Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Shun the Burden

   We all want to be happy. Indeed we all want to be very happy.It means we need no burden.But actually with or without our knowledge we have been allowing ourselves to get crushed under the known but unwanted burdens.

   What? Are we getting crushed under the known but the unwanted burdens? Yes! Indeed a big " YES ".Still we have no clue 
about this.Usually we are not interested in simple things with good clarity.We  are interested only in complicated things with no clarity.

     All right! Why this suspense unnecessarily which seems to be a burden?.We shall come to the point to point out those unwanted burdens which are all time obstacles to reach out our happiness.

   Those obstacles or the burdens are............Here we go.......




    These three are inter related and these are the main burden trees from where many evil branches keep growing.The more they grow the more they drain the happiness at the meeting point,at the point physically as well as at the point mentally.

   So,how to get out of this? Just through the old,simple and elegant method through the way " Nip in the Bud ".We all know that saying is easier than doing.But by real good intention and by real good effort we can shun these burdens. Yes! all evil thoughts which definitely lead to evil acts are the real unbearable burdens.

   Hence,a simple way to shun these burdens is "Let us treat others as ' New ' and let us treat ourselves as ' Smart '.It means,when we meet the people every day,no matter whether they are known or unknown,whether related or not related,we just treat them as a new person and treat our meeting is the first meeting.Once this noble thought enter our mind, naturally,we start behaving as smart as possible with the new persons and naturally good recognition of each others' good qualities would start sprouting and there would be no room for these unwanted burdens.

   So this " Others New and we are Smart "  Policy seems to be good policy for ever.




Friday, June 26, 2015

Perspective Per Person. PPP or Triple ' P '

    Generally we people may come under three types.



3.Neutral i.e.not bothering about anything else or anyone else.

   When we talk about the Positive People they generally have some feelings with the respective persons and so they are able to connect themselves with the respective people and with their respective atmosphere.Their positive nature would help them to analyse the persons with their respective atmosphere in the positive way in all situations.So they are able to find out the reasons and at the same time they are able to try their best to find out the solutions to help them,if need arises. i.e. their sincere feelings on others,would make them to step into others' shoes.This situation would lead them to empathy as well as sympathy to bring up or to bring down the respective atmosphere to the balanced atmosphere.In other words,these people are called the ' Peace Makers '.They are block
builders.They are Bricks.

2 . Negative people;

   These type of people neither do anything productive nor let other 
people do something productive.They try their best to put barriers in all directions for any sort of productive ambitions.They are the bad ambassadors letting people being in a state of confusion.They let not people to be decision makers.As a result people related to them,tend to loose their self-confidence and let them always being in the square ' A '. And as a result the chances for any sort of up-going are made to be very remote by these sort of negative people.In the presence of these sort of people, peace cannot be achieved at any cost.And naturally no development can be seen. As peace and development are the two sides of the same coin,when there is no chance for the peace,definitely there will be no chance for development.So these type of people are called no doubt ' Peace Breakers '.

3.Neutral people;

   These people of the type that they neither appreciate nor depreciate unless for their own cause.They are very self-centred people.They never hesitate to full-fill their own needs by loosing their own dignity.So,naturally they are least bothered about other's dignity also.Hence,they give least importance to the very basic manners.These sort of self centred people have the talent to exploit and manipulate other people's good nature for their own sake tactically.They never come forward for any good general purpose.Even something is going on wrong in front of them,they wouldn't interfere it unless it directly effects them.So naturally,the wrong going are going on and on under their nose.They just mere spectators.These sort of people are ' Prime crime Developers '. 

   So,let us decide ourselves under which " P " we would like to be.