Thursday, December 26, 2013

The power-The women power-Part IV

   After two or three days of the Aravind's family function,a call from the reception for Aravind  that he had a visitor named Victor. Aravind could understand who was the visitor.He informed this to his cabin and headed towards the reception.It was around three in the evening.

    At the reception counter, the receptionist gestured him towards the direction where Victor was waiting.He seemed to be a bit worried.On seeing Aravind, Victor extending his hand for a warm hand shake,"Hello Aravind!How do you do?Hope you are fine with your lovely family".Feeling that warmth what Victor intended to extend,Aravind gave back the same warmth to Victor through his gentle hand shake replied,"Fine!Thank you!And what about you and your nice family".With a wry smile,"No nice at all.On that day when my children disclosed their unhappiness of being in the family like us,we all were shattered.Whatever efforts you and your family made to even the situation,there always a pricking thorn is there in the whole family.Any how, our heart thanks a lot to you and your family's efforts, especially your wife's efforts to make our family to understand what a real happiness means.By the by I would like to seek your appointment  for some discussion.I really wouldn't like to take much of your precious time,but ......"."No problem at all".Aravind kept his hand on Victor's shoulder,"If you can wait for another ten minutes I will wind up my today's work with the help of my colleagues".

   "Let us have some coffee".Aravind invited Victor to his office cafeteria."If you don't mind let us walk the distance.On the way,we have our coffee in any restaurant".Victor suggested."It would be nice then".Aravind joined him.On the way,they had been discussing about some general topics.. Aravind could understand that Victor had been in some confusion.They reached  a restaurant and selected a corner table for their convenience.

   Aravind waited for Victor to start.They ordered for some hot pagodas with some coffee.Victor started coming out of his mind and heart."Look Aravind!Truly speaking,our family's visit to your place,really gave us a real comfort.Till then, myself and my father were of the opinion that money has the power to bring everything to us.My father learned this wrong lesson from his father who in turn keeps teaching this useless lesson till the date of your family function.But once my son uttered that word"I WISH WE WERE BORN IN YOUR FAMILY".we all as a whole shattered".Aravind didn't say anything.He was doing the good job of listening.Many times,listening is the need of the hour.

   Coffee arrived with those hot Pagodas.After having a sip of coffee with hot Pagodas,Victor seemed to be a bit clear to open his mind."I think,our money scares Clara's family who in turn might have scared Clara, who maintained a distance from our family.We fools!We thought that it was a good respect she was showing towards us.But actually,Clara distanced herself from the fools who are always running after money without having any knowledge of human feelings.I didn't see any real happiness in her as I had seen in her collage photos and at your family function.It is worse, even after all these years of our wedding lock, our family have no knowledge about her sports and music part.She didn't utter any word about this.I think,myself and my father don't see our home as a home but just another office.Now I feel very bad when I think about my mother.Like Clara, till the date,she didn't express any of her desires and passions.Like dolls they both are acting.I sense the cruelty we, I mean myself and my father thrust upon them.As my children,they I mean my mother and my wife might feel  "WISH WE WERE DESTINED TO SOME OTHER PLACE WHERE A REAL HAPPINESS MEANS".With a heavy sigh Victor closed his eyes.

   Aravind placed his hand on Victor's,"It is all right Victor!Regret doesn't hold any water.With our knowledge or without our knowledge,we do mistakes.Many times big mistakes like this.Let bygones be bygones.When our observations are in right angle,some occasions open our inner door.We can make it up.No more remorse.In the beginning I was also in the same opinion that women must be at our service.But Bindhu whipped me on that night I mean our first night.Still I can hear her clear and concrete voice,"Look Aravind!I feel "I am the boss nature" in you.Even after our life partnership if you are in the same opinion,please wipe it out.You men may think that as we women are leaving behind all our blood relations and our familiar places for the sake of you and your family you can treat us as an refugee.But you men are wrong.Totally wrong.Please understand we women are the fittest of the survival.We women can survive any where under any circumstances.One woman can play any role of a family".

