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7.I, You and They.Part IV.

   Gradually the whole family including Leena's sisters'-in-law and brother-in-law and the children became very close to me and my children.It is true that when you are ready to open your mind as parachute,you can have more and more pleasant views,which are real boosters for brisk forward strides.

   The villagers were really a very great people  that I could see  their genuine nature through so many activities.My kids's cousins along with the village children took my children in and around of the village.One day for boating and fishing,and the other day to a forest area to collect some village related fruits.Again the other day for mountaineering.

   They had a lot of stories about their adventures.They were able to see and hear different style  and size of birds with different voices.Almost every house had some form of cattle.Milking was a totally  different experience for them.They enjoyed playing with the rabbits,chicks and hens and the different sizes of calves with different color.The fresh air atmosphere and their restless activities on various matters and their fresh food had brought them a healthy appearance.They learnt many village related games.They were not at all ready to be off of the various fields with various crops.They became very familiar and famous figures of the village.They learned very well to mingle with their peer groups and the inmates of the village.

   Mornings and evenings were great moments with our neighbors and Leena's relatives.They never fail to giver their attendance to inquire about our health which according to them obviously related to previous night's sound good night sleep.They took this inquiry very seriously as hosts.whenever they came,they brought something with  them for the sake of their guests,like any fresh vegetables or any home made snacks or with some river fishes  and so on with all that concerned voices with all smiling faces.They seemed never mind to save anything to their future.Their basic ideology seemed to be your welfare is my welfare and my welfare is your welfare.

   In the evenings I had happy moments with my brother's -in--law and their friends.We had pleasant moments with small walks, strolling in and around the village and those experiences were inexplicable and should be experienced.I decided there itself that I am going to bring my parents along with my brother's family and with our close friends' families to kindle their aspirations to visit their native villages along with their families and their children and to do something for the welfare  of their own villages.I,myself felt very bad to do something from our part i.e.From Leena's part and from my part, for the sake of this village.

  One or two days Leena accompanied her family to some of her relatives who were residing in the nearby villages.I wanted to be with my Laptop for some time.While I was working with my Laptop an Idea made its presence into my mind.I thought myself to arrange for an Eye-Camp for my Sweet Heart's birth place as the mark of our visit to this lovely place.Moreover I really wanted to do something for this village as a thanks giving gesture.

   I feel that in the cities and in the metropolitan cities as we are strangers to each other,we keep doubting each other about their reliability.Hence,we are in our extreme hesitation to show our good sides to each other as we are in the thought of, one way or the other we may be manipulated or deceived.So we reap what we sow.But we are longing to be faithful to the faithful persons with no efforts.So our life keeps moving with no blooms but with only those abominable blares of brags which are either direct or indirect.It means outside villages,as we are from different clan,we are always live in fear of all sort of security reasons.Is this a life?.Definitely not.

   But here,as the people are living with their own clan,as their all sorts of securities are guaranteed,they lead a contended life.They never mind their hard work,their poverty,their ill facilities,their poor educational state.When some one in the village needs to go to the Doctor,many neighbors and their relatives come forward to accompany him along with the available money and with the available vehicles.On any function at any home in the village, it is their custom to share their special meals with senior citizens,their neighbors  along with their relatives.

   When any home happens to have more guests to their capability,their neighbors and other relatives in the village,accommodate the extra guests in their houses and feed them which brings a good comfort to both hosts and guests.Any son or daughter of the village who are married off the village or studying out side the village,during their visits, it is their custom to visit minimum every house of their street and to their relatives who are dwelling in any corner of the village to convey and inquire the mutual health.Mutual respect has been given priority especially "Age and Education and Achievements " have been revered with great respect.In short, Cultured minds birth places are our cultured villages.

   With the help of all resources in my hand I could locate an Eye Hospital around forty kilometers from the village with some good infra structure.I informed my brothers's-in-law that I had some work at that particular hospital and requested them to accompany me to that hospital without the knowledge of Leena. I wanted it to be a pleasant surprise for Leena. I introduced myself to the Chief of that Hospital and I disclosed my aspiration.The chief of the hospital was quite inspired with my idea and promised me to extend his co-operation.

