later.

      R.       Refresh yourself everyday with some mental and physical exercises.They will help you to get some control to avoid war of words.

      S.        Silence brings no regrets.Be wise enough to know when to be silent to avoid war of words.

      T.        Travelling is the best Mentor to teach us how blessed we are in one way or the other.So it leads us to thank God one way or the other forever which eliminates our war of words nature and helps us to resort to generate warm words.

      U.        Under estimation and over confidence are always dangerous.Try to understand many things are not as they seem.Our ignorance may lead to war of words.So be sensible to sense the power of any individual within our circle to avoid war of words.

       V.       Victory starts with warm words which help to build a good rapport with our respective field.

      W.        Winning throughout our life is so simple unless you are ready to kick back your Ego.When conflict is over,stand aside as a third person and analyse yourself genuinely.If your conscience pricks you that you are wrong, never never never hesitate to say the magic word "Sorry" genuinely.It brings miracles of hale and healthy warm words which helps us to shut the door of war of words.

      X.         Xchange Your good ideas with good intentions with your reliable circle.This healthy bond always generates warm words

      Y.         Yet  do we have another chance of birth with same relatives?No chance at all.So try to preserve the present relations with warm heart which are the birth place of the warm words.

      Z.          Zoooooooooooooom! This is the result of the warm words for a jolly ride throughout our life.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


   Chandramohan was in his easy chair for a very long time with same position.The spiritual speech about oneself  kept on ringing his ears.It was 8:30.Time for dinner.Still he was in the same position.This time his mind was not fishing in the troubled water.But it was taking him along with it to the various places and the persons related  to the places with various mock conversations.The mind seemed a bit all right position.

   Chandramohan got up.He walked the paces for some time.He tried to grasp the message of that wise man,"Unless you are ready to reform yourself you can,t expect any reforms around you".After  some time he decided something."Why don't I put myself under this trial".The decision itself  seemed to persuade him to some strides forward.He checked the time.It was 9:10.At that time there was some knock at the door.Amused Chandramohan opened the door.It was Deena,his youngest lovely brother.With a broad smile,like a child he had some excitement with him."Thank God! thanks a lot.Now my brother is at his good side to taste his favorite dinner.Brother! you know everyday I bring your dinner.No need to knock the door. It was always wide open but you were in your closed circled position in your easy chair.I had to take the untouched dinner in the morning.But I consoled myself that my older brother would be old enough to have his breakfast and lunch at his school canteen.And now when I see your closed door,I feel that something is going to open within you".Indulging in the conversation,Deena laid the table and grasped his brother's hand and made him to sit on the dining chair.Wow!Mushroom rice with boiled egg gravy with a bowl of thick curd with some home made chips with a big glass of tomato soup.The hot and aroma twisted Chandramohan's taste buds and at the same time they started tasting something earlier that is nothing but his own tears.

   Chandramohan Pushed back the gulp formed in his throat and with no more fuss he started eating.Then and there his eyes met Deena's eyes which seemed to be moisturing.After a very long time Deena collected the empty bowls with all happiness and with a fond good night message he left.

   It was 10:30.A good nutritious  meal has the ability to make the mind sound enough. Chandramohan started examining the things around him.If his wife would be there at that time she would kill him.She is Mrs clean.His home sweet home became trash bitter trash.Being some trash himself, he was in the middle of all sorts of trash.Now no time for gaining  any energy and effort to clear the trashes off.He made some place to sleep and went to have a good night sleep only by God's grace.

   Really by God's grace,Chandramohan was able to have a good night sleep after a very long period.He could feel some serenity  in his mind like a stream.The stream mind was very clear to reflect himself.He got up and finished doing the morning chores.Then he started analyzing himself and his atmosphere.He seemed to be all right now.Bur his atmosphere was not an encouraging one.The words on television ringed its bell again in  his ears."If you are ready to reform yourself,everything start reforming around you;Unless you reform you can't expect any reforms around you".