   "Leaving those senseless women who really have no knowledge about their positive power,I am talking about the women who have a real knowledge about their positive power.I am one such woman.I and my family deserve your's and your family's love and respect,the same I and my family will reciprocate.You may ask how you deserve it?".

   1."My family send her loving daughter all alone to her destined place as a life partner for someone else with a good faith on their daughter's destined place inmates.Never fail their faith.And they have faith on the moral values they have inculcated in the mind of their loving daughter.With those learned moral values they  have the same faith that their daughter will be a role model to her owned family as a successful life partner and to her next generation as a successful mother".

   2.With those learned moral values I am doing my best to transfer my strangers as my friends through which I can bring some peaceful and happy atmosphere in our family . My only motto is to make our family to feel as we all are one under the same roof wherever we are and whatever occupation we are involved with.I will try my best to bridge all our relations.I expect the same from you and your family.You understand this first and then help your family to understand this beautiful concept.If any move against this concept in any form of indifference from your side "I WILL KILL YOU".Hope I have made myself clear".

   3."I want to stand on my own feet.If you can help me in this regard, it will be well and good.Otherwise I will find something to match with my nature and with my educational qualification.All right! That is all from my side.Would you like to say anything from your side?".

    Bewildered Victor,"Dude what was your response?".He couldn't believe his ears with that concrete message through Aravind's wife Bindhu on behalf of every sensible woman on earth.With a big smile,"What is the need for any response?.When my life partner set her foot in my place,with a guarantee," I will help you to make your place as our place and make your family as our family by creating a cozy atmosphere and in return she persuaded me with the same guarantee of creating cozy atmosphere with her family means it is nothing else but that is the "GIVE AND TAKE POLICY"principle.I didn't find any wrong in it.In fact I am very proud of my wife as she tactically put a big full stop to any sort of 'EGO CLASH' in the beginning itself.I mean,she nipped all the negative things in the bud which may be expected from her destined place"

  "And till the date she is keeping up her promises and in turn she makes me to keep my promises.Now a gentle breeze is prevailing in our family.When Bindhu senses any unwanted, unnecessary changes in the gentleness of the breeze,for the sake of our family,she knows where and when and why and whom and how to stop the ugly factors which try to place its ugly hands on our family.I mean including her birth place.When the time ripe she restart every thing as if nothing had happened."In my family, we are four siblings.In her family, their number is six.We both families have a good rapport with each other with the help of Bindhu,my wife's strong construction of the cozy family bridge.In fact Victor!I am blessed with a nice and sensible life partner who in turn with her concrete diplomatic steps she keeps reminding us what a happy family means".

   Now Victor could clearly understood that there are miles to go to honor his life partner Clara through whom he ought to honor all his roles.Like Bindhu,his better half Clara must be a sensible life partner.For the sake of the family she has been sacrificing so many beautiful things from her side it seemed.He felt so guilt.Then he turned to Aravind,"Dude I would like to honor all my roles.Any useful suggestions from your side?.Pat came the reply."Unconditional support to our family oriented, sensible, positive powered ladies.I think they have some plans on their new venture"."Is it?What is it?".Pacifying the over enthusiastic Victor, with a good hearty laugh "Let them disclose themselves".Aravind paved a new way for Victor.
                                                                                                    To be continued........  

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The power - The woman power-Part III

   It was the pleasant evening for Bindhu's family where the birth day party was about to start.The family of the birth day baby,were so excited as if everyone of the family was celebrating their own birth day.That is the family.To make every family member to feel as "You are a VIP" to our family.The children's friends chirping in with different color of dresses with different hair style with different age group.The children,reminding the butterflies really an eye candy for everyone.As dawn and dusk,childhood is soooooooooo......pleasant but it seems, we people have no idea about the importance our own childhood as well as the childhood of our own children.