   We decided to conduct an Eye-Camp on that coming weekend.When Leena came to know about this,she was so happy.Two days were there for the week end.But within that shorter period we decided to do our best to make this Eye Camp a success one.The next day,Leena with the help of her family members bring the whole village together and conveyed the matter to them and she made it clear that the cost of any kind of treatment would be borne by herself and by her husband as loving daughter and son-in-law of that village.The village couldn't believe their ears.They were very pleased to hear the news especially when they came to know about the effort of their village son-in-law.

   On the evening of the same day, Leena made a speech about the importance of eye donation.She told,"I am very happy to be here,with the great help and effort of my loving husband.Really I didn't expect this wonderful opportunity of being with you.It is a pleasant surprise for me.In fact,I feel this is the right time to seek your support for the great righteous act,i.e Donating our eyes.The time when we reached the eternal peace, our eyes can do a lot, above the earth than under the earth.One pair of eye can bring light for two persons's life to make their life brighter.I am requesting you that let your light be continue glowing as long as possible through other souls where god keeps adding blessings to your forth coming family generations account".Instantly the village expressed its consent.I was impressed with their faith on their daughter.

   "And one more thing I would like to say,My loving husband has so many strategies for a health care facility for the villages like ours.Really I and My husband personally would like to thank you as our village is an eye opener for us.Every profession,has its role for uplifting  the villages like us where agriculture is the predominant occupation without which no other occupation can survive.From the point of our profession,we try our best for the welfare of the villages like ours, along with our same professional friends and with our friends who are in various fields.You people keep reminding our responsibility as "Miles to go through our all professions to make our back bones,our villages to get strong".

   I felt a pleasant satisfaction all through my staying in that village.My -in-laws did all their best to the core.Really I missed them a lot.I expressed my hearty thanks to Leena in front of her family and her village without whom I  and my children couldn't experience a different wonderful side of the world.In fact,I told Leena personally the other day that, "I " and " They " (The Village ) owe a lot to " You "  Leena".

   The day came for our departure.Our travel was confirmed in the evening train.The same day morning we went for a shopping.Exchanging of presents along with dresses among the family members which really expresses what a  family bond means.It is a spectacular aspect.I and Leena bought some presents and dresses for each and every one of Leena's family and to some of our friends of all ages in the village.I missed my in-law's family and the village especially my brothers'-in-law and his friends who had become my friends also.We extended a hearty invitation to our loving family and to our friends and to the whole village.The whole village also expressed his longing to be with us on every summer vacation.

   Evening we had a nice send off by the whole village with so many parcels.Various grains and their flours honey bottles,pickle bottles,fruit boxes,dried fish packets,packed vegetables and custom of giving money to their village girl to their ability along with their overwhelming love with welling up tears.It was very difficult time to say goodbye to each other especially my children and their friends.

   The same taxi driver arrived our place in time with all smiling face, after had a word from us.My children turned him and clasped his hands with all warmth,"Uncle! We found the answers here for all our questions.When butter in hand, why do we look for ghee in the other side.Yes!We learnt a big  and great lesson  from our loving village that with the available resources we are blessed with, we can make our every day a day.We are very sorry for our misconceptions about the village atmosphere.We never forget this pleasant atmosphere and our Dad and Mom promised to take us here for every summer vacation".

    It is obvious that,cultured minds are the need of the hour.Day after day the intensity of the selfishness is on its rise in which we can't find the meaning of life.Those cultured minds are still have their roots and wings in our villages.Try your best to have a good rapport with those cultured atmosphere along with your loving family including your children.Society is nothing but joining hands of all families.Try your best to help those cultured minds to spread their wings to every nook and corner of the world  before it gets disintegrated,where every citizen's all sorts of securities are guaranteed.Naturally in this process, the useless selfishness definitely will get perished and we can feel the warmth of genuine atmosphere in and around the world.


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6.I,You and They.Part III.

