Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Power-The Women Power.Part VIII

   The discussions over the family Queens' project took a shape through various sorts of analysis from different angles by the two family members as a whole.All as a whole seemed to be satisfied with this project.As an experimental session Bindhu expressed her wish to meet her locality residents first to know about their willingness to be part of this project.It was approved.

   Bindhu designed a form in the following model:


Family Member's age/Occupation:

Family members' Specialized zone: 

No:of children/male/female/age/Specialized zone:

House:Own/Rented/Independent/Apartment/Area in Sq.meters:

Location of the residence:

Distance from your present place to your native village in K.M.:

   Then she visited nearly fifty houses of her residential area around seven in the evening.She did expect the presence of whole family at that time which can make her task easier.Warm welcome was waiting behind almost all the doors.Really it was a pleasing experience.It means most of them seemed to be familiar with her.Some with their morning and evening smiles when she was on her strides to office and home to and fro.Some without her knowledge they happened to notice her in some locations and in some occasions. Bindhu relaxed to some extent that her discussions about the task would be more comfortable with the familiar persons.Her experience went like this.

   After pressing the calling bell,Some one peeped either through a window or through an ajar door.Smart Bindhu with all her smiles and with all her confidence voice,"Hello I am Mrs Bindhu Aravind,residing at (Indicating her residence and her occupation).I would like to be part with your family ladies productive area.With your permission shall I take five minutes of your precious time Sir/Madam".Her polite request with her all smiling face and  her confident approach with her smartness let her get a chance to step into their place.

   Once Bindhu was allowed to step into their place,she expressed hearty thanks then handed over those forms one by one to her decided locality and requested them,"Sir/madam I will come back the day after tomorrow this time.I would be pleased if I get back the filled forms in time.Definitely it will bring good to your family ladies and your family children.Have faith in me and have faith in you.God may bless us all.Thanks a lot for your precious 'Time Donation'.See you".

  Bindhu's majestic entry and majestic leaving made the residents to have some faith on her.No doubt,their filled forms would be ready on that stipulated day for Bindhu. As Bindhu expected,she was able to get the most of the filled forms in time.Some forgotten forms were made to reach her place the following days.She promised them to come again to meet them with in a week, after going through the filled forms for some analysis.

   With the help of Clara and Mary,Bindhu analysed it thoroughly.Almost all ladies in every family seemed to be educated to certain level.It means it would be easy to handle them.More over their specialized area was amazing.Mostly Retired teachers and working teachers including Yoga teachers.The next level seemed to be having a good rapport with sewing machines and some were good at some kind of arts.i.e making different,attractive and beautiful things with some discarded products,Fabric painting, Pot painting,assembling some simple articles in a colored  or plain glass case of various shape and size.One are two interior decorators. Many working in the I.T.Companies.Some in Government part at various offices and at various level. web designer was also there.A handful of persons seemed to be good at knitting related arts.A Ph.d degree holder was also there.Most of the women seemed to be interested in cuisine related art and reading books.Some interested in some games.Five lawyer  girl students.One registered as specialist in Origami.Fantastic!

    The three women sorted out the filled forms and rearranged them with their related categories of talents. There was a big and broad smile enlightened on Bindhu's face.Clara and Mary got the point from Bindhu's smile and they also delighted.The only thing to do for everyone's welfare of this fifty three families including Bindhu,Clara and Mary was,to bring the available resources together to transfer the resources' potential energy into powerful kinetic energy.They had no idea about the mindset of these fifty residents whether they were ready to work under one roof.But nothing to loose."Let us create an opportunity for them to know about their own resources and how it can utilized skillfully for the up-gradation of every one's self esteem".The three positive powered ladies decided.

   The next day,Bindhu visited the same residents once again and told,"I am so pleased to see your fifty filled forms with your good enthusiasm.This enthusiasm would be the first step to get into our good  venture.Your forms lead me to so many discoveries and inventions.I will let you know about all these on coming Sunday exactly at 4:05 p.m.meeting at my residence.I expect you all for the meeting without fail to enter our new world which we are going to create by the grace of God.You all are expected to be there in time I mean 4:05.p.m to put forward your precious ideas,opinions and suggestions to make this venture a successful one".Bindhu sensed the positive vibrations through the ladies readiness to participate the meeting.

   Before went to bed on the same day,Bindhu did invite God for the same meeting to guide them.Definitely He would register his presence.Because sincere prayers are always answered.

                                                        To be continued


Friday, January 24, 2014

The Power-The woman Power-Part-VII

   The two families's Gentlemen, I mean Bindhu's and Clara's family gentlemen were very very ready for all ground work.They wanted to know about  their family ladies's project and its field background on which they intended to set their feet.So they had been waiting for their call in the  midst of their office work.Day by day there were more opportunities were made naturally to bring the two families closer and closer.

