Tuesday, August 20, 2013



   It is said that,


                                                                       HALF OUTS ARE NEVER

   All out means,let your effort be whole accompanied with your own and whole willingness  for the sake of yourself and for the sake of others.This has great value.In this aspect a beautiful smile, a hearty smile,a warm smile leads all values.When one is able to learn the values of smile, and able to recognize the values of smile it starts giving so many positive opportunities not only to the receiver but to the donor also.We can realize some progress within us.

   It is also said that

                                       EVERYTHING BEGINS FROM HOME 

When we start our day,with our own family members,why don't we start with a good morning with a warm smile?When we say this it means we start making our day and also start making every one of our family member's day a day without our knowledge.

   No doubt a ray of smile brings a ray of hope and it boosts our mind which in turn is getting ready to deal their respective things with some enthusiasm .So the mind of everyone in the family start analyzing their own atmosphere and start planning for a good out put for the day.In other words every mind of the family is ready to put some efforts to make their day a day.As it is a contagious one the team work starts there itself.

   Following that hearty,all out and a warm smile our mind start blooming.It reflects in our face which becomes so beautiful just as a child.The warm smile is a good gesture that we are approachable and our mood is in good condition.There after the warm smile let ear candy words from our mouth.

   It is said that

                        WHEN YOUR MIND IS A ROSE

                             YOU CAN SMELL IT IN YOUR WORDS 

   So every member of your family assume that every one seems to be in good mood through every one's smiling face with a warm good morning and your ear candy words as" is there anything can I help you"? make the team working.

   If you follow the same strategy to reach out your neighbors no doubt you will get the positive result.Once you are very good at your reach out strategy with our neighbors you can implement the same  strategy to the anywhere of the world.i.e

                             YOU ARE PUSHING BACK YOUR BOUNDARIES.

   So you need not worry about your day's miles to go.A 20%of your job get done with minimum barriers and with some bearable tension.By using the same strategy with your own mind every day our mind get cooler and cooler every day.The practice with our mind brings perfection and so we would be as cool as ice under any circumstances and our everyday's positive out put definitely on its rise.

   Once my youngest brother-in-law's family friends happened to visit us.Three families,ten in number traveled from nearly 500 kilometers reached our place by their own vehicle reached our place around seven thirty in the evening.Even though they were from a affluent family background they were very simple and so adjustable.We were following the same strategy  what I have mentioned above,with all our whole hearts, till the next day of their leaving for our hill-stations to celebrate their summer vacation.

   They were very comfortable with us and moved by our hospitality and they did their best by helping our all household chores and also made us very comfortable with them and extended a hearty and warm welcome to their place.

   You see all these benefits are just by a simple and humble and hearty beautiful smile which has greater value than anything else.It makes our task easy either directly or indirectly but definitely.It helps us to earn men power through which all our near and dear's task get done smoothly with less effort.As it is contagious we can create our atmosphere a healthy one for the sake of ourselves.i.e This hearty smile in short,helps us to be in a better mind condition in major part of the day through which we can avoid many problem creating atmosphere.

                                  SO I AM READY TO SMILE FOR EVER

                              YOU PEOPLE,MY FRIENDS ARE YOU READY?






Sunday, August 18, 2013



   I am blessed with two lovely daughters.They are my angels indeed.They are the apple of my eye.Whenever I think about them,my mind and body would be lit up.Such a friendly daughters they are.Elder one is married and has one year old child.She is a post graduate in business administration and had been selected  for a reputed company( whose branches are all over India) through her campus interview.She worked there for three years.Now for the sake of her child she is on her long break, enjoying herself with her family seems to ignoring our suggestions for some more months to pursue her carrier.

   Younger one is an engineer graduate,now she is preparing for her civil service examinations.They both can be put under shrewd category.They took after their father very much in this aspect.Many times my hobby is enjoying their bright brain through various aspects.

   In our family get together occasions their comedy track has so many fans.Everyone irrespective of their age enjoy their mischief activities very well.If  a very good laughter is going on in a place means they are there to either crack some jokes or doing some harmless imitations related to our beloved family members especially related to myself and my husband.

