Sunday, July 7, 2013

4.The road ahead

Now the Lady is able to streamline  her day to-day schedule.With the help of her mind's guidance and encouragement  and sometimes in reversal she is able to plan to her capability. Now she has realized that instead of making some efforts to get help from her own family members to make her day a day, she let herself to be granted for everything. At one time  she feels so lonely and feels that her life seems to be having no values.
Now she is able to categorize what her needs are and how they can be fulfilled.
The wonderful Lady finds out that her MIND IS A ONE MAN ARMY.When she is ready to learn or  do something, her mind is always there to help her to bring the related resources.
The lady now decides to strengthen herself in three fields.
   As she feels herself and her mind are within God's proximity there will be no need to fear or hesitation.She and her mind can  plan for a day's venture with  available resources in a relaxed manner.Because in their Kingdom they are the Queens and ministers and servants.She decides to complete minimum one task a day with the help of her friendly mind.
    The Lady is very ready to seek or give any help to her beloved family members in recognize and be recognized way.Moreover she decides to speak out wherever she need to speak to establish her stand for the welfare of herself and for her family.She feels it would help herself to save  her self- respect and also it also avoids to let herself to be taken as granted for everyone and for everything in her family.That leads to help her to have some leisure and valuable time to rejuvenate herself.When suitable time comes she can help others to get themselves strengthened with her and her mind's available tactics and resources.
   The lady feels this way.Using one's talent  outside home for financial comfort is one way of earning.Using one's talent inside home by saving money is another way of earning. Yes she is going to be a master in her sewing skill and she will be ready with her homemade dresses for herself and for her family members.She decides to teach this skill to any one who are interested by collecting reasonable fees.Even though there is no need for any more earning from her she wants to stand on her own feet.Even it is a single penny,when it comes from her own effort with the help of her mind it means her a lot.Here she put a dot for a venture.Her wonderful,friendly mind will drag the dot into a long line within the line there will be many more ventures.
Let God bless them to set their foot-print for the people who really want to be like them.

                                                           GOOD BYE FRIENDS

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