Thursday, June 27, 2013

Do it Now

Be diligent,don't wait;
Waiting is a trap; there will always be reasons to wait.
The truth is there are two things in life
reasons and results; and reasons simply don't count.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Be a Do-it-now person.

Get up... Get going... Take control.

Monday, June 24, 2013

6. Recognize and be recognized

Lady:     (Messages to God)  My dear God Thank you so much for everything. As you told I have some negotiations with my Mind. First I  was afraid of It's present nature i.e how it would be. But my Lord by your mercy   it is on it's track. It seems to be friendly.God! I would like to know  whether  my way of negotiations  were alright?

 God:     Well done my child! Your positive approach has made your task easy. More over from your childhood your mind   is being made to feel about God and  His mercy through your  God loving and God fearing Parents. It has seems to have been observing something . It helps  it to be on its track with not  much difficulties.  So don't worry! Carry on!

Lady:     Thanks  God! Now I have a ray of hope.Thanks a lot.  Now  please help me how to pursue?

God:      Here are some tips for you to handle  and go with  your mind comfortably.

              1. Be relaxed.

              2. As I am always with you be positive.It helps you to generate your energy and enthusiasm.

               3. Help your mind to get relaxed thoroughly by patting its back like it's o.k manner whenever its go wrong and consult  it  how it can be made to be right. As it has  power like wind  from any where else it brings the solution for that related problems.

                4. Try to  engage in various  positive activities with regular intervals  especially in a relaxed manner. You know, An idle mind is Devil's Workshop. And more over rolling stones never get mosses.

                 5. As it is a globe trotter  as wind sometimes it happens to meet people who seem to negate your confidence, or some situations to drain your courage, confidence, and hope  then it may make things topsy- turvy.  At that times never loose your hope.Give time to it for recovery. Time heals everything. 

                 6.Whenever it does some good things whether it is small or big give it  genuine and generous compliments.

                 7.Help him to learn the value of time. In a day there are 86,400 seconds i.e 86,4oo rupees with us. Nearly one lake rupees. It can't be saved or lent or borrowed. So  use it efficiently. That is all for now. On the way of your travelling with your mind you can learn more and more with the help of your great mind. Get going my child. I bless you.

Lady:        Thanks Lord! I feel like flying high. I will try my best to help myself and  to my mind to be good on our task .  I shall take leave my Lord.  


Sunday, June 23, 2013

5.Selective decision

  Some days later one early morning  there is a knock at the door of the lady.

Lady:   ( Surprises on seeing the mind.)  Oh my dear friend, Good Morning and Good day;

             Have a   warm welcome in my place

Mind:   Very Good Morning and Thank you; How do  you do?

Lady:   Fine, Thank you friend; What about you?

Mind    I feel good; Thank you.(after the formalities)

Lady:    (Hesitatingly) Friend! Is there any good news from your side?

Mind:     Of course! I have decided to go with you; As God Himself  has sent you to meet me , I am very glad to get into this Project; Yes I feel  this is a Project. A life time Project. What do you say?

Lady:     Exactly; Now friend!  What shall we do?

Mind:    Start!

Lady:    What?

Mind:    Yes , we shall start the Project. You see; When we want to be ahead we should get going. When we both  have moral support for each other, I feel we better start now itself; What do say?

Lady:    Very well then; I believe , when sincere and wholehearted persons  work together we shall take our task to success; I  promise  for that prominent qualities ; And  do you mind  If I ask the same from you?

Mind:    No problem! We are the same sides of the same coin. We shall rock  ourselves:

Lady:    ( Gleefully) Thanks friend; Thanks a lot;  I feel my energy and enthusiasm get  generated. (With overwhelming happiness)  Thank  God for introducing such a nice friend  to me.

Mind:      Stop exciting my friend! This project seems to need miles to go. No problem. Now tell me. Where shall we start?

Lady:    You know friend, Every thing starts from God; In the same way we shall start from God. What do you say?

Mind:    Certainly, But how?

Lady:    Believe God through You and Believe you through God.

