Thursday, August 7, 2014

4.Happy giving is the Godliness.

   Happy giving in its simple version, seems to be easy.But in real life the easiness depends on the depth of the love and respect prevailing between the donors as well as the recipients.Some episodes on this topic are unbelievable.The amazing intimacy between the two concerned side, is nothing else but based on the welfare of the each other.This sort of relation is very closely related to the greatness of Godliness.

    There was a Kingdom where a warm atmosphere was being experienced by the subjects of that Kingdom.In the King's Court of that Kingdom, there was an eminent wise Astrologer who had the power to predict every forth coming events.So the Kingdom followed his humble suggestions for the welfare of the Kingdom.As every thing was predicted well in advance and as the measures were taken according to the humble suggestions of the Astrologer,every thing was going on as usual and people were in their comfort Zone.

    One day as usual,the King's court proceedings were on their way.As usual,the King asked the revered Astrologer,"Our honorable Astrologer of this blessed court! is there any prediction for the welfare of our State?Is there any good suggestions from your side to be followed for the same welfare of the State".The
Astrologer with all smiling face," Our honorable King! No problem with our state.Everything is quite all right. But,".....the Astrologer did hesitate a lot.

   The King raised his eyebrows with big question mark on his face,"What is the matter wise man? What ever it is please let the matter come out".The Astrologer in his humble voice," Your Majesty! Still I have no idea about revealing my personal wish.My Lord! personally I have a queer wish.And at the same time I dare not to come out with it".He stopped for a while.After a good and kind persuasions the Astrologer came out of it with great hesitation." Your Majesty!our great festival falls on tomorrow where pulling the big Chariot would be the prime event.But according to our custom, the King only has the right to hold the rope along with the divine people to draw the Chariot.But with your permission I would like to draw the Chariot.So Kindly  honor me as a 'King'for that event alone".

   The whole court was shell shocked.After a while,the King came to his consciousness and uttered with all his kind voice," Our honorable Astrologer!No problem with it.You deserve it".Then the ceremony of making the astrologer as the King of the nation was done and this news had been announced to the whole nation which became perplexed.

   The next day the event came.The Astrologer as the king was made to stand in an honorable position near the Chariot.When at the time of good omen,the Chariot was being drawn on his usual path.But Alas!
unexpectedly some sort of mishap happened.The next moment the new King was happened to be under the
big wheel of the Chariot and his fate ended there itself.

   The next day,there was a messenger came to meet the King.He handed a message to the sad King.The message went like this.

   "Our honorable King!
                                     Let God bless you a long life for the welfare of our state.I would like to disclose the truth to you.As usual when I examine the welfare of our Honorable king and our State through Astrology,I came to know that on our festival day, the king of this State would be under that big wheel of the Chariot.
On behalf of people of our state I don,t want to lose of our great,kind honorable King with whom the whole state has been blessed with his humble rule.So I took this decision.
                                                                                                                  Yours sincerely,
                                                                                                                    The Astrologer.

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