Sunday, August 31, 2014

7.The Five Elements.

The next element Fire is bold and beautiful;

 It copes with spirits of the same bold and beautiful.

It has the great power of Dare Devil power,

But we can drop the Devil for Dare power ever.

This power's inspirations are very colorful,

But if we fail to respect it,it would be dreadful.

Even a spark can trigger its anger to wrath,

So let cautious strides be stepped on its path.

This element fire is a good example for " Alert ",

To grab the chances to get its life long and bright.

It has the power to construct in a second,and

 It never hesitates to destruct in the same second.

This element is always with full of beans,

As it always analyse its atmosphere with keen.

It first makes itself smart and steady,

Then survey the other things with some sort of greedy.

If this element's boundaries are made to known,

Its nature of bold and beautiful always be shone.

The measures are to be followed with care,

Then this element's help is vast and sure.

The diplomatic measures are,

                                                        To be continued..........

Thursday, August 21, 2014

6.The Five Elements.

The first measure to preserve this element,

Is,owe this evergreen treasure; Bear this in mind.

Like this element water's nature of cleanliness,

We must follow its strides,no doubt,it is Godliness.

When with its meager avail it tries its best to serve

To the living things on the earth to survive.

Through its many forms of resources of lakhs,

It is our turn to preserve it with profuse thanks.

For this divine task,we have to remember,

To be in the same and strong firm ' We ' member.

Then pass on this message to all as a whole, 

To come together with clean heart with no hole.

Together let us protect the water bodies,with every tact,

The prominent tact is nothing but they should be intact.

Even their free flow is forbidden by a tiny waste,

Remember we are the reason with our ugly taste.

Let its potential energy be more potential,

With the measures of old and new technical.

Its kinetic energy must be regularized,

By checking its usage if it is irregular in size.

To make this element more efficient,

Let it be on the good pact with the first element.

By letting grow thick and tall green vegetation,

It draws abundant drops with it's high nutrition.

These are all some of measures to implement,

To preserve this precious second element.

Now, we shall visit to the third element,

Known as fire;It is a dare devil,bear this in mind.

This curiosity,

                                        is to be continued...........   

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

5.The Five Elements.

Whenever we see this element " Water " in any form, 

This mighty element is always ready to re-form;

That's its big and beautiful quality of its own,

Cope with the size and shape and color of the things as it's own.

It resorts to this sort of reforms is spectacular,

Means, to make things as ' living things ' in particular.

It doesn't want to be so rigid but being pleasant flexible,

 Helping the things lead a life of cozy and comfortable.

With no bias in its nature,it is always crystal clear,

Sends this message to all, as " Take care one another ".

It also sends one more wonderful and beautiful message,

" As I do,print a wet mark of love for your age ".

Its characteristic feature is,try try try your best,

To make some fields flourish before the final rest.

Let's make up our minds like this element's steady flow,

Chances are more and more for a non-stop good row.

We have learnt a lot of lessons from this element,

To make things possible with determined mind.

Let's take an oath of get going but not a life of sedentary,

With fresh flow of this element,it would be a legendary.

So, We must give up this ugly don't care manner,

To make this element's life as long as longer.

If this element's presence vanishes with no more trace

Then the World War III is guaranteed with no life trace.

Hence the preserving measures of this element are,

                                                                  To be continued..........

Sunday, August 17, 2014

4.The Five Elements.


The next element is the great water,

Without which nothing can be a matter.

Understand its worth and the motto of the Creator,

Always be gentle with this ear and eye candy orator

When this second element flows as stream,

It's oration is a loving lullaby it seems;

When its joy finds no bounds, it enjoys as falls,

And it's overwhelming happiness is waves of all.

It depicts its pleasant presence wherever it goes,

With a ever green sight from tall trees to shrubs.

It's a close friend to the Earth as the other elements do,

In bringing prosper to the human civilization,it's true.

It's a natural food to many living things,

Without which our world has no living things.

To Quench our thirst,it expects our trust,

It's a guarantee for its long life to bring all the best.

Hence, let us be good friends with this element,

Through our entries in its good book,it's prominent.

