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   The village Thambatty was getting ready for it's annual festival celebrated every year in the name of Goddess of Rain.It could be taken as a 'Thanks Giving Day' for her mercy for the sufficient rain in the previous year as well as a day for worshiping the Rain Goddess for her mercy for the same sufficient rain for the forthcoming year to get a good harvest.

   The Rain Goddess Festival usually falls on the beginning of every summer.Usually most of the people who belong to that village whose working stations are outstations and are having school going children, regret for their inability to attend the festival.Because the Annual exams would usually start on the festival week every year.

    As the festival falls on the beginning of every summer, the financial condition of the village would have some tough time generally..Because almost all harvest would be completed.The village would manage to save some money from the previous harvest to celebrate this festival in a grand way.This festival has been celebrated for three days.The first day starts with the arrival of the relatives from all directions.They enjoy their colorful and fond meetings with their relatives and friends and cousins.The whole village becomes a chatter box.

   This is the festival where all paternal and maternal relatives especially the daughters and sons-in-laws of the village should be invited either personally or through phone calls depending on their distance, with due respect.They must be given a good importance with colorful grand dresses and with varieties of non-vegetarian meals  and with varieties of home made snacks.The village Rain Goddess goes round the village in a beautiful grand chariot in beautiful attire and ornaments.The village celebrates this festival with various colorful rituals and with its thundering hymn which goes rhythmically with various sorts and sounds of musical instruments.

   Chandru was also as every soul of the village getting ready to celebrate this festival.As usual he had a big confidence with small money.His relation circle is a limited one.He hadn't seen his mother.His birth certificate and his mother's death certificate fall on the same day, same month, same year.His father who still found it very difficult to come back to his real life even after he had a ten year old grand daughter.His limited words with his son and daughter-in-law and tried to maintain his dignity by doing his best to earn something through various sorts of odd jobs to help his family.He had a little land through which they could manage with some seasonal crops and vegetables.

   Chandru had a permanent job as a supervisor for a landlord who belonged to his own village.His loyalty and sincerity helped him to get a permanent job along with some sort of advance and bonus payments.Invariably two times in a year he had to stand in front of his master.One for his daughter to begin her every academic year and the next one is for this festival.

   He had five maternal uncles and four maternal aunts and three paternal aunts.His father was the only son to his  family.Both sides were very fond of Chandru's family and they had regular visits to his family. Chandru's wife was an angel. Chandru never invited his maternal side for this grand Rain Goddess festival due to his financial inability but his maternal side never made it as a matter.Many times he regretted for it.His paternal three aunts had their presence alone without their family to make Chandru comfortable.But this also  made  him very uncomfortable and the boundary of his regret would be pushed back further.

   This year he met his paternal aunts in a family function which was one week ahead of this festival.His  aunts told him,"Chandru you needn't come to our place to invite us for this festival.We will be there".But one of his paternal cousin Lakshmi who was two years older than Chandru but the best child-hood playmate was also a tease mate.The whole family knew about their cousin bond.Her only hobby  till the date is to tease Chandru every now and then.Really she has a talent for that.She was married to a land lord whose family is a big joint family and are very proud of their Daughter-in-law's diplomatic family management with so many skills.She was in the good books of both her birth place village and her destined place village.Some times Chandru wondered where did she get all these shrewdness.

   At that family function Lakshmi as usual started teasing Chandru,"Hi dude don't try to save your bus fare by not inviting your respectful aunts personally.Personal invitation is more important you know".The next word from her side was, Chandru felt as if a real bomb was hurled at him."We other cousins also decided to come for the festival  even though you have no manners to invite us".Watching his shocking expression she   with a teasing smile,"Come on Dude ! don't be afraid of anything.We can manage".Then she turned towards the crowd and announced,"Who are all able to come for our maternal Uncle's village festival, they all are cordially invited.Please take it as a personal invitation.On behalf of our beloved Chandru I am inviting you all".Her declaration made everyone very happy as they knew Lakshmi's talent of building castle in the air.