    Then elders entering as chatter box,really registering their visit to explicit their real concern over Bindhu's family.It was 4.15.Everything  was ready.The children checked whether all their invited friends were present.Surprisingly,the friends of Bindhu and Aravind were also turned up with their spouses in time.But no trace of Clara's family.In fact Bindhu secretly borrowed a guitar for Clara to play something on this occasion.But her mind kept telling Clara dare enough to bring her family as a gesture of respect for the kind invitation put forward by her good friend.

   There was a hustle and bustle outside. Bindhu with an expectant look hurried out.Yes!It was Clara with her family. Bindhu was so happy.Recognition  in any sort is really good.By the time Aravind made his presence to accompany his better-half to invite her good friend's family.Clara's family seemed to be very satisfied with the hearty welcome of their host especially Victor's and his father's egos seemed to be rejoicing.After the formalities of introduction in general,Bindhu with the permission of the visitors,she took Clara to the guest room upstairs, leaving Clara's family to her husband's care.

   To Clara astonishment,Bindhu made her to sit for a while,then came back with a Guitar.Clara was totally amused."Bindhu! what is this?You also play Guitar?When did you learn?I have no idea about all these amusements"."No more words.Because no more time.For your information my knowledge about Guitar is Zero.I borrowed this for your sake.We have only thirty minutes left.Practice with your favorite song that you used play on our collage thrilling days".

   Bewildered Clara,"Bindhu! my dear friend! this is not possible for the shorter period.Nearly ten years passed with no more interaction with my favorite instrument".Bindhu dragged a nearby chair and seated opposite to Clara.Keeping one hand on her friend's shoulder and with the other hand lifting her friends chin,"Look!my dear friend!Let your hair down.Have a total faith on you through Him(God).No doubt He will connect your string to your tongue.Of course,practice makes perfection.But your passion of playing your finger on your favorite instrument with your favorite song would bring perfection.With no more hesitation go ahead.I will come back to fetch you sooner.You are a blessed child.Believe it". Bindhu closed the door behind her and hurried down to the ground flour.

   Bindhu noticed that Clara's family seemed to be in some better comfort. Bindhu heaved a sigh of relief.Then she continued her last minute supervision for the function.Everyone was ready to take part in the function.

   It was five to five.Every one was standing around the table on which the birth day baby's birth day cake was placed in the middle of some floral arrangements.Clara's family was looking for Clara.Excited Bindhu went back to upstairs to fetch Clara back.When they both were stepping down,where Clara was with a guitar there was a big question mark on every one's face including Clara's family.

   Bindhu announced."A pleasing news for every one.My friend Mrs.Clara is going to play her favorite song on the Guitar for us as one more feast".Hearty and exciting clapping sound every where.When the sound of music(clapping) came to a halt Bindhu announced."Now time is up. Let us start our party".There was hustle and bustle every where especially in Clara's family.Every one started peering at Clara with a warm smile.Clara felt as if she was in some other world which really taking her to a cozy atmosphere,which she had never felt for quite a longer period. The party started.

   The birth day baby enjoyed thoroughly with all sorts of excitement as she was the center of attention.When every one started having cake of their share after the birth day baby had her mouthful share, the presents were on their row.During all this excitements,Bindhu kept watching Clara and Clara seemed to be uploading and building the confidence within her, that gave Bindhu a sigh of relief.

   Every one was settled down comfortably to lend their ears to the music on Guitar.Music is some spectacular way of transport, that takes us to a  spectacular world which couldn't be explained and as some feelings it could only be experienced.Clara was also no exception.She started melting into the Guitar through her favorite song.She was catching up all those elapsed golden days of music.Gradually she had been immersing in her music.Her passion on her music world had been bringing perfection to her fingers. She was singing i.e.she was flying as if she was being herself  as a real free bird high in the blue sky.The lingering of her music started invading every one's heart, present there and indeed they were also very ready to loose that (Heart) territory for this heavenly music.