For that,here are some measures to consider,

We shall see them in the next chapter. 

                                                               To be continued..............


Thursday, August 14, 2014

3.The Five Elements.

The  Earth

Before we go to the next step to act and re act,

Once more fine reminder to make things enact.

Because, for whatever building to build,

The strength of the foundation must be Gold.

Don't get bored with the same reminder " WE ",

It's power changes all sores to evergreen glee.

It is fact that " I " can't stand with no support,but

 " WE " have mighty foot-prints with good rapport.

With this strong foundation " WE " on the " Earth ",

We shall take the measures to save its worth.

The prime element " The Earth " must be handled with care,

If not, face it's counter reaction with lot of scars and scares.

High sky-scrappers, need good consultation;

With this first element with salutation.

With no more sham and with no more blame game,

The Earth must be given full respect in every gram.

Hence this persistence to stick to" We ",

As the stupid " I "  is very selfish you see;

It never be truthful to this pleasant Earth;

so it has to face the Earth's irreparable wrath.

Be in the " Bond " of " We " to bring prosper,

To this beautiful Earth with forms of proper. 

It is a sign of good concern must prevail between

The Earth and the man to make each life a ever green.

We shall start with the next element,

It's the " Water "that brings so excitement;

We shall sail our beautiful boat on it,

which tells its duty.i.e.Rest in the next.

                                                             To be continued................



Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Five Elements.

2.The Earth

The  next step is, just let  our every step,

Be on  it with a honor and full respect.

The mighty Earth observes our love and respect,

And plays its tender role as good as prospect.

Let us be ready with the goodwill gesture " We ",

The Deforestation would be on it's down;You see.

Instead afforestation on it's up to make us proud,

And it never let the ugly " I " back on the road.

When I was in my beautiful and carefree teen,

With my lovely Dad,who let his fields with good sheen.

Once I saw him analyzing our 100 years old some trees

to make them fall to get some family hurdles free; 

Once they made to reach the ground with no mercy,

The instant saplings were planted with the same mercy.

I asked my Dad," why all these again?" with all ignorance,

My smiling Dad just hinted my fore fathers' awareness.

When we become kindred spirit, to the nature,

It would give us back, many form of treasure .

These are some sensible measures to follow

to keep our nature all even with no hollows.

And again, the next step is,

                                                      To be continued....... 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

1.The Five Elements.

The Earth.

The first element of the Universe

Called by the name " The Earth ";

We blessed with it by Almighty,

Just let us protect it with our all " Mighty.

The Earth is so beautiful,

Filled with colorful.

It is not only with the pleasing nature

but with many resources to nurture.

The Earth's plain message clears;

The " Fact " to us with all it's cheers;

It's version " You live and let me live".

Or " By letting me die,let you die".

Why don't we heed its humble request,

To mend our ways as loving gesture;

The easiest thing in the world is being " Happy" 

When we understand the moral not " I " but " We ".

Being " We ", let me remind you the ways,

To be followed to keep our earth in its gay.

The ways are so simple to follow, no doubt;

If we are ready to be as " We " with no drought.

Here the ways one by one to remember,

The first step is to enroll yourself as firm member;

Make our firm " We " be a good reformer,

To bring a good awareness to every nook and corner. 

The next step,

                                      To be continued......

Thursday, August 7, 2014

4.Happy giving is the Godliness.

   Happy giving in its simple version, seems to be easy.But in real life the easiness depends on the depth of the love and respect prevailing between the donors as well as the recipients.Some episodes on this topic are unbelievable.The amazing intimacy between the two concerned side, is nothing else but based on the welfare of the each other.This sort of relation is very closely related to the greatness of Godliness.

    There was a Kingdom where a warm atmosphere was being experienced by the subjects of that Kingdom.In the King's Court of that Kingdom, there was an eminent wise Astrologer who had the power to predict every forth coming events.So the Kingdom followed his humble suggestions for the welfare of the Kingdom.As every thing was predicted well in advance and as the measures were taken according to the humble suggestions of the Astrologer,every thing was going on as usual and people were in their comfort Zone.