   It is true that,in a get together meeting only,either in our own place or in some other place we are made to be known about the real positive and negative sides of our own family members.At one's own place,with routine atmosphere it is really not possible to know about the strengths and weaknesses of our own family members.Alphonse and Victor and Aravind were no doubt being good spectators and observers, realized the internal and external strength of their family ladies.In one way or the other the powerful ladies had the capability to bring all matters under their direct supervision.

   From morning to evening,from children to elders of the family at home and at her office related work, the positive powered ladies have the ability to bring win win position to both donor and receiver of instructions and suggestions.Depending on the atmosphere at home and at work place their  persistent observations can be realized through their constant and timely reminders,orders,warnings,encouragements,some good suggestions,their direct involvements, all these  spectacular abilities they have make the things get done,some times with warm words and some times with war of words.Definitely this will bring a good harmony within her family and within her team at her working place. Really this is a big lesson that every man  has to learn from every positive powered woman at home as well as at working place.This is a humble suggestion for all men who are dwelling in the in the 100% wrong Zone as "I am the boss" zone.

   It means by trying to belittle these positive powered ladies,you egoistic men are bringing your own self-esteem to the ground level and some times below the ground level. When the positive powered ladies, get the right recognition at the right time by the right person for the right reason,she has the capability to make their home as well as their working place a HEAVEN.But all these years,Victor's family failed to observe the positive powers of their family ladies which were made to be hidden by the family men's useless ego as well as by the family ladies useless patience.Victor and his father both felt very bad about it.Now with the help of Bindhu they are going to make their ladies to sit in the front row.God may bless them.

   For ladies,both at home and at her working place her prime need is, her beloved family's whole hearty support by all means.Her family's this concrete support is very very important for her.Those great valuable support helps her to balance her dual role as well as bring elegance in both roles.Now the time was ripe for both the families to create an opportunity for these positive powered ladies to transfer their potential energy into the kinetic energy.i.e the available big stored energy would be made to get into action.

   When these three ladies were blessed with their families's whole support by all means,they had many rounds of discussions.At last Mary and Clara decided to leave everything to Bindhu who to their faith,the good initiator.This is the final round of talk. Bindhu announced."Friends!I will let you know about my opinion.We are blessed with everything.Why don't we extend our blessings to other women who are in real need of some help and guidance to make their days as productive days with their own potential energy.What I would like to say is why don't we people try for a drive in our own locality?".

   Mary and Clara were amused.In fact they didn't get the point."Sorry Bindhu dear!We really didn't get the point".Mary told.Then she turned to Clara asked"Did we dear!?".Clara was also in the same amusement. Bindhu continued,""I will make my point clear.When I first met Clara,as I knew her potential energy, I did like to do something for the welfare of her state.I did my best which in turn led us to have an opportunity to get into a venture of our choice.What I do mean is, Good Intention with the respective positive courage will help us to bring some good things into action.Clara is the fore runner for all these creative features.".

    Bindhu tried her best to make her version as easy as possible.She continued again,"At present scenario,as the joint family system is not in practice due to various reasons. Even with this advanced technology, the big problem for positive powered married women is that,they are unable to pursue their loving carrier at the cost of their family business.Because the lack of support from their birth place as well as from their destined place due to various reasons compel these sort of women to resort to a single role as the fancy"Home Maker".with life time regrets even though they are capable of pursuing their dual roles with the same passion".

    In our locality itself a handful of under graduate degree holders and post graduate degree holders and even a Doctor of philosophy degree holder are there with some sort of frustrations.These women pathetically made to be a home maker to take care of their family and their children, leaving behind their carrier which once an adorable one before their marriage.When I did tap Clara's talented side once again,she has brought us to this height.i.e She has made a chance to bring faith of our family gentlemen on us.So as a team,we shall utilize the available resources within us.Let us implement the same strategy with some tactic in our own locality first.i.e tap the potential energy  of our locality".

   Bindhu turned to Mary and told,"In fact this was the suggestion, first proposed by Clara during my first visit to your home.It means Clara disclosed herself on that day that with simple friend like me with her good faith on me,she was ready to step into a big venture.I do want to help her.So, I feel by creating some opportunities to make these sort of  ladies to understand that when their potential energy,in other words they themselves of different kind of resources which are to be made to join one by one together,I do hope that we can expect spectacular results.Hope I have made myself clear".Yes really Bindhu made it very clear.

   Later,the three giant ladies,prepared the lists of some of their known reliable ladies within their families and outside their families to lead this venture in various part of their locality with genuine involvement.Then they discussed where and when this wonderful venture to be started and the strategies to be covered and so on. Final decision had been taken with some final touch-ups to discuss their rejoicing project with their life partners.