   The eve of the festival came.From the morning itself, the perplexed Chandru didn't know what to do.He already got Rs 5,000  as advance for the festival .Again he really didn't want to go back to get more advance money from his master.Watching his hyper tension,his wife and his father tried their best to bring him back to normalcy.From the afternoon itself the village started receiving its honorable guests. Chandru made up his mind."Let us face the things as they come".He decided.

   In the evening two bullock-carts halted in front of Chandru's house. Chandru's family came out to receive. To their surprise one cart was with full of  vegetables and poultry farm along with two big bags of rice and the other one was packed with his nears and dears.Seeing his relation in one cart, Chandru was so happy but noticing the ingredients in the other cart, his face fell down.

   But Lakshmi got down as the Chief of the whole group,"Hi Dude we all are so tired.Ask Meena(Chandru's wife) to prepare some coffee".ordering every one to get down from the cart and also let the ingredients to march towards the store room of the her uncle's house with the help of every visitor.The next moment the house was with full of all sorts of hustle bustle made by the elders along with the children.When Chandru looked at his father,to his great surprise,his father seemed as stopped worrying and started enjoying his every visitors's company just as a child.After a very long period Chandru was so pleased to see his father's exciting and beaming face.He turned to his wife.They made their decision."For the sake of his father's happiness they we will try to make our best to manage everything in such a way".

   After arranging everything in the store room,Lakshmi came into kitchen and raised her voice as if she was the confirmed Chief of the visitors."What about a cup of coffee for everyone.I have ordered already".

    "This is not the Hotel you dumbo!This is your Uncle's house".Chandru bellowed."By the way you have come for a festival to celebrate with us.You are not going for any picnic.Then why this much ingredients you have brought with you".he demanded. Lakshmi could sense some feelings of hurt in his voice but she acted as if she didn't notice it. She retorted,"You fool!Don't you know this is the curtsy for every one to have something with them as a visitor.As we are in good numbers every one has their own share."

   Meena,forgetting to prepare coffee for the visitors, thoroughly enjoying this tussle between these close friendly cousins which is the usual scenario in every get together occasion.Nearly fifty members arrived along  with their 11 little children.When Meena entered the kitchen Lakshmi almost made coffee ready.

   Meena,"Hi sis! I am sorry for being late.Did you find out the milk,coffee powder and sugar?"."No problem.I helped myself.Come on ,serve them with coffee" saying so Lakshmi acted as fast as wind. She went to the store room and sorted out the vegetables and other ingredients with her Ballet dancing fingers and collected them in a big basket and came out.There every one was having their coffee.

   She spread a big old carpet on the floor,"Here every body after having your coffee and snacks come and sit here.You people do this and you this and you kids come this side and your work is this and that and I will give you thirty minutes to complete the task.She turned other side and called some visitors,"You all come with me.".Lakshmi got into the kitchen again.

   Depending on their age and ability almost all guests and hosts have their own set of works. The process of preparing dinner was going on with jet speed for nearly 65 members of the family.The process was heaven,just like heaven.The guests and hosts kept on sharing their memories from child hood to this date with all sorts of feelings and exposures.In a minute it seemed as breeze.The next followed by thunderous laughter.Then some sort of accusation.Then some sort of encouragement.Mixed feelings with mixed acts kept on bursting out in the all directions.

   The children's joy found no bounds.No reading and no writing and therefore no scolding.They were free birds.The whole village eyes were at Chandru's house.Their coming and going  and inviting the guests to their houses, really were gala moments.

   Lakshmi acted as a ring master and let her presence in and out of the house and got the dinner ready at 9.The next one hour was an another heavenly experience of tasting the various sorts of delicious food with various sorts of food related fun.One of the guest exclaimed,"Ha! what a taste? what a taste?.I have no idea whether you people really prepared such a delicious food or as we all having our dinner together as a big joint family does it seem as a delicious dinner.After hearing this doubt every one had the same confusion.

