Tuesday, November 18, 2014

13.The Five Elements.

The five elements are very intimate indeed,

As our five fingers' natural intimacy in deed.

Even they have their own special features,

They never take them to their head at any atmosphere.

Friends' prospect is " Here I am " prospect,

That is evident with their integral respect.

Their nature differ with the change of monsoon,

But they come hand in hand in freak season.

For example; When the Earth is dry and thirsty,

The Sky showers its love through heavy rainy.

When this heavy rains cross their boundaries,

The quick Wind and the Sun come to dry lands.

As the dry lands starts burning with high flames,

Again the Sky showers to rescue the land with no more blame.

If the flames are in real need but show no enthusiasm,

The Wind comes to help with its gradual speed as,"Here I am".

If the Wind crosses its limit with no knowledge,

Again the Sky sends the Sun with its cozy sunshine.

The Sky always does the dual role for the sake of its friends.

To cool through shower and warm through sunshine.

As these five Elements,our five fingers also act so,

It is the time for us to start learning their integration also.

Through these five Elements and through our five fingers,

We have to learn a lot as we have miles to go to mingle all.

First we shall start it with our family members;

For that we shall sort out our family members;

Then make sure that the family is an integral part,

And act for a blessed family through honor our part.

The beautiful long journey with these Five Elements,

I am sure they have helped us in learning many filaments.

We shall say happy Good Bye to these Five Elements,

With our heart-fill lot and lot of " EVER GREEN THANKS ".


12.The Five Elements

 This fifth element with the first element,

i.e It goes with the earth hand in hand.

In protecting the intermediate features,

For the welfare of the all worldly creatures.

The shining Moon with the twinkling stars,

Enhance this element's beauty in the dark. 

They take the world to different region,

Which is left to one's own imagination.

The shining moon and the twinkling stars,

Help us to have a good night sleep to its core.

And pave the way for the next day bright ,

Which is the glittering face of the Sun of white.

This element teaches us the life philosophy,

With its alternative dark and bright literally.

It indirectly teaches us " Always be with 'C' and 'P';

I.e Be with Confidence and Patience for a good reap.

This element's heart is very generous indeed,

Through its whole blanket coverage we d

Even the other four elements feel very cozy,

Under this fifth element's excellent security.

The very understanding among these five elements,

Is an excellent living example for all human beings.

Their timely dependence, timely independence and

Timely interdependence,fix the things with no damage.

What are their timely wonderful adjustments?

We shall enjoy learning in the next chapter.

                                                To be continued..........

Sunday, November 16, 2014

11. The Five Elements.

The fifth element the Sky is vast indeed,

Where its entire feature leads many seeds.

It has paved and paves many ways to lead,

For many kind of researches for human need.

It's vast palace is decorated in multi colors,

With so many varied things with their own valours. 

This element's internal and external structures,

Ah! what to say about its amazing features.

When it meditates it shows an even sky blue,

From which we have to learn the serenity too.

It sends its messengers of different clouds as clue,

To its colleagues, the other four elements as cue.

The voyage of the white clouds with their own beauty,

Which keep changing their size and shape in the same beauty. 

Make us to brush our sweet memories of naughty,

That is the best time to bridge our relations too catchy.

The black clouds indeed have good nature,

Which always take care of human feature.

With their full bags of basic life water,

To make this world a wonderful place of cater.

Still more amazing features are on many researches,

To know about this element's wonderful features.

But whatever they are, we shall continue our journey,

 In enjoying this element's beauty in the next chapter.

                                                      To be continued.................