                                                      GOD MAY BLESS THEM

                                                                              To be continued..............

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Power-The Woman Power.Part VI

   It was a lazy Sunday evening for Bindhu's family.If any Sunday which has some outgoing refreshing program it would be a brisk Sunday.Otherwise it would be made to be a dull Sunday by some indoor activities with some indoor games. Aravind was the first member and the only member who took bath in the morning itself especially before break-fast as usual.The other three were as mud smudging pigs playing carom-board with the clean Aravind. Very often Bindhu checked the time.She intended to wind up exactly at 5 to make themselves as clean as Aravind and to prepare some evening snacks.Moreover their home needs some cleaning.Before taking bath she decided to do the cleaning with the help of kids. Aravind declared that he was not in a position to help these filthy pigs as he was being as clean as SWAN.Even his various sort of teasing didn't bring any expected result on those dirty pigs to get a good shower.

    Bindhu announced,"Look little ones!This is going to be the final game.You good girl and you good boy are going to help Mom in some cleaning.After taking bath Mom is going to prepare your favorite snacks with hot cup of delicious coffee".Sending a warning signal to Aravind,she said,"Those who are not ready to help Mom in the cleaning process,definitely NO COFFEE AND NO SNACKS for them.The children noticed the false seriousness of their Mom.So they endorsed the resolution of their loving Mom.They turned to their Dad,"Dad!we are going to ask Mom to prepare your favorite snacks.Even if you beg stealthily,we are so sorry.We are not in a position to offer you.Because you know Mom's rules are rules.Better negotiate with Mom". Aravind burst out laughing and hugged his children,"Definitely you two are the perfect heirs of your Mom's Kingdom.I mean Mom's Queen land.All right! tell me about my part of cleaning"."That's good!".The other three approved.

   The door bell rang.The four were stunned.They didn't know what to do.They had no idea about any visitors.So they four and their drawing room were not in any good position to receive the visitors whoever they might be.Glaring at each other,they were not able to move from their standstill position.Among four Bindhu as usual made herself up and headed towards the door.On her way to the door she kept trying in ordering the things to bring some better look to the room to some extent.By the time the second call of the bell knocked them down.With all eagerness the other three were staring at the door. Bindhu opened the door.A very pleasant surprise.Really it was a very pleasant surprise.It was Clara's family.As the famous four were very busy with their play,they were unable to recognize the screeching sound of the halting vehicle.

    For some seconds,the whole house had been experienced the thunderbolt and lightening.Hearty receiving of the visitors is  a heaven.It leads to hearty sharing and caring,no matter whether the guest and host are matching each other for any matter.When every thing and every one settled down,Bindhu extended her apology to the guests for their own state and for the state of their drawing room,Victor laughed."It doesn't matter Madam!You must understand my enjoyment of transferring from a museum to a real home".This was the beautiful answer from Victor.Yes! for the past these years,Victor's house was certainly a museum.Big silence,unnatural movements of the inmates with bigger rooms with bigger things and so on.

    When Bindhu was about to started cleaning in jet speed,again Victor interrupted."No more hurry Madam! With your permission we are going out to have our coffee and dinner.Is it all right for you people?".A polite request from Victor.Before Aravind and Bindhu could say anything their children jumped up and down,"You are welcome uncle!We will go! We will go!Let us get ready in another half-an-hour".They acted as decision making elders.They brought some play things to their friends to entertain them.Without turning their face to their parents to avoid their opinions, they darted to their room. Guffaw echoed the whole house. Hearty smiling faces and hearty laughing faces are always beautiful. Bindhu observed.She noticed Clara's family.It seemed to so healthy.Physically as well as mentally. Bindhu could not help admiring her friend's family."Thank God for everything".God received her thanks with his all smile.

    The two families seated comfortably in a comfort giving restaurant.When they received their menu card,Bindhu's children were busy with the things what Clara's children bought for them.Some engineering tools through which we can make ladder,house,bridge,fish and even dinosaur and so many things with the given flexible structures of different types and colors.More than that,some puzzles and a big ball and some tiny vehicles and some other things they didn't even go through those things.

   Some discussions were going on between the elders.Victor turned to Bindhu,"Madam!your better-half Aravind told me that you ladies are on some venture.What ever it is!",after some pause Victor continued,"My humble request is,let my Mom be in.I do hope that my loving Mom also has some talents like my Clara which is to be given a chance to explore.Hope you have no objection over it.I promise our whole family's moral and physical and financial supports are always with you.I would like to know about your opinion Madam!".