   They are very sensible.They have a talent to explain  a thing in nutshell with that clarity.I wonder how long it would  take me to explain the same thing with that clarity.Really it is impossible for me.Even though I am a post graduate my knowledge in present day computer technology is zero but I would like to know about it.My hesitation was that in my learning process,as I am a slow learner,would it be possible for them to help me with their precious time,effort and energy without getting exhausted?

   But even to a person whose learning process is very slow, my daughters are able to help me to start a blog to register something which I would like to.My elder daughter encouragingly told me when she helped me to get into my own blog,"You needn't to be afraid of these days computer technology Mom.We are here to help you.Your inquisitive nature itself helps you more in your learning process".

   My daughters have the ability to explain any thing to anybody as simple as possible by giving examples from one's related fields.One day I came across with some discussions in the form of explanations was going on between my daughters and their grand-mother.Their grand mother seemed to have asked something who was an uneducated one and her only known field is her agriculture.To my surprise,my daughters were able to make her to understand by giving examples from her own field of agriculture.

   They are passive listeners.I told them so many bed time stories some of which I really forgot.But in my all ups and downs they redirect me to the positive directions through their retold bedtime time stories,which once I narrated to them.

   It is told that a mother can play major roles in a family.But to my opinion sensible daughters can also play the same.Depending on the situations sometimes they become my Mother.Sometimes my Mother-in-law.Sometimes my Mentors. sometimes my Masters.Sometimes jokers.Sometimes Philosophers.Sometimes my Bosom friends.Some times Strangers.Sometimes my teachers.Sometimes my apprentice helpers.

   One important thing I have learned from them is for positive people every thing seems to be positive.So always let us be positive to be positive.

   As our native place is a hill station they were eager to visit our place as often as possible.They respect our culture and they have learned to respect aged and educated.Even though they are in the metropolitan cities they have the ability to mingle with the people at our village elegantly.

   Whenever we four including my husband have a chance to be altogether every wall of our home would be echoed with our non-stop,unstoppable giggles and laughter.

   I can keep on writing about my angels to a great extent.Such a lovely and friendly daughters.Oh my God! my hearty thanks to you a lot.That's what all I can say.

Friday, August 16, 2013


   My destined place is so beautiful.We are in the joint family structure.My father-in-law is a retired Government employee who was in a respectable post.His elder and youngest sons's families whose life partners are also working stay with them.We are nearly hundred kilometers away from our native in a city due to my husband's occupation.Their only daughter is married off to our nearby village.

  My parents-in-law are very good at looking after their grand children.As we are not able to be with them  my daughters are not able to be under their wings.However we all family members create so many get together opportunities as often as possible.

   Really being together with that single minded good feeling as we all are one  feeling makes us to be pleased and secured.The harmless teasing of each other,helping each other in various ways,our own village peoples's time to time visit to entertain us or to get entertained themselves, enjoying the children's talents and mischievousness and inhaling the flavor of our traditional  snacks preparation,( whenever we feel to prepare snacks we prepare to taste.) and so on with due respect to each other,  all these things make us very happy.Indeed they are the good characteristics of a joint family.

   Our native place is a hill station which is on the lap of nature.Naturally the tourists visits are gradually on its rise every year.Our village is about ten kilometers from the main town.There are so many program based on the summer and winter festivals are organised very often in the town.We ourselves as tourists and visit the town to enjoy ourselves to the core.

   As we are in the city,we also having regular visitors from our native place.My family members visit our place during the vacation time of their children and here also we have the same fun and fancy as we are having at our native place.Very beautiful indeed.

   My husband really means what a life partner means.He is a man of having a good capability of balancing himself and his family which is the prime need in a joint family structure.It is a known fact that men in a family know the tactics of balancing themselves and their family no doubt the family business is going on very well on its track elegantly and successfully.My family men are quite good at it.

   As I mentioned, my husband is a man with good balance in the family business.

   He is a man of humble and honest.

   He is a man with clean habits.(All men in our family are with the clean habits).

   He is a man with good content.

   He is a man with good humor.

   He is a man who loves his family to the core.

   Actually I was not interested in marriage.I wanted to join some NGOs to do some service to the needy.But my family didn't take it seriously and arranged for my marriage.I was not comfortable with their arrangements.

