Wednesday, September 17, 2014

10.The Five Elements.

As a Globetrotter this element is very good,

At storing of vast Knowledge in its head.

So with good acquaintance with this element,

We can learn a lot about all filaments.

As it fills each nook and corner with no difference,

It is sure it shows no bias based on any reference.

Hence, it is quite approachable to enhance our shrewdness,

But it never allows any sort of selfishness.

This element's basic teaching is " Be as one ".

To make this world  a big pleased fun of shine.

" Always be ready to work under one roof " 

Which is its strong message, meant in brief.

When we ready to cope with its means of message,

This element too be ready with its gentle breeze.

If we show our ugly face to exploit it in any way,

This element never hesitates to throw us away.

As other elements,its hierarchy of anger is unbearable,

To make our deeds good and bearable.

So with a real promise for the same to this element,

We shall " Air " our good bye to this " Air Element ".


 We shall meet the fifth element which is very high,

And this element's name is the beautiful " The sky ".

It has many wonders in its vast place,

With its permission we shall visit its palace.


                               The beauty of the palace,

                                                      is to be continued................



Sunday, September 14, 2014

9.The Five Elements.

This fourth element is named as the " Air ",

Which makes its presence everywhere.

With its absence no one can survive,

As it plays the role of foundation in every life.

Air is known as the mixture of many gases,

To match the life of things of their choices.

This element is blessed as Globetrotter,

Which resembles our mind in many factors. 

The Air has many fascinating works as wind,

In producing sounds of musics to please the mind.

It plays with different musical instruments,

To bring different music as good entertainments.

As wind it produces Electric current as wind energy,

As wind it produces all sorts of sound energy

As wind it makes the life hale and healthy,

As wind it shows its different hierarchy.

The smart strides of this element are impressive,

Where as the strong strides make our grip elusive.

It's tactic talent is a fact to be observed always,

To learn to bring prosper within us in many ways.

We shall learn them in the coming chapter,

So, let us be in this process as good partners.

With good passion and patience,we shall wait,

To see the all the sides of this element which,

                                                                  is to be continued...........


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

8.The Five Elements.

This element fire reminds some times,

The theory of " Newton's Law " in times.

For every action, there would be no doubt

For equal and opposite reaction, that's a fact.

So when we are ready to be smooth to soothe,

This element fire is always ready to be so cool;

The coolness makes this element good at submissive,

Otherwise, living or non-livings things get dismissive.

It goes very well with the things to cope,

With it's size to match the project with a hope.

It is a good example for " expect the unexpected "

While the process is on its way of expected.

This element is the symbol of civilisation,

Where it led the stone age to modernisation.

It brings light to both inner and outer station,

When we are ready to learn its values in good passion.

So from these above facts,it is all clear,

This element needs us to be very clever.

If  it feels our goodness,we can feel its warmth,

If not,no chance to escape from its fumes of wrath.

So let us say Good bye to this element for time being,

With our names in its good book as " good human being ".

We shall visit to the next element " Air " It's name,

Which has the power to bring name and fame. 

                                               To be continued............