   Victor's views through his clear expressions was a real booster to Bindhu and Clara and even to Clara's mother-in-law,Mary.She glared at her son with such a fondness as if her son Victor was a new born baby.While Mary was watching her son with all her love,her husband Alphonse watching Mary with a new pleased look.His body language expressed his readiness with his whole and all support to his sweet-heart. Every one now turned their face towards Bindhu.

   Bindhu at once came to a decision.She disclosed her mind."When two true friends join their hands together wholly,they can bring miracles.No doubt.When all these true friends as family friends,join together as one and well it will be possible to bring miracles after miracles by the grace of Almighty.She clasped Clara's hand,and told Victor,"Sir,now we have become family friends. your and my families's heavenly support and hearty involvement,have made me to think that we three ladies must get into some venture.Let us discuss over this matter.Thanks a lot for you for being a kind initiator for a venture for our family ladies.Let God bless us all!".              
                                                                                                        To be continued.......

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Power-The woman Power-Part V

   After every dust settled down at Victor's home,one night before the bed time,with a placid mind,he went to his parents room."Dad!Mom!May I come in?"The door was open.Victor noticed that his parents were still roaming in that same shell shocked words uttered by their grand son.They looked as if they had drained all their energy.His mother closed the book,which was on her lap.His father pressed the mute button of the television.Their weary look was unbearable.

   For past some days,the deep silence had been reigning that big highly sophisticated very modern house.The children felt the difference between the usual silence and this unusual silence.They shrunk themselves further more.They still didn't understand why their words uttered at their friend's birth day party brought such an unusual silence in the whole house.Like every thing"I wish I had this;I wish I had that:" like,the little boy told so.But they were sure that unlike other wishes, something was wrong in this wish.So they also maintained the same threatening silence to their capability.

   Victor took his place opposite to his parents.They looked at their son with the same silence."Dad!I think we both did a big mistake without our knowledge.i.e.Keeping 100% faith on the money.You and I did have very strong faith on this money magic.But through our children version, it is the right time to reconsider our faith on money.I think we have been in the false hope that we can make every thing possible with this money magic. But the children have made us to understand that some spectacular meaningful,real"TOUCH MY HEART" things are there beyond this money magic.In fact,for them this money matter is not a magic at all.I feel that they want to be in the real natural world and also want us to be in the same world for the sake of every one.Thank God!They have opened our eyes.Now I feel every one have to have their own space.But unfortunately we in the family, having vast space of their own which seems to be a big hindrance to our reach out to any one else in the family.I think this is the right time to rectify our mistakes I mean your and my mistakes i.e"I AM THE BOSS MISTAKE".

   Victors's father nodded his head as as an approval.His mother didn't say any thing.She was just listening.Victor continued,"Dad! I intend to arrange an Europe tour for you and Mom for some days with the help of our European friends.On your return,I will be happy if I know that you have made your space to that optimum level through which Mom can reach out to you comfortably.By the time,I will try my best here to make our house a home.Will it be all right for you Dad?His father stared at him for some seconds.Then he uttered."It seems to be good idea my son!.I will consult this with your mother and let you know our decision in the morning".This answer brought a broad smile on Victor's face.Because for the first time Victor's father was going to consult something with his mother.Third generation has brought such a strong impact on its first generation.

   Victor came back to his room.His children were already settled in their bed.It was around eleven.Clara was watching some event on television.The rule of the house for bed time was, for children it is 9 and for elders, it is 10.But to day it is going to be eleven.Clara was in good amusement.There may be some important discussion between father and son.But will it be possible in the bed time and in her parents-in-law's bed room?.She, as usual didn't ask any thing.

   Victor, unusually opened the balcony door of their bed room and sat on the chair for a while.From there,he was watching Clara.Even after noticing his unusual activities Clara didn't ask anything.She was in some confusion whether it would be all right to go to bed or to wait for her husband to settle in the bed.She turned her eyes from television to Victor.She couldn't understand any thing from his staring.She fixed her eyes again on television.After a while,he got in and into the rest room.He came back and closed the door of the balcony and slipped into his night dress.Clara switched off the television,and she was about to get up.Before she got  up,she felt Victor's hand around her neck.For a second she was taken aback.Then the same hand with the help of other hand turned her towards him.For the first time in her married life,she felt a human touch a real human touch.Not that usual mechanical touch.

   Clara looked into Victor eyes.No! she was not able to believe it.It was not as stern as usual.It was melting.Victor's hands started playing hide and seek with some parts of her body with such a tenderness.Some inexplicable  magic was on its way.Clara,for the first time felt so cozy in her heart throb's hands..She wished to plunge into this coziness for ever.Victor tried his best to send her wholly into him through his no room for even air hug and led her to the bed.That night was the real 'First Night' for both Victor and Clara.There, for the first time the concrete beginning of  'THE GIVE AND TAKE POLICY' registered its grandeur elegantly.

                                                                            To be continued.............