Monday, June 24, 2013

6. Recognize and be recognized

Lady:     (Messages to God)  My dear God Thank you so much for everything. As you told I have some negotiations with my Mind. First I  was afraid of It's present nature i.e how it would be. But my Lord by your mercy   it is on it's track. It seems to be friendly.God! I would like to know  whether  my way of negotiations  were alright?

 God:     Well done my child! Your positive approach has made your task easy. More over from your childhood your mind   is being made to feel about God and  His mercy through your  God loving and God fearing Parents. It has seems to have been observing something . It helps  it to be on its track with not  much difficulties.  So don't worry! Carry on!

Lady:     Thanks  God! Now I have a ray of hope.Thanks a lot.  Now  please help me how to pursue?

God:      Here are some tips for you to handle  and go with  your mind comfortably.

              1. Be relaxed.

              2. As I am always with you be positive.It helps you to generate your energy and enthusiasm.

               3. Help your mind to get relaxed thoroughly by patting its back like it's o.k manner whenever its go wrong and consult  it  how it can be made to be right. As it has  power like wind  from any where else it brings the solution for that related problems.

                4. Try to  engage in various  positive activities with regular intervals  especially in a relaxed manner. You know, An idle mind is Devil's Workshop. And more over rolling stones never get mosses.

                 5. As it is a globe trotter  as wind sometimes it happens to meet people who seem to negate your confidence, or some situations to drain your courage, confidence, and hope  then it may make things topsy- turvy.  At that times never loose your hope.Give time to it for recovery. Time heals everything. 

                 6.Whenever it does some good things whether it is small or big give it  genuine and generous compliments.

                 7.Help him to learn the value of time. In a day there are 86,400 seconds i.e 86,4oo rupees with us. Nearly one lake rupees. It can't be saved or lent or borrowed. So  use it efficiently. That is all for now. On the way of your travelling with your mind you can learn more and more with the help of your great mind. Get going my child. I bless you.

Lady:        Thanks Lord! I feel like flying high. I will try my best to help myself and  to my mind to be good on our task .  I shall take leave my Lord.  


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