    After having dinner,The group made' after dinner chat' for a while and were ready to settle down.By the time with the help of others Lakshmi made the bed for every one with the available facility.But she didn't have her dinner yet.Watching all these miracles what Lakshmi brought with her,Chandru melted to a core.He came forward and shouted at Lakshmi,"Hi Dumbo! enough is enough.Don't act as you are the only busiest woman in the whole world who is having no time to have your dinner.Come on .Sit in front of your plate.I will serve you".

   Chandru placed a plate in front of her and made her to sit down.While washing her hand,Lakshmi retorted by looking at Meena,"See Meena,If the same dumbo,If he really had had that good concern,he should have served my dinner first just before his dinner.You see! your darling husband is second to none in super acting"." more talking".Chandru bellowed at her and started serving her favorite dishes in order with all fondness.Every body laughed at them.He whispered at her,"Lakshmi! You are an angel."

   The next day was the real festival day.Very early morning,Lakshmi arranged some hot water for some senior citizens at home and she took the rest of the family to the nearby river to take bath.The children who knew the swimming let their nose high up in the air.Lakshmi brought them back to the earth by a her good folded hand shot on their head.Then she helped the other children to learn swimming who longed to learn swimming.Her frequent comments and requests made the whole family ready after their break fast to visit the Rain Goddess temple first and to the other temples in the village and to the whole village.

   After noon majority of the family didn't turn up to have their lunch.Their bellies were fed with all sorts of delicious snacks from house after house of the village.Wherever they did visit they were compelled to have something as a friendly gesture.Many tried to avoid many snacks, even though they were their favorite dishes.They were very conscious to keep their stomach in order, to enjoy their non-vegetarian dinner varieties thoroughly.Evening,the Rain goddess idol was decorated with colorful attires and with glittering gold ornaments and she was raised to her throne in a big chariot and she was ready to go round the village to offer her blessings to the whole village.This is the high light of the festival.Her temple and her chariot were decorated with highly colorful flowers and highly colorful lights and with extra fittings of big and colorful decorated hangings,all the sides of the chariot.

     When the sun set,The gala started.The whole village's worship offerings to the Goddess of Rain came to an end by this time.The different sorts of hymen go nice with the different sort of musical instruments.The spectators had their usual doubt whether the heaven would be like this.The Rain Goddess started her journey and the whole village was very ready to get her blessings.What a beautiful give and take policy.Morning the village would give their worships to her.Evening they would take her blessings.

    Every house had their own set of expert chefs in the preparation of Non-vegetarian variety dishes.At Chandru's residence the same process was going on under the supervision of Lakshmi.The poultry the guests brought with them, all vanished in the air. After the heavy delicious dinner every one felt that the day ended very fast.

   The next day,the whole village was busy preparing with their variety of delicious home made snacks after their break fast.These snack should be offered to the guests as a send off gesture. Chandru was so sad when he thought about the departure of the guests especially his friendly cousin Lakshmi.He was staring at her who was very busy in preparing snacks.His wife Meena felt his pain.She prayed God for the same boon every year.She also thought about the various opportunities to earn more money to celebrate this festival on their own account without disturbing the guests.Let them be as guests alone to enjoy everything to a core.She gave a understanding pat to her husband.She now started thinking about her own cousins to revive the love bond.

     In the evening every one was getting ready.Their bullock carts were waiting promptly.Still the guests and hosts seemed to have a lot to share.A sort of  satisfaction with happiness could be felt  by every one. Chandru's father held Lakshmi's hand "My child! you made a way to vent out all my grief.You have taught me that let bygones be bygones and let us be happy with the available resources.And you have shown me what a true relation is and the way of revival of the relation.My angel I will never never forget your great and grand help.For me you are my mother.At this moment I am the happiest man in the whole world I feel."Tears streaming on his cheeks.All his agony seemed to be washed away.