   When my family reached our home,I mean my wife Leena's birth place,there was a rousing welcome from the whole village where Leena's family members were standing in the front row,with their exciting pleasant smiles.It means some way or the other somebody had sent their word,before our arrival.A warm welcome indeed.We were taken into the spacious,tall and broad and cool house where the whole house was very simple but it was elegant.Even my sulky children started to enjoy the warm atmosphere.

   There was a hustle bustle everywhere,where some of the village people of all ages entered into the house along with us.Before we settled down there were many forms of questions in the form of inquiry,darting from all directions of the house in the favor of their own village daughter.

   "Son-in-law! It is not at all fair on your part.Absolutely it is not at all  fair.Why did you take this much time to pay visit to our place with your family?How come your wife let you take this much time?.This question was from one direction.From the other direction."It is all right Pals!Let them refresh themselves.Take them to our riverside to take bath and bring them to the temple to perform a special prayer for the sake of their family".From altogether different direction,"Let them have some home made coffee first".

   Some of the village children of my kids age came forward and started dragging my children to the other direction.My children were highly frustrated,and started yelled at them by their Convent English.In no time,the village children warned them sternly with our mother tongue,"Hi Pals! who wants your English here?Spare them for your place.If you people let your head swell,you will be paid back dearly.Understand?.
Come on let us go".The children's battalion marched in the opposite direction.My children's faces fell down.

   Instantly a lady seemed to be as Leena's relative came forward and tried her best to pacify the smart battalion team,"Look kids! This is not at all good.Is this the way a host receive their guest?.is this the way you are showing your hospitality?.Let them refresh first..Then take them to all interesting parts of our beautiful village.See!How bad they feel about your bitter welcome.The children turned back and came towards my children and held their hands,"We are so sorry.At the same time your behavior is also not good.Let us even them and let us be friends.You people refresh yourself and join us near the river.See you!".My family couldn't help admiring the smartness of these village kids.In fact,"Call a spade a spade" nature seems to be a natural phenomena of the villages which helps to nip the errors in the bud which seems to be very helpful to mend our ways clean and clear.

   After a while all hustles and bustles came to a halt,as the neighbors left our place after extending their warm invitations to visit their places.Then I looked around the house and the members of the house.The house is so beautiful with sufficient flow of air as it has vast open space almost in all directions.The space between the main gate and the main house is very good place for all activities of the house.As a dining hall,as a play ground for the children,as the place where the grains can be put under the sun,as the meeting place of the whole family and some times as a place for power nap.Some kind of fruit trees were around the house which played the role of Air Coolers.There was a guest house with double rooms with attached bath room situated just behind the main house The only known members in this house were my parents -in-law who paid occasional visits to our places.Then I and my children got introduced to Leena's two younger brothers and one youngest sister.Obviously Leena's,youngest sister saranya is the "Apple of the family's eye".All were married and had kids..They had their own occupations along with their family occupation agriculture.

   I and my boy accompanied Leena's brothers to the nearby pond to take bath.There we met the half the village refreshing themselves with the fresh water,the river water with a towel on their waist.They greeted us with their warm smiles.Myself and my son enjoyed very well by splashing water on each other.Actually I felt what a bath means.I and my son did implement our swimming knowledge to some extent.As it was on summer holidays the village children were on their competitive aspirations to exhibit their sound swimming knowledge with different styles and strokes.

   My son's ego was slowly melting down.He knows just swimming but not this sort of expert swimming with different styles.He felt very bad for his rash behavior..He told,"Dad my ignorance spoils my name.I want to say sorry to those children.I want to make friends with them ".Then he turned to his uncles's side,who were taking bath nearby (and were still not comfortable with our presence,) and went towards them and clasped their hands as if he was quite familiar with them,"Uncle! I want to be friends with those children.Can you help me?".This is the nature of the children.They are the bond makers between the families.We must be ready to continue to build the same band from our side,instead of cut short their bonds,then there will be no chance for any sort of conflicts within the family and outside the family.His uncles together with big voices, instantly called the children by their names and gestured them to come to their place.