   The heavenly music was over.It took some seconds to every one to get back to their own world.Clara's children grabbing Bindhu's children and darted towards Clara, and hugged her and were heartily saying"Mom!simply great! You are an angel!Definitely you are going to teach us how to play Guitar.It must be a promise from your side".They hugged her tightly and said,"We are very proud of you Mom!"Clara hugged them back with soft thanks along with Bindhu's children.By this time the children became good friends to each other.Clara's experience was totally different.Through those various sorts of appreciations through various modes, was really great to feel.Some sort of peace and its elegance, she felt was so pleasant.Praising Clara's wonderful music every one was moving for their dinner.

   Bindhu's family and Clara's family made to sit together to have their dinner.Before took her seat,Bindhu went to supervise whether the dinner and the guests were on their track.Being satisfied with the arrangements,she came back to join her family and her friend's family. After having all these fun for quite some time,Bindhu sensed some good comfort in Clara's family.Bindhu,"Come on everybody!We shall have our dinner".Then she turned to Clara's children "How was your friend's birth day party"?Pat came the reply from Clara's son,

                                      "I wish we were born in your family"                                                                                                                  
                                                                                                   to be continued............




Friday, December 6, 2013

The power-The woman power-Part II

   The following day,Bindhu, under the guidance of Clara's phone,she was able to reach Clara's place in time.It was about five in the evening.She finished doing the arrangements for her lovely daughter's birth day party along with her lovely husband and with her lovely  son.The birth day baby,her daughter had taken all her privileges to supervise the arrangements for the party and she was satisfied with the arrangements her beloved family made for her.She thanked them heartily.When the effort is felt,it means that any occasion would be grander than the previous one.The family of the four understood this phenomena. The whole family had invited their street and some friends of the four who were dwelling nearby.

   Clara was at the gate to invite her good friend with all smiles.Clara's residence was not too far and not too near to Bindhu's. So Bindhu took a bus and by an auto she reached Clara's place.Otherwise she never parted with her lovely two wheeler.Even though it was old,Bindhu maintained it as brand new gold..She never failed to give respect to her two wheeler.Timely service with lively speed with good respect to the road rules and to her fellow road users,help her to have a pleasing journey all the time..So Bindhu and her  two wheeler are made to come under the category "made for each other".

    Her husband has been provided with a car as a gesture of his promotion.His Boss is so good.A good boss is really a boon.Her husband has been allowed to use  his company car as his own car with some liters of  petrol privilege card in a particular petrol bunk.He never misuses his power and his company car.Within certain limit he uses the Company car as his own car..For long distance regarding the family matters,he resorted to the other sources of travelling..

   On seeing Clara at the gate,Bindhu was surprised a bit to see her shining face with her shining dress.Really an admirable, oriented posture.She wondered whether one day would do for the mind to bring this sort of shining when it is fed with some real happiness.Actually even one second would do for the mind to reciprocate its happiness. Bindhu observed."Hi Clara! I am so pleased to see you with some happiness that you have borrowed from our collage days".Clara opened the gate for Bindhu and clasped her hands,"My dear friend! this is not from the collage days,this is from the same old good friend named Bindhu,my sweety".Laughing with heart full and tears with eyes full Clara took Bindhu towards the main entrance of the house. 

   Bindhu noticed the posh portico with a status car as a status symbol.The appearance of the house was marvelous.But for Clara it is mere a house.Not a home. Bindhu observed.Before entering the house,Bindhu could sense the "I am the Boss" nature of the owner.

   Clara took Bindhu into her house.The interior architecture was also so nice.Clara's family members were in the vast hall and watching some events on television.Clara was with her parents- in- law.The family members gave some sort of welcome to Bindhu. Bindhu calculated the family members who were being introduced by Clara..Clara's husband's that stiffness appearance,without moving an inch mentally and physically he just nodded his head as welcome gesture and showed the place to be seated.No ray of smile.Father- in -law who in turn had given his son as a 'Chip of the old block' appearance.Mother-in-law seemed to be so timid when compared with Clara but with a ray of smile on her face as the welcome gesture.Clara's children, a boy and a girl were in dilemma and their eyes very often met their father's as a gesture to seek his permission  for everything it seemed.Totally the atmosphere was not comfortable for Bindhu.