    In a moment there was a silent.Then every one at a time started pouring their thanks to Lakshmi for all the opportunity Lakshmi created for them  to understand what a love bond is. Chandru came forward and stood in front of Lakshmi,"Our angel you have made our festival a festival.I have no idea how to thank you.God may bless you for everything Dumbo".His eyes were welled up.He continued,"By the by I had an advanced money of 5,000 as a whole.You didn't let me to spend anything for anything in this festival.Have this money and share among yourself in one or the other way as festival gift.

     The whole village gave a warm send off to those two bullock carts which were very proud of their angel Lakshmi.



Tuesday, September 10, 2013


   Aravind was in his office.Evening session some meeting.Meetings are always having their own name under various heading but actually it seemed to be not a meeting but definitely a parting of one's energy' effort and time.After every meeting, Aravind had to do his best in bringing all his energy back to match the atmosphere  is really a Herculean task.

   Aravind had a severe head ache.The reason for this might be he replaced his actual lunch( with vegetables and curd) with some sort of snacks and with some cool drinks.His every meals like this seemed to be a mismatching with his growling stomach.But he had no time to think about all these nonsense.Yes, keeping a good rapport with meals is a utter nonsense for people like Aravind.

  He liked to have some coffee.At the same time he felt  a bit terrified.Because his parents were looking for a girl to make their son to win the made for each other competition.They seemed to be not bothering about their son's physical and mental health who was 1000 miles away from them.

   They were not only satisfied  with their bloated bank balance but also with the bloating of their real heads.(Here curtsy to their beloved son who earned a fruitful job with naturally handsome salary). They felt that their only duty was to look for another bloating girl I mean the girl must get bloated only with currency note from a bloating family with the same help of currency note to match their prince son's all pride.

   Aravind,after knowing his parents efforts,his worry was up on a tall tree.If he was not able to balance his work pressure with his family pleasure........Thinking itself brought some sort of giddiness to him.Now he preferred some good chat over coffee with some cheerful souls.He made a call to his one of the sensible cousins Kid.This 27 years old Kid seemed to be always  a kid.With that cheerful voice always had a capability to make things as simple as possible.In fact he was also  in a stress generating job.

   Aravind,"Hello Kid,as a kid I know you are doing well.For my sake could you spare some time for me".

   "Sparing".This is Kid.He could make any one to feel that the one himself a V.I.P

  " As usual I am not in myself.It seems as some symptoms  for some break downs.I have no strength to analyse it.Could you please share some Boost with me?please!".

   "why not?sharing.By the way, meet my paternal cousin who is from his on sight to our sight now".(It means, he returned to his mother land after successfully completing his Company'd Project in its foreign location.)You don't mind his name.Call him as Trist I mean Psychiatrist.But he is not a professional psychiatrist.But he has the ability to find out the root cause for any problem.In his opinion,if the real cause for any problem could be brought out, the solution for the problem would be an easy one. Would you like to have some chat with him?".

   "Er" a bit of pause from Aravind then he quickly on his track,"If it is all right with him I am also ready to be on his line".

    "He is an ever ready personality.Here you go.If it is all right with you, let him be in my shoes.Enjoy".

   Next moment,"Hello"a voice on the line which seemed to be very casual."Hello",Aravind continued as casual as possible,"I am Aravind"

    Chuckling voice "I know Mr Aravind. Kid told me.I am Alok. If you are comfortable with my professional name Trist,call by the same.By the way,If you are ready to take it in the right sense,I would like to say something.i.e.from your voice, I think you are always a hitting against something else or some one else personality it seems.I mean, no rest to your mind.Keeps on dashing with something..Am I correct".

   Aravind was dumbstruck."What is he saying?.Is it possible to judge a person just by a call or is he joking".