   They came near to us with some unwillingness.Before my son's uncles utter any word,my son grabbed their hands,"Friends!I am so sorry.Myself and my sister are very sorry for our bad behavior.We want to build a friendship bond with you.Will you forgive us? and are you ready to accept our friendship?"."Why not?".was  the chorus response.They sought my brothers-in-law permission and led my son to their place with thundering noises.For another half an hour my son's joys found no bounds.And at the same time Myself and my brothers-in- law were going on very well,with our active conversations without our knowledge.I must thank my son who just paved a way for it.

   On the way back home there was a medium sized temple there.,Everyone of the village got into it and offering their prayers.we also did so with the help of the people present there and we were back home. Leena and my daughter took bath and had been waiting for us to have break fast with all of us.I couldn't take my eyes off from Leena as she was in her extraordinary beauty.Her contention of being with her loving family at her birth place might have brought this sort of beauty in her.My parents- in-law's fond inquiry about our spent time in water which led my son to come out with loads and loads of information with variety of expressions which made my daughter to have a bad feeling on her missing chance.

   We were arranged to sit in a  semi circular manner and the dishes were placed in the center in a covered glittering vessels.My Mother-in-law was ready to serve us from the opening side of the semi circle. Leena, made her youngest sister sit by her one side and her brothers on the other side and seemed to be forgetting totally about myself and my children.Still I had no word with my sister-in-law.I had no idea about how to start.But at the same time,she started with some mocking warning,turned to Leena "Sis!Warn your better-half.Even though he owns some noble occupation,he has no right to under estimate our, the most noble occupation, agriculture.If he shows any sign of that I will crush him to nothing".I retorted," Look Leena! clear your quarrel picking sister's wrong opinion on me.I respect this most noble occupation without which no other occupation can survive.But at the same time ask her to respect me as her elder sister's husband and respect my noble profession which would help your little sister to prolong her life time to crush me to nothing for nothing".

   There was a thundering applause from my family members. Leena didn't expect this timely jovial response from me.Even myself I din't expect the same.I felt so happy.If it was in some other place,and at some other time,definitely I would get a big hug with a mouthful kiss from my Sweet Heart.I missed it.But her glaring at me, did all these.After that, my sister-in-law was very comfortable to continue her chat with me through Leena where ever and when ever she got a chance to pull my leg.I must thank Leena to make me understand and enjoy the other side of the bonds of love, in a relaxed family background on nature's lap.

   I thoroughly enjoyed the delicious village special meals along with the sweet family's get together chance.

                                                           To be continued.........



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5.I,You and They.Part II

   As we were moving towards the village by a taxi,I was surprised to hear the taxi driver's friendly chat.He seemed to be a "call a spade a spade " type.When he came to know that, that was our first visit to Leena's native place after our fifteen years marriage life,he could not help showing his discomfort and from his staring at me I could judge that I was not in his good book.However he was tried his best to make us comfortable throughout the journey.On the way at many places,being in the shoes of a tourist guide,he kept telling something about some interesting places with some interesting data.To my relief the country side was not an alien place as I did afraid.In fact the beautiful faces of all kinds of the nature around us had brought some serenity within me that kept pacifying me throughout the journey. His chat was going on with us in following manner.Nearly thirty kilometers we had to travel to get our destination.Here we go;

The taxi driver addressed my kids as,"Hello my little friends!How do you feel at our place.Feel at home.By the way I would like to know the reason for your sulkiness.Is there any problem? But honestly I tell you that your unwillingness to visit here seems to be the chief reason for your sulkiness.Am I correct?"

   We the whole family were looking at each other with an unbelievable expression that how come he knew the exact reason.To my surprise,he continued,"You know Sir!Our body language is the smartest language of any language on this earth.I also have two children younger than your two little friends.My wife is a fantastic lady.So as my parents.My parents on one side and my dear wife on the other side,both taking care of myself and my children in honey way.In return,myself and my children look after them as sweet as we can.In fact,I do hope that if we are sensible enough to understand our smarter body languages,we can bring everything in its place without ruining any one's happiness by sensing the atmosphere and can act accordingly".