    One day as usual,the King's court proceedings were on their way.As usual,the King asked the revered Astrologer,"Our honorable Astrologer of this blessed court! is there any prediction for the welfare of our State?Is there any good suggestions from your side to be followed for the same welfare of the State".The
Astrologer with all smiling face," Our honorable King! No problem with our state.Everything is quite all right. But,".....the Astrologer did hesitate a lot.

   The King raised his eyebrows with big question mark on his face,"What is the matter wise man? What ever it is please let the matter come out".The Astrologer in his humble voice," Your Majesty! Still I have no idea about revealing my personal wish.My Lord! personally I have a queer wish.And at the same time I dare not to come out with it".He stopped for a while.After a good and kind persuasions the Astrologer came out of it with great hesitation." Your Majesty!our great festival falls on tomorrow where pulling the big Chariot would be the prime event.But according to our custom, the King only has the right to hold the rope along with the divine people to draw the Chariot.But with your permission I would like to draw the Chariot.So Kindly  honor me as a 'King'for that event alone".

   The whole court was shell shocked.After a while,the King came to his consciousness and uttered with all his kind voice," Our honorable Astrologer!No problem with it.You deserve it".Then the ceremony of making the astrologer as the King of the nation was done and this news had been announced to the whole nation which became perplexed.

   The next day the event came.The Astrologer as the king was made to stand in an honorable position near the Chariot.When at the time of good omen,the Chariot was being drawn on his usual path.But Alas!
unexpectedly some sort of mishap happened.The next moment the new King was happened to be under the
big wheel of the Chariot and his fate ended there itself.

   The next day,there was a messenger came to meet the King.He handed a message to the sad King.The message went like this.

   "Our honorable King!
                                     Let God bless you a long life for the welfare of our state.I would like to disclose the truth to you.As usual when I examine the welfare of our Honorable king and our State through Astrology,I came to know that on our festival day, the king of this State would be under that big wheel of the Chariot.
On behalf of people of our state I don,t want to lose of our great,kind honorable King with whom the whole state has been blessed with his humble rule.So I took this decision.
                                                                                                                  Yours sincerely,
                                                                                                                    The Astrologer.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

3.Happy Giving is the Godliness.

   Giving is good.Happy giving is so good.Hence it is termed as Godliness.Here one more example to enlighten that Godliness from our ancient History.

   There was a Kingdom.The King was really a good king.His subjects had a happy living and were pleased to be ruled under this King.In ancient days it was a custom that poets were to be revered and honored through various ways.Some were placed in the high office in the King's court which was more or less equal to the the minister cum adviser to the King which was considered to be a prime post in the King's court.Many were honored by the whole territory of the many kingdoms, by offering them so many valuables of different kinds.

   In this particular Kingdom the King was ruling well and he was in the good books of his subjects.His fame and name were impeccable.But the Kings's younger brother,who had a corrupt mind and no heart was jealous over his elder brother's name and fame.He decided to grab the kingdom from his elder brother through unethical measures.

   So he decided to kill his brother.With the help of the same corrupt minded and having no hearts associates,he came out with a wicked plan.Knowing his plot,the King's loyal courtiers helped the King to have a good escape and made him to live in the forest with some basic facilities for some period to place the things back in order in the Kingdom.The enraged younger brother announced a hefty reward for his elder brother's,the absconding King's head.Then,the younger one started ruling the Kingdom.

   After some period,a poet who had no knowledge about all these ill health atmosphere of the Kingdom,had come to pay his usual visit.At that Kingdom's boundary itself he came to know about the ill fate of the country.With the help of one loyal friend of the former King,he reached the King's dwelling place.

   On seeing the good royal King's very ordinary state,the poet was so sad and kept on lamenting about the present state of the King with real concern.But the Great King brushed all the laments of the poet aside,
and told,"My dear friend! I don't bother about my present state.All my bothering are about my position of inability to offer you something".His watering eyes were glaring the ground.