   Chandramohan pondered for some time.A clear decision arose.i.e.The need of the hour is to" plan ".A decision was made to go along with the time.All" time related plans" work.It seemed to him.He calculated the available time that was in his hand.Thirty minutes more to get ready to catch the village bus to go to school.By that time he could segregate the trash to be disposable and to be washable and to be cleaned.In a wind speed he tried his best with the stipulated time.He whirled like a wind and finished the job when his own ten minutes were in his hand.He kept the disposable rash at his backyard in a big sack.The washable clothes had been rolled up in a big bed sheet and packed in a wardrobe near the washing machine.The cleaning seemed to take some time.

   Now his home sweet home looked much more better.If cleaning had been done  it would be meant for spic and span.But no time for it.All right it could be done in the evening. So quickly took a shower and got ready.While he was standing in front of the mirror,he had some observation about his attire and appearance.They didn't deserve any appreciation.Once he had the appearance reminded  an actor of his region.But now he himself could not tolerate his own appearance.He really didn't want the attire he wore.Some sort of uneasiness went through him."Oh my God! All these days have I been with this sort of attire in my working place?".He felt very bad.He checked the wardrobe again.He could find some intact pressed  dresses.Heaved a sigh of relief he changed his dress.While he was combing his hair in front of the mirror it also gave him a much more better reflection.With some satisfaction he locked the door behind him and left the home.But his bus had gone.Somehow he manged to reach his working place in time by hiring a cab.

   At school his colleague were watching him as if he was from some alien state.Overlooking it he wished every one heartily and entered his presence in the register in the Head Master's office and went back to his seat in the staffs' room.He checked his time table.No first period for him for any class.But he had no idea about the taken lessons for any class.He didn't maintain his own register for a long time.No meaning to go to any class with no knowledge of where to start.He checked his time.Fifteen minutes more for the every day prayer to begin to make every school day be a nice day.

   He darted to his classes to get the details.The students raised their eye brows with lot of surprise to see their own class teacher.No staggering and no stammering with no unbearable odour from their class teacher.They couldn't help admiring their class teacher's shrink less attire with his squared shoulders with amazing enthusiasm in his clear speech.Many times they were cursed by the other class teacher during combined classes due to his hectic schedule.Now they heaved a sigh of relief and were anxiously waiting for their own class teacher who turned a new leaf. Chandramohan could sense the excitement of the classes which seemed to be contagious.

    After the school prayer he was busy taking the notes  and hints for all his classes.His subject could understand his effort and energy, it co-operated very well.The subjects start stimulating  his brain to help him to get the gist of the matter.When the siren for the second period called Chandramohan as others,he collected his materials and headed towards his first class with full awareness.His colleague could sense his"Demanding Respect" strides.

   In the evening when Chandramohan got down from the bus as usual his lovely brother Deena was waiting for him.To his astonishment his brother was glittering.His steady paces with that enchanting smile made him very handsome.Deena was so happy and his happiness led him to dumbstruck. Chandramohan came towards his brother,"Deenu I am all right!I hope perfectly all right.I had a wonderful day to-day.Come on let us go.By the way could you lend your hand to help me in some cleaning now"."By all means brother.Can you feel my bubbling happiness to see my brother as clear stream?".Chandramohan hugged his brother as if Deena was a ten year old child."Deenu we have more to do with our loving cousin Arjun and I owe a lot
to you all including our beloved parents.I want to pay back you all.I have so many plans and strategies for the welfare of our beloved family.Are you ready to go with me?"."Again by all means my loving brother".They both had a hearty laughter.



Friday, November 1, 2013


   In that village the particular house had its never ending story of distasteful one.The owner of that house is in one of a noble profession, the teaching.When considering the owner Chandramohan's  parents the house seemed to be a pathetic one..When considering the owner Chandramohan  himself it was disgusting.Simply saying he was a drunkard.Addicted  to the drinks he drove her wife mad and led her having her unwanted stay at her birth place very often with her two children.She  and her husband were a big head ache to the both her destined and birth place.It was the common sight of the village people to see the evening show of Chandramohan's uncivilized state which had been tried to be modest by his youngest brother Deena in helping his brother to reach his residence safely.