   I and Leena had nothing to say.My children got amused.I felt that myself and Leena are leading our theoretical life style and even with our mega education and that metropolitan life style we fail to understand that our life is beautiful,where this simple taxi driver is able to express in simple and elegant way.The taxi driver,with the same honor,"Little friends!you haven't answer my questions yet.Give me one good reason why you people don't like to come to your native places?Almost every one's native place, on this earth must be a village.If your education and your life style are the chief reason to turn yourself off from your native place means shame on you".Here I could sense his genuine anger on us.In a fraction of seconds,he came back to normalcy," I beg your pardon friends!I shouldn't thrust my views on you.I am very sorry.But I feel that if you fail to pay often visits,to your native village means something is wrong with you people".

   The taxi driver's open criticism made us to keep our fingers crossed."It is all right".He continued."Still you friends, haven't answered my questions".My children blurted out."We have so many summer programs like mountaineering,swimming,painting and so many tournaments and so on.We have no idea about you country people and how far you have understood our problem".The taxi driver burst out laughter.I also have no idea about you city people and how far you are going to understand your village people..We village people have butter right in our hands.What is the need for looking for ghee?" "What do you mean Uncle?". My children retorted.

   The driver with some chuckles,he turned to me,"I am very sorry to say this Sir!From your children's saying I think this must be the first trip for your family to your native village.I won't blame the children for their ignorance about their native village and its atmosphere and its natural resources.You and Madam are to be blamed.I don't think Big Money and High Life Style are the only resources to mean what life is.Life is to my opinion that when we are able to register some fond memories within our own clan means we can register the same in anywhere else in this world.Registering our presence even in our absence is the matter. As everything starts from our home, registering our presence also starts from our home and it starts from our real home which is at our native village I feel".

   My children lost their patience."Uncle you haven't answered our question".He, with all his smiles,"Here we have reached your destination.I am sure you people can find the answer at your village itself.Enjoy your trip friends! By the way,Sir!" he turned to me,"I put forward my humble request.I very badly want to know whether these two little friends have found the answer for their own question.So when you go back,if you are willing to accept my taxi service, I will be glad. " Sure " was my answer.I was lost in my own thoughts.The driver helped us in all the ways and leaving the memories of his elegant driving with his elegant speech along with his phone number with us and sped away.

                                                                      To be continued...............


Saturday, April 12, 2014

4.I, You and They.Part I

    My family got down at that village railway station.My family means,Rathore myself and Leena my loving wife and our two children, thirteen years old daughter and ten year old son who were very sulky at that time.You might have known the reason when you have noticed our family's appearance.our high metropolitan life style did reflect to its core in this village station.It was obvious that the children never wish to inhale this village atmosphere which according to them,the villages and their inmates would never match their life style. They are in the opinion that the village inmates are still belonging to the stone age period. It is my mistake. Even though myself and Leena worried a bit about the mindset of our children but we acted as we are seemed to be least bothered about their mindset.

    As soon as we got down from the train,the station master himself came forward and made an inquiry about our visit to make sure whether we have hit the right place.Then he turned to look for some one who belong to the same village where our family intended to visit.His body language indicates clearly the respect he has towards that particular family. i.e.Leena's family.The person he found to help us also reflected the same respect and seemed to be very ready to take any sort of responsibility for the sake of that particular family. i.e.Leena's family. Leena inhales the majesty of the respect with an adorable pride, in front of me which her family owns in her native village.

    I and Leena are the leading Eye surgeons in a leading hospital in a metropolitan city.Leena is the eldest daughter of her family with four siblings.Three younger brothers,and one youngest sister.She was brought up by her well to do maternal grandparents in another village.As she had been put up in the hostel in a city near by her maternal parents village right from her high school level,her visits to her native village gradually in low counts.When she got the Medical seat she took an oath "I must be a good leading eye surgeon and through my service and throughout my life I must to do my best to bring good awareness to people as much as possible to donate their eyes to bring many good things in donors' vision and as well as in recipients' vision..i.e.minimum she wants  her district to be a blind free district.So with that dedication with that big responsibility towards her goal let her curtail her visits even to her grand parents place.Naturally she found no opportunity to visit her own village for a long time.