   " Hello are you there Mr.Aravind. Take it easy.Just say yes or no".Trist persuaded him with some enthusiastic voice.

   Aravind trying to be present in the present"Yes! Mr Trist ,sort of feelings like that.I think, my very often head-aches may be the symptoms for it."

   Pleased voice continued on the other side."I am very pleased with your exact and earlier identification.This is the first step of our positive effort to bring a good rapport between our mind and body.By the by why don,t we people now becoming friends drop that unnecessary word "Mr".

    "Why not?. Aravind was so comfortable with this unknown person.Taking some privilege and with some interest, Aravind asked,"Is there any remedy for it Trist?"

   "Don't treat it as remedy.Just a replacement.First step is, stop hitting against anything else.I mean,not to think of the same thing again and again.Even after your precautions if you get hit means stop there.Analyse what is the reason for this frequent collision.Mostly the reason would be the negative one.Like,your ignorance on something else,or your inability to say NO to certain things which really need a perfect NO or your inability to cope with your superiors or your inability to get your subordinates to cope with you and so on".After a pause,"Are you listening Aravind?".A doubt in Trist voice could be sensed.

   "By all means Trist. What ever you  say it seems to be so matching with me.I very badly want to know how to handle them.Please go ahead with your replacement tactics Trist."Aravind with all his ears.

   "Very simple.Give individual attention to the persons  with whom you have very often collision either in your working place or in your family. Analyzing their level with your level, give priority to respect or concern with good heart  and put forward your suggestion clearly to replace the problem which may lead some sort of production.To make yourself strong, you must get rid of your ignorance.So replace the ignorance with the relevant knowledge.So explore.Is it seemed to be an exhausting process Aravind".Asked Trist with some giggles.

   "Not at all.Not at all.It is quite interesting. No intermission please!".Trist seemed to be so pleased.For a positive task a good co-operation is a prime ingredient.He continued "In this process we can avoid or dodge so many unnecessary collision in the process of exploring the things we need".

   " It seems sensible".agreed Aravind.

   "Once we start getting the things we need, our self confidence is on its rise.We can face the things as they come as ever ready person.i.e In course of time we would have some planning strategy which would be followed by a good time management skill which would replace pressure with pleasure not only in our prestigious working place and also in our beloved family circle.What do you say my friend?.

   "What to say Dude?You have been helping me to get into your great replacement project.What I feel now is to revive the bond with our own some sensible cousins, seems to be meaningful.As we cousins both paternal and maternal we have some common familiar background which would help us in this replacement project.This is the need of the hour I feel.As a cousin Kid helped me a lot through his cousin through some confidential process.I liked it.Thank you very much Trist. Thanks a lot".Trist could sense Aravind's melting voice.

    Then in a sudden mocking voice and with all mocking respect,Aravind put forward his words."Hello!is this Dr. Trist's clinic?.Can I get an appointment with Dr.Trist?It would be better if I can get an appointment after 8 in the evening for only one hour for a good dinner in a three star hotel.This is the fee I am going to pay for him.If he brings his apprentice Dr Kid who referred him for me,I will be so grateful.Please! try to make it possible friend".

    "DONE" Trist voice bellowed with good laughter.



Wednesday, September 4, 2013


 Positive Intention+Positive courage gives rise to Positive result.

   It  was a Government  aided senior secondary school.Time was around 11 clock in the morning. Beena around her mid forties reached the school gate.

   The security guard smiled at her.The smile showed some familiarity.Because Beena  already visited here to get the appointment of the Head of the school but she was informed that the he was not available as he was out of station for two days.Now she had come again to get an appointment with him if he was available on that day.

    The guard with a friendly smile,"Good morning Madam, you can meet the Head of this school to day.Go straight,cross the inner gate there and turn left.Wish you good luck madam."

    "Thank you" replied Beena with all smile and she headed towards the Head master's Office.