   The village people used wonder that being in one of a noble profession teaching,what,when,why and how he was teaching to the children.They were right.They got the answer. Chandramohan's addiction to drinks state didn't allow him to bring a good result in his subject Social Science even though he has the  ability to make the children to love that subject.So on punishment basis he had been transferred to many schools.So he was not able to co-ordinate with his teaching.i.e he was never teaching. The whole family's effort and his District Education Office's effort, all were in vain.

   Chandramohan is the eldest of his family He has two brothers and no sisters.He belongs to a respectable upper middle class family.His grand parents's respectful state has been still preserved by his parents and his youngest brother Deena. Chandramohan is a government teacher and his second brother who seems to have more brain among these three brothers who is working in a reputed University with so many higher Degrees in a metropolitan city.He comfortably settled in  his place with his family and had no idea about the matters related to his native place and his family.Very rarely he visits the village all alone and the reason he put forward for not taking his family is that they don't like the village atmosphere.They are very well with the highly sophisticated metropolitan city.

   On the contrary the youngest brother never turned his face towards higher education after completing his school level.But he never fails to learning.He loves nature.He is a good agriculturist.The whole village opinion is that Deena took after his grand parents and his parents as a whole.His parents are with him.They love to be with his family.Such a darling son to them.Some common and usual skirmishes come and go in his family from his wife side but Deena as his parents say God's son uses all his tactics to keep his family as a whole with evergreen pleasing state.He earns the same respect what his grand parents and his parents were and are still earning.He is very close to his paternal cousin Arjun who is the youngest son to his family and is of Deena's age who has three elder sisters.The village wonders whether Deena and Arjun are twins.

   On that day Deena was waiting for his brother Chandramohan to escort him to his home but by God's grace for one reason or the other Chandramohan got down from the evening bus as a clean slate.Seeing his brother Deena,"Deenu why are you waiting here?What is the matter?"asked Chandramohan with the elder brother's that concern.A wise elderly person who was standing there at that time with that similar concern,"You fool! you really haven't had any idea about this?.Your youngest lovely brother is as usual waiting here to escort his eldest drunkard brother  to his place".

   For a second there was utter silence. Chandramohan seemed to be frozen.Watching his eldest brother's state,Deena's polite request to that elderly person was,"Father please don't let me have any more pain".Then with all his smiling face,Deena grasped his eldest brother's hand,"Leave it bro,how was your day to -day?Still we all have faith on you.What about a cup of coffee with our parents?".Deena tried his best to ease the situation and started walking with his brother.

   With no more words Chandramohan accompanied Deena to Deena's place.With no idea about the actual situation,even though Deena tried for some diversion, his parents pointing Chandramohan, asked the same usual question,"Is he all right to-day Deenu?".Chandramohan could felt his parents regret about their own inability to help his son to come out of this all time pain experiencing state.

With no more words Chandramohan came back to his place.His mind was at  its full speed in fishing in the troubled water.He silently opened the door.The home seemed to be unusual silent.He settled in his easy chair and had no idea about which direction to move.Even though he has  his own beautiful family,being a drunkard, he himself let a big rift between himself and his family.With no idea, he switched on the television.His fingers with random speed kept on changing the channel.At one point, in one channel,one program related to the spiritual side was going on.

   There a person seemed to deserved to deliver that speech,"We people always blaming others for all events which lead to rifts and unhappiness in us and also in our nears and dears circle.When we analyse it from our healthy side we can find out the truth that we ourselves  in one way or the other are to be blamed for the same as we are not at all ready to take the due responsibilities. i.e there is always an escapism would be the chief reason for all these rifts and unhappiness.In other words we are not  at all ready to honor our roles.The readiness of taking more of your own responsibilities would lead to bring more respect which would bring you more passive listeners to keep a whole as a whole with no rifts with all happiness.Unless you are ready to reform yourself you can not expect any reforms around you."The speech was going on and on.But the above part would be enough for Chandramohan for some realization.

   On hearing this Chandramohan's mind stopped from the fishing in the troubled water.It takes some time to settle down.Then in a clear state it persuaded him for his self analysis.For the first time he was ready to weed his mistakes by asking himself,"Did I honor my roles as son,brother,husband,father and a teacher?"

   No doubt in it. Mr.Chandramohan conscience starts working and definitely it brings back its sixth sense in life.May God bless him.
                                                                                                              To be continued.....