   After a little while, the Kings's face enlightened with good happiness.He turned to the poet," My friend! by God's grace,I have something to offer you.My younger brother has announced a good reward for my head.Through beheading my head you can get a good reward which may help you to bring some comfort into your life ".

   The next moment,the great poet headed towards the ruling king's courtyard and uttered," My respectful regards to the present King.I would like to present some special gift to the present King.Without having any knowledge I visited your place as usual.I came to know about the present position of your country.With the help of one reliable person I went to meet your brother.With all his good heart,your brother offered his head to me in order to get a good reward from you to bring some comforts into my life ".

   The court was awestruck.The poet in a very ordinary tone," My Highness! Still you want such a great soul's head means,I will be back with the same ".The younger brother understood his grave mistake and with all his remorse he accompanied the great poet cum the great saviour,to bring back the real king,his elder brother to honor him. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

2.The blessed fruit.

   In one of the Indian regional language literature,some episodes based on happy giving were wonderful.The real  intensity of the intention of giving is spectacular.Through those good people's righteousness only,the earth could survive for millions and millions of years even though it has to face with so many natural and man made disasters.

   Here one such episode. One King and he was known and honored  and was celebrated  for his high generosity.He was such a good king who ruled his country as well as the heart of his subjects.

   Once, by chance the king got a fruit of an ordinary kind but with a special future.i.e.Whoever eats that fruit they would be blessed with long life.The king saved and gave that special fruit to a ripe,revered poetess of his period.The poetess asked the good king, for the reason why she has been given that special fruit instead of having it himself.

   The high generous King answered," My honorable poetess!This is what I feel.King may and King may go;But revered poet, and poetess like you are treasures for our kingdom and our subjects.We are blessed with you people to guide our Kingdom and our subjects to lead a value based life,through your immortal writings.Your writings bring peace and prosperity to every one's life.So I feel you are right person to have this special fruit and you deserve it".

  When we think ourselves that we must be in the family to make it as a whole means we are ready to pay a special care on the welfare of the every member of the family.Like this the King was of in the opinion that any King may rule a Kingdom.But the subjects' peace and prosperity depends on a serene atmosphere.He felt that revered poets can create and maintain that serene atmosphere better than a king, in a kingdom and the places where ever they visit,through their thought provoking and immortal poems.So let their works rule the earth for its welfare.Hence they need a long life to keep going with their humble works.So he offered that special fruit to that revered poetess.   

Friday, August 1, 2014

1.Happy Giving is the Godliness.

   Giving is the process of goodness.Happy giving is the process of Godliness.But to many of us giving seems to be a wrong process.To their perspective getting is only the right process.More than that they are of in the opinion that those who are on the giving process are not sensible.But you see, ' Giving ' and especially 'Happy Giving ' is the feeling of contentment which is possible only for the " God's Children ",who are adding good respect to their names and their lives.

   In one of the Indian epics " Mahabharata " the character named  " Karna " is ever known for his " Happy giving " as his identity.It is narrated that once his brothers were not happy with  Karna's name and fame for his nature of happy giving.Once they had a debate with their family friend, " Lord Krishna ", that it wouldn't be fare to give that " Great Pride"  to Karna as the happiest giver to anything to anyone.If anyone has the things sufficient,then there would be no problem in "Happy Giving".

   Then Lord Krishna took them to a hill side where they could spot two golden hills.Lord Krishna asked them to dispose the whole gold of that golden hills by Sunset.They were very happy.They tried their best to give those gold to as much people as possible.Even after the Sunset,they were not able to dispose even a smaller part of the gold.They challenged Lord Krishna,that using all the efforts of all those brothers' they tried their best to dispose the gold before Sunset.But in vain means,how could Karna would do all alone?.Lard Krishna assured them that it would be possible for Karna. Karna's brothers were curious.

   Lord Krishna called Karna and explained the task to him with the same condition. Karna told," Why would I want that much time "?.He called two passersby and asked them to take the golden hills for one each and left the place.Lord Krishna could not help smiling at Karna"s brothers.

  Still in India when one is with good generosity,he would be called in the name of Karna. It means Karna's name has been blessed with immortality for his happy giving.