   Beena was a post graduate with no teaching qualification.She had two grown up children.Elder one was in a descent job with handsome salary in out station.Younger one was doing his college and was staying in the hostel.Her husband was a good businessman.For Beena every day seemed to be very longer one and she felt a bit guilty for being idle.Big or small she is a kind of resource.It shouldn't get wasted.She felt.

   Beena's pastime hobby was reading.She had a good collections of Quotes from which she had the ability to derive some matters for one's personal development.Based on this ability she decided to do something instead of being idle at home.So she decided to take Personality Development classes in that Government  senior secondary school to which she can go by walk.It was very nearby.

   Actually,in the beginning days of her marriage,she was very weak and timid.After her under graduate course her parents and her parents-in-laws asked her to pursue her studies in teaching but this seemed no sense to Beena.She thought how can such weak and timid woman handle a class of more than fifty students of a section.

She decided herself that her weak voice wouldn't reach even to the first row.So she decided that she is not suitable for this noble teaching profession.i.e.She built case against her.A big mistake she did without her knowledge.She did't know that practice makes everything perfect.Her course in teaching definitely would have made her a good teacher by its regular practice.Her ignorance led her to other road.

   Now her constant reading habit helped her to have a good relation with good positive oriented books which had given her this confidence to try her luck in that nearby school to take some personality development classes for the high school students.If she would be paid,even it is a meager amount,she would be so happy.Because she would draw some money from her own effort.If there would be no chance for it let it be a service .Beena decided.

   A five minutes walk to the Head Master's office,where both Head Master and Assistant Head Master were in their places.

   Beena greeted them,"Good morning and good day sirs.I am Mrs Beena. I am a post graduate.I would like to take personality development classes for the high school students in your school sirs.Is there any opportunity for me  at present sirs? Here is my application along with my certificates. Beena ended with a polite request.

   From their expression,these sort of classes were not familiar to them and also seemed to be unnecessary for the school.But both superiors seemed to be impressed with the way of request put forward to them.So  that the Head master with the approval of his Assistant seemed to have decided to give an opportunity to such classes.

   The Head Mater,"Madam this school is running for under privileged children.So expecting any salary is really impossible. Beena was so happy when she heard some confirmation about her appointment."It's all right sirs".She genuinely accepted the offer."Then it is O.K.".The Head Master seemed to have decided something.

   The Head master got up and called an attender,and with a note he sent Beena along with him to meet a senior teacher Beena supposed.Conveyed her profused thanks' Beena left with the attendant.The Heads seemed to be so approachable.Working under a good and sensible Head is really pleasing moments. Beena felt so as every one of the world.

   On the way Beena quickly rehearsed her presentation.The attendant took her to that  particular teacher with all politeness and handed over the chit to her.The next moment some students who were on their free hours were asked to assemble in front of the teachers'office room.It seemed as a combined class of two sections.The students were bearing a queer look.

   On seeing this crowd unexpectedly,Beena started sweating first.But before the students settled down she made up herself very well by some powerful auto suggestion.The students settled down.Four or five teachers had made their presence here and there to supervising the students.All eyes were at Beena with some sort of interest.

   Beena collected all her courage,and started speaking."My dear students I am Mrs Beena.I have come here to take some classes related to personality development.First let me thank your Head Master and your Assistant Head Master and your teachers and you students for giving me this grand opportunity.

   The students looked at Beena as if she had come from different world as they had never heard about such sort of class it seemed.But her Inner Beena persuaded her,by saying" never mind all these.Get going and get going".

   Beena continued."Personality Development is nothing but personal development in all aspects.These classes give guarantee to one's personal up gradation through which one would be Independent,Responsible and Sensible for their age and help one to transform from an ordinary man to a versatile human.These classes help us to build our carrier and character and make these tasks a cake walk in our every stride of our life.


   The students response was very blank whereas the teachers showed some sort of response.Beena on her track again,"For example take one of the basic curtsy 'Giving'.It is one of the very powerful positive gesture which gives you very big  positive result.