   She got immersed in her studies for long years,for a noble purpose to make her profession a noble one.She had no idea about the outside world.Her parents,her grand parents and her maternal and paternal uncles did visit her very often that made her very comfortable with some knowledge of the outside world through some messages they passed on her.Her internal and external dedication towards this noble profession had brought
a distinguished power within her and that power turned her a skilled and elegant lady in her profession.Her sensible, motherly nature towards her profession helped her to get placed in a reputed hospital in a metropolitan city.On behalf of her hospital,her participation in many international seminars and her paper presentations have led to some crucial research thresholds.She has become a prominent asset to her hospital.

    I, Rathore who is from a an affluent family have made myself as a part of this hospital and I  had been sent to U.S.A.on deputation.When I came back I had been introduced to Leena who had been appointed to add some feathers to the cap of our department.Everything was going on very well.As Leena's intention is very good and as she wanted her good intention to get implemented in various level she was always very ready to cope with our team.Invariably our teams' favorite team coordinator.Considering the "Natural made for each other nature" of we two prominent professionals,the Chief of our hospital sent a word for Leena's grand parents and parents and put forward his humble suggestions politely and requested them to consider his suggestions to help their special girl to step into the heaven as my 'Life Partner' if we wish.This process was going on without our knowledge.In fact our chief was not at all ready to lose these prominent assets of his hospital.So he himself,tried his best to bring these two families together to make something well and good for those two families as well as for his hospital.

   After getting into a partnership deed to start our life business,with the profuse blessings from the Almighty through our revered rituals and the same profuse blessings from our loving relatives through their hearty involvements in various activities to make our ' Life Partnership 'deed a grand one.I Rathore and Leena my better- half,we started our new and sweet life gracefully.Till the date everything is going on very well by the grace of almighty.

   But for Leena something pricks her mind that except her parents and grand parents and her maternal and paternal uncles,nobody visits her from her side. Rathore's. kind humble family pay their visit very often from their place nearly five hundred kilometers which is another metropolitan city.They are staying with Rathore's elder brother who and his wife are also doctors by profession. Leena has invited my parents umpteen times to stay with us..As she has been always alone due to her profession she wants to be a part of a joint family.My parents have been doing their best by their often visits  and staying with us very often for considerable periods.

    But even after our marriage, even after everything seemed to get settled down,no relatives from her side except the usual relatives.She umpteen times told her parents and grand parents to bring other relatives along with them.But only the reasons of various forms keep arriving for their inability to visit her.There after, she started pestering me to accompany her to her native place.But I didn't take it seriously.However,she finds good comfort with the visits and stays of my parents and brother's family at our place and our visits and stays at their place.

    Even after our children's arrival Leena kept pestering me to arrange for a visit to her grand parents place and her birth place.Even now I didn't take it seriously.More over,I feel myself  not comfortable with their village atmosphere.Passing the bucks on our profession,I was not ready to lend my ears to her.When I asked her if she was that desperate let her go alone to meet her relatives.But she brushed aside that foolish suggestion.She clarified me that as she is going to pay visit to her native place first time after marriage,it wouldn't be fair to go all alone.She wanted to take her loving family with her.But all her efforts were in vain. At one point,she stopped asking me to accompany her village relation,she started luring our children.But when they came to know that I am not interested,they become the 'chip of the old block' of their father in this matter.Finally she gave up her effort and the days were passing on.

   I failed to notice her longing of paying visit to her native place which is, just like a kid's only wish during summer holidays is that he/she is to be allowed to play with his/her favorite play mates to play their favorite games during the whole summer holidays whether it rains or shines.As many dumbos husbands, being with their wives and celebrating  their life,they have no knowledge about their own sweet heart's intimate wishes,I deserved to come under this category.