   Bindhu tried to bring an easy atmosphere by calling the children to sit by her side with all smiles in face.We may notice any sort of people are looking so beautiful and handsome when they are playing with children and laugh heartily. Bindhu's that friendly gesture with that beautiful smiling face did attract the children but as usual they looked at their father for his permission.He nodded his head as an approval,then the children with some hesitant came and sat between their mother and  her friend.By the time their servant brought some juice with some snacks.

   Bindhu tasting the juice along with the snacks, she had some interactions with the children.She could sense the children's readiness for some relaxation  and for some fun, forgetting their father's presence. Bindhu handed them some photos of their mother's collage days. Some photos in a get together function,some stills in some inter collage Guitar competitions,some in basket ball tournaments.The children were so surprised and were excited to see their very beautiful and very happy mother in those  photos.

   For every still they kept on giving comments as"You are so beautiful mother! You are so happy! Your this dress is simply superb!That dress is marvelous!Why don't you teach us playing Guitar?Did you forget to play basket ball now?.We shall play basket ball in the evening with our family! without their knowledge they grabbed the photos from Bindhu' hand and darted towards their father and grand parents. Bindhu turned to Clara to see her reaction.The blushed Clara seemed to be back to those collage days.The same old beauty and happiness peeping at her face.As children, Clara's husband and her parents-in-laws could not help admiring Clara in her photos and now her blushed face with that returning beauty.

   Bindhu felt this is the right time to extend her invitation to the whole family for her daughter's birth day party."Er! Excuse me!Mr Clara!".Amused Clara's family including Clara's husband looked at Bindhu."Sorry sir! at our place my husband's friends call my husband as Mr.Bindhu just as his friends call me as Mrs Aravind.I like it very much as I feel, it draws some closeness between myself and my husband.If you have any objection, I will call you as Mr.Victor.What do you say?"But victor said nothing .Clara continued as if she hadn't noticed any thing,"My dear friend's family! As our daughter's birth day falls on Sunday,I think there will be no inconvenience for you all to attend our daughter's birth day party.It starts at 5:30 in the evening and the party will extend up to 7:30.Let us have some fun for the sake of our loving children.Your presence as my dear friend's family will make us proud.My self and my loving husband do hope that you and your family will not disappoint us".

   Clara accompanied Bindhu to the gate,grabbed her shoulder"Bindhu!my dear friend! you are brick.I feel that my family ice starts melting.Thanks a lot!Let God bless my family to turn up for the party.Again Bindhu! remember my life time gratitude for all these good things you have done for me.I feel like getting back myself. May God bless you and your happy family.You know,I always feel that if we would like to pay back God for all his blessings,the best thing is through our real heart felt happiness.When we are cheerful means, we are recognizing the resources we have and recognize the persons who have bestowed those resources to us.Who can be the persons? Only Him and his kingdom.When He sees his blessings have their real value, He is always ready to be by our side  through various resources both in and out.In that way, you are a big resource to me bestowed by Him".

   After a pause,Clara continued,"Bindhu!Why don't we together bring some positive woman power together who have the capability of  making some positive things possible for the sake of women and children?.We all together shall rock ourselves". "Why not?".Bindhu looked at this wonderful lady who has been so creative with the available resources."By the way,am I preaching Bindhu?"Clara laughed heartily as if she had cleaned up the piles of unwanted things she had stored till the second."Not at all my friend!In fact,you have disclosed a fresh thresh hold.Let us think about it".

   After dinner,Aravind asked about her venture, Bindhu beamed at him.He understood that his angel travels in the right direction.

                                                                                                                 To be continued......