  But on that precious day of my marriage, once I set my foot on his floor I felt a strange feeling of something strong as if I have been with him for a very longer period.I felt very cozy indeed.My family members were very ready to sooth me in every minute but to their astonishment I gave them no chance.In fact they received a warm send-off.

   Like wise for my husband without having any idea about the color of my wedding attire he was said to have told everybody that my wedding attire would be in green and to everyone's surprise it was so.What a strange feeling of coincidence.

   To my opinion, joint family structure is really a boon.When every member of the family is ready to recognize and honor their roles,the joint family structure glitters and it makes every family member's task easy and every family member's  peacefulness,happiness and security all are highly guaranteed.

   My eldest brother-in-law is about to retire.Till now every member of our joint family keep putting on their good efforts either directly or indirectly to keep this structure to be a safe and secured one.

   My hearty thanks to God for this great offer and opportunity to be in a wonderful joint family structure with all happiness.



   The time when my God father took that big responsibility,including himself, two brothers and five sisters got married.The other three brothers were in their school level I think.In the whole family the relationship between mother and children, and the relationship between brothers and sisters,the relationship between brothers among themselves and the relationship between sisters among themselves were spectacular.More than that the beautiful understandings of the the family's love-bond by the family's daughters'-in-law and sons-in-law were more spectacular.They did respect this love-bond.

   My God father's brothers and sisters treated themselves as my God parents children.Their genuine love and respect they had towards their eldest brother and sister-in-law were very remarkable one.

   On those days.education seemed to be not necessary for the girls.However,my grand-father was  a pioneer  to make his younger two daughters to get through their high school level before their marriage.But he was  very firm in educating his boys.But his second son was not at all interested in having education..He took after my grand father to a great extent in agriculture.Like my grand-father when he was in the field definitely he would ask' why the Sun sets'?My grand-father did all his best to send him to school through various measures but all in vain.

   My grand-father's second son enjoyed doing his agriculture to the core.

   He was the person who used to bring heap of seasonal country side fruits for his far and wide relatives from the far off places all by walk with all cheers.

   He was the person who used to bring  many big stocks of wild honey with all beaming.

   He was the person who used to catch the rabbits on his way to home from the fields with good tactics and with all excitements.

   while his relatives enjoyed tasting his fruits,honey and rabbits he enjoyed tasting his own adventures in getting those things through his remarkable and daring efforts.when he used to disclose those thrilling adventures and his daring efforts through various sorts of expressions, they were quite an interesting and an admirable ones.

   Once he was asked by one of his neighbor ,'How come it be possible for you and for your brothers to be with this all clean habits'.

   His reply was,'We only know our eldest brother who is very careful about his clean habits.As we are under his wings,naturally we brothers also take care of our clean habits'.What a sensible statement.

   My God father was in a respectable government post in a nearby town.As he was the head of the family,being with that fatherly concern he used to visit his native place and his sisters' destined placed with regular intervals.He used to visit his native place after office hours and his sisters' place on week-ends..

   Almost all his native visits were used to be belated visits as he had to walk the distance.The transport facilities were limited.He was unable to get his home before the bed time of his little brothers who were seemed to be in the high school level.The next  day morning when he opened his eyes,he could see all his little brothers standing around his bed with blooming face to say good morning without even brush their teeth and without even a cup of  coffee and without tasting the snacks which were brought for them by their eldest brother even  after my grand-mother's great effort to make them to do so.After saying good morning to their eldest brother only they went to brush their teeth and have snacks and coffee.

   When he used to visit his sisters' place they were informed well in advance through letters.His sisters family including their in -laws used to expect him with love and respect and with delicious meals with boiled eggs and with packages of fresh vegetables for him

   My mother underwent two major heart surgeries with long intervals.Throughout the periods my mothers sisters's and their great adjustable families' manual helps and the way my mother's sisters were looking after our family along with their families, from their place to our place and from our place to their place with no rest for a quite a period of time all by walk.And the manual and financial helps from my mothers brothers's family including my grand-mother's great help were made me to think we all were blessed  to a great extent.