   One day we happened to visit our colleague's silver jubilee wedding day celebration.There I happened to notice that Leena was watching that family function with popping eyes.That family seemed to have a good rapport with both side of the families.Both families seemed to be comfortable with all activities in the function as if they were quite familiar with each other.Their caring and sharing and teasing and so many things made that function really a grand one..It was obvious that it wouldn't be possible for this healthy relationship, unless they haven't put some efforts to some extent.I felt very guilty,when I was watching Leena throughout the function.It is crystal clear that my ' Sweet Heart' wants me to put some effort to make her family feel comfortable to visit us which is to be a natural phenomena.

   There,I decided to be a "Better Half ' what the word really means.I decided to switch over to the other side from this ' Dumbo Husbands ' title to ' Sensible Husbands ' title.

                                                                                           To be continued.............


Friday, April 4, 2014

3.Mothers need it.

   I am talking on behalf of all educated and uneducated and have some interest on something to explore, 50 + mothers,with fancy name as "Home Maker".To my dismay they would hardly find any opportunity to explore their own interests with their own time. Nearly 80% of this category mothers expect the help from their beloved family members to some extent as they are not willing to be in the kitchen all day.As they are having grown up children and as their mind and body need some relaxation in one form or the other,they really want their family to have some real concern on them.But definitely they do consider the comforts of every member of their loving family.They do expect help from the family to make their task easy but at the same time they do expect it as volunteer gesture,by sensing her need of help.They are afraid if they seek help from their family frankly that may lead to everyday practice that may irritate their family which in turn may bring some negative impact to their mind as well as to their body.

   So on behalf of these 50 + mothers my humble request to their respective families is to extend your volunteer help as often as possible.I am a post graduate, interested in some sewing and want to explore something to my knowledge in the computer world.I am blessed with my loving husband and my two angels daughters.Even though they are busy with their own schedule,even though my time of interference to seek their help in some of my aspirations which may bring some discomfort to their schedule,even though my slow learning takes them to the level of exhaustion,they are somehow ready to help me to make me feel better. Otherwise it is not possible to me to start a blog and have a blessed communication with you friendly people.

   My elder angel daughter compelled me by saying that "Mom! My loving Mom! you have something to share with some people.Why don't you share them through your own blog.The word 'Blog' is totally new to me where my knowledge on computer was Zero at that time.By teaching something about the nature of a computer and some of its applications and where the applications can be implemented to sail through my own blog,my darling daughter created a blog for her loving mother.

   With such a passion and patience on knowledge transferring process, my angel daughter keeps transferring something, to my little brain as elegant as possible whether she is at her place or at our place.(She is married and has her own business, managing her family beautifully,along with her very active one and half year old kid.I wonder how many fifty + mothers have been given such opportunities to convert their awareness as talents and make their  leisure time a productive time.

   My younger daughter,who is preparing for her civil service exams,one of her subject is History.As she knows that one of my favorite subject is History,she shares many events and facts from the national History and from the world History.It enhances my admiration towards the national leaders and the world leaders on their roles, on their national events and on world events for the sake of their own people and for the sake of the people who belong to other nations which enhance my patriotism and also help me to enhance my physical strength as well as my mental strength.If my younger daughter is of the opinion that what is the need for a home maker to know about the national history and the global history,definitely I would have missed a lot of amazing and spectacular events which helps me a lot to make some of my time as some productive ones.My life time gratitude for them if I would like to say in simple version.

    When I came to know about the fact around me both in and out of my family,many home makers are always assigned for mere home makers and never let their heart and brain for any sort of consideration by her own family itself.This brings pain in me a lot.As long as they pursue their household chores,it would be well and good.Once the family makes them feel,that they are mere home makers,nothing else means,it would break their positive flow in everything which in turn would drain the happiness of the family gradually.

   So my humble suggestion is make them feel relaxed by taking charge of preparing some simple dinner for them minimum one of two times a week.Let them inhale some fresh air outside by taking them to their favorite places of their local places one or two times a month.Three to five days tour for a year would give them more hale and healthy.Some small suitable presents for the suitable occasions make them to feel that they are V.I.P.s.These real concern would bring them a good strength along with good stamina which in turn would help them to look after their family with real concern with no fatigue and with no exhaustion.