Mind:    Excellent. I like it. I am going to enjoy this fun thoroughly with you my friend; Thank you so much this pleasant opportunity.  I would  like to thank God  personally. See you.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

4.Meeting with the Mind

The Lady is so excited  to meet the Mind. As  God says If it is Mega power, in all these years  I have no idea  about its direction of travelling.  Moreover will it be easy for me  to  make it to cope with me in the constructive area. But  its message seems to be approachable. Whatever is the matter let God be in the front row. The lady feels so comfortable  when she feels to be with God.

The next day morning.The Lady is in Mind's place.

Lady:   My  dear Mind Very Good Morning and Very Good Day Friend. I  have been redirected by God to meet you to solve my problem. Could  you help me my dear friend. ( Here the Lady notices the Mind's   great  respectfulness towards God apparently.)

Mind:   Sure sure. I'm always by your side. Come out  with it !

Lady:   ( Becomes hopeful) My dear friend,  God says  I am the other part of  you and you are the other part of me  to make a task complete.(Here also the Lady notices the alertness of the Mind when it hears God's name. She thinks, this  impact of God 's name on mind may be due to its being made to utter God's name  right from its childhood,with or without its knowledge.)Well, my dear friend , I need to  lead a value based life. Like the body organs. Even though they are different in Size, Shape,Location and Function they all work together. When need arises they voluntarily help each other. Even though they get hurt purposely  or accidentally  they heal themselves with the help of  one another and try to function as normal as possible.  I mean  they lead a value based  life. Now could you Understand what my problem  is?  .(The Lady  really means her genuine longing of getting friendship  of her mind  by uttering friend at regular pace.)

Mind:    (Understanding  the Lady's real problem  and her genuine nature)  My dear friendly Lady in the name of God  definitely I will help you in whatever way I can. I promise you.  But  you see, I need some time to think about it. Will it be alright for you?

Lady:    By  all means my dear friend.  Thank you for your readiness to help me. See you.( Heaving a sigh of relief , she says   thank God! fortunately  the mind is ready to be with me under the same roof i.e under the God's roof by uttering your name.)

3.Message to the Mind

  My dear Mind,

                           Even though all these years you are within me,  I failed to recognize you. I am so so sorry.
Just now God helps me to find you. (The Lady notices that when mind hears  God's name it blinks). I would like to have a value based life. When I sought help from God, He said you are the right person to discuss all about this matter. (Again the Lady notices some alertness  in  mind) . So when can I get your appointment.

The Lady gets back a message as

    "    At any time. "                                                  

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2.God's Message

God:    Hello my dear young lady (The lady is amused), whoever starts thinking that they need a value    based life, they will become young. Even though you are 52, you can do the job of a 25-year-old with life satisfaction. Do you know why? Because you have empowered yourself by choosing to have a value based life. Go ahead. I will guide you.   
By the way you must know that every problem has its own solution 

Lady:     (Exhilarating) Thanks God. Thank you for your mercy, for answering my prayer. My lord, now what am I to do?

God:      Well, to have value-based life, you need some power with values. Do you know the open secret to get that power? That mega-power is within you - your mind. It has the power similar to wind. Like wind, it can travel to every nook and corner of the universe. It is loyal, loyal to the core. But the problem is, it does not know what is good and bad. Depending on the direction that you show it, it would be either constructive or destructive.

Discoveries and Inventions for human welfare are the examples for construction. Ruining human welfare through various degrading activities are the example for destruction. So you better negotiate your mega-powered mind. When everything goes well, you both can guide each other.

 You and your mind, the two good powers together can construct a lot forever.

Lady:   Thanks again my lord! I will never forget your great, grand help. Whenever I need help, I will come to you.

God:     Sure! Sure my child!

1.God's Zone

One day in heaven..
(God speaking to his Personal Asssistant)

God : Is there any new appointment today?

PA: What to say my Lord? There is a request from an old woman to seek an appointment with you.

God : Then it must be inetersting. Go ahead.

PA: My lord! Here is a message. It goes like this.

       "My dear God, I'm blessed with all by your grace. Thanks a lot. But you see, just like no job satisfaction        there is no life satisfaction. I want some value-based life. As you are the almighty, I hope there is no problem in understanding my problem. I want to talk about this with you. Please grant me an appointment."

God : very interesting. Ok Mr. PA. Send this message to her : "I'M AVAILABLE AT ANY TIME"

(To be continued)