   Like giving a warm smile-It makes both donor and receiver's day a day.

   Giving respect to the age and education and achievements-It persuades every one to do their best to get that due respect.

   Giving encouragement-It gives one to explore something which leads them to some inventions and discoveries.

   Giving support-Gives one some more courage to explore more fields.

   Giving some good and healthy suggestions-Helps one to improve one's analytic skill.

   Giving one's opinion about one's mistakes-Helps him to mend his way and so on.

   As a result these classes bring all miracles into one's life".Beena concluded.She herself was satisfied with her performance.She gave some appreciation to herself.She couldn't hide her cheerfulness in her face.

   The students seemed to be understanding some thing.If any chance would be given to pursue this class in this school, the task seemed to be not difficult one.Beena felt so.

   Then Beena approached the senior teacher to know whether she had something to say."The session seemed to be good. Let me see" she was off. Beena didn't know what to do.The teachers who were present there also expressed their concern.She was back to Head Master's office to thank him and also wanted to know what next.

   On her way she met the Head Master.Before she uttered any word he said,"Madam! there is a leave vacancy in social science subject for standard nine.After lunch break you get your time table from the office and start taking class to-day itself.Wish you good luck".He left the place.

   Beena really felt like to jump up in the air in the middle of that school campus.The Head Master didn't even give her a chance to thank him. Beena was perplexed what made him to take such decision.On her way back home, the guard at the gate greeted her as,"Madam you have done well it seemed.The Head Master and the Assistant Head  master were from that side listening your session.Then he said something to the Assistant Head Master.I think you are going to get your job.Wish you good luck Madam".Beena's joy found no bounds.

   Six months passed.All these months Beena realized herself as a good teacher and good at handling children and the class.She could develop a good rapport with her class.By giving room for their opinions to make the class an admirable one,helping them to build their character through moral stories,helping them to improve their General Knowledge,enhancing their academic carrier by giving them regular tests and so on.She really regretted herself for having built case against her as she couldn't be a good teacher.

   Gradually the students did accept her as their friendly teacher.And there was a good improvement could be seen in their studies.In the later stages no failures in the class.The students requested her to be their class teacher for the next academic year. Beena realized thoroughly what the word 'Job Satisfaction' means.

   The leave vacancy came to an end.The Head Master and the Assistant Head Master asked her to give an application to the Management to continue her service.But her application was rejected.The reason given by the Management was that Beena was not a qualified teacher. Beena couldn't understand this logic.If she had been a qualified teacher she would have been working somewhere else long time before and wouldn't be here to give application to this management to continue her service.

   The Head Master and the Assistant Head Master felt very sorry for her and they seemed to be helpless.But Beena was not ready to give up.Nothing to loose.She was able to get an appointment with the management with the help of the Head and the Assistant Head of the school.

   The lady from the Management side put forward her views,"I am sorry.I am not able to help you as you are not a qualified teacher".

   Beena,"I beg your pardon Madam! May I know what qualification do you expect to take personality development classes other than a post graduate degree and a good rapport with the students and can bring their positive results in their academic and character building  through these classes.I will be grateful if you consult the students whether they want such classes or not.This feedback definitely help us both if it is really concerned with the students's welfare".

   The Management Lady looked at Beena with blank face. Beena could not assume what was going on in her mind.Having no idea about the decision of the Management' Beena was about to leave by saying"Any how my hearty thanks to you Madam for having given this nice and wonderful opportunity for me.Really I enjoyed doing this job.Thanks a lot".

  Something made the Management Lady to stop Beena. May be her passion to her job or may be her contagious confidence or may be her way of talking as if she was really a second parent to her students and what ever it is the Management seemed to have decided to give Beena more opportunities.The lady in her clear and determined voice with all concern,"Beena Madam you are allowed to continue your service.Wish you good luck".