   From my memories of the Maternal Meadows of heaven,I observed and absorbed that a family means all is one and so all is well.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013



   My maternal eldest uncle and aunt were and are my God parents. My grand father's sudden demise made my uncle to take that big responsibility as head of the family.When he was ready to take that responsibility he was around thirty five and his wife was about thirty.They meant their roles as second parents to the family.He was younger to my mother.when he took his position  along with his beloved wife as second parents,his youngest brother was at the age of about ten whose order in the family was thirteen.

   I always feel that God has sent his own son and daughter-in-law for the sake of our maternal family.My God mother's single mindedness and the way she honored her roles as second mother was beyond any explanation  and without whom's hearty support my uncle definitely could not fulfill his Himalayan  responsibilities in that elegant way.They had no issues.But I don't think that was the reason for their single mindedness.Even they had issues, they never failed to honor their roles.That is the fact.

   My uncle was in a respectable post in a government office.Through his refined activities his seat itself in his office earned a good deal of respect.When my maternal family happened to meet his colleagues they also used to get the same respect and fondness irrespective of their age just because they belonged to him.

    My grand-mother used to remind her other children that my God parents were their second parents.The whole maternal families were under their wings.Any family skirmishes would settle down themselves as fast as they arouse by uttering my God father's name.

   My uncle's working place was at a nearby town from our village He had comfortable quarters which  had somewhat big good fertile land around the house in the form of kitchen garden.All sorts of hill stations' vegetables were cultivated.His house was always be crowded with his nears and dears.The visitors seemed to be feeling as if they were in their own house.My aunt with the help of the visiting relatives used to prepare delicious meals.She was not at all ready to compromise with the ingredients of any sort of meals and ,naturally her prepared meals were impeccably very delicious.

   During festival days her time management and preparations for this big family was amazingly perfect.She was a person with good humor.

   As my uncle seemed to be good at accountancy subject he used to take classes for his colleagues for their departmental exams on their request.Naturally he was a good teacher.

    I always feel that my God parents were made for each other.Together they had brought more and more grace to the family with their genuine and generous effort..

   My uncle's younger brothers were well educated and earned respectable positions in the society by the constant efforts of my uncle and aunt except one who was not interested in education and fond of doing agriculture.

   My uncle's death was also an untimely one as my grand-father.He was not able to enjoy his retired life along with his loving family.At his funeral session my grand -mother's grief was beyond the words.She cried by uttering as ,"my son, my love now only I knew that your father is no more".I was stunned.Something traveled in lightening speed from my head to toe.(At that time my Grand-father's twenty fifth death anniversary was to be celebrated.)

   What a beautiful bond of intimacy between a mother and a son.By uttering this one sentence I could understand my grand-mother's great recognition of her eldest son's responsible efforts as eldest son.Someone in the village tried to console my grand-mother by saying that not only your house is grief-stricken but every house of our village and our nearby villages are also grief-stricken.

   I was not able to have a look at my aunt.In fact I had no courage to see her face.When I tried to console her,she said in a very clear voice , 'Your uncle is always with me" with that confidence.

   Many of our uncle's and aunt's family were brought up by my uncle and aunt.As their family was an affluent family with good generosity, they did their best to their nears and dears.They became  very precious role-models not only to our family, almost every one of their village.

   I observed and absorbed the divine life style of my God-parents.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013



   My maternal grand mother was a grand lady who had a very extraordinary capability of getting along with the same track with  my workaholic grandpa and as well as enjoy playing carom-board with her great grand children.She was the only person in our family who had a long blessed life.She led her life a happy and contented one who had been blessed to shake hand with her great great grand children by the grace of Almighty.

   Another wonderful ability she was blessed with was she could remember her ten children's married children's family(Nearly  twenty five married grand children's families).Example.When her eldest daughter,s fifth daughter visited her, my loving grandmother with that sort of concern,she asked about her grand daughters family welfare that included about her grand daughter,s in-laws,about her husband,about her two daughters about the climate of their place,about the grand daughter's family visits to her parents- in-laws,about the visit of her grand daughter's parent-in-law's visit to their place(as that particular grand daughter due to her husband's occupation she was some kilometers away from her parents-in-laws) and with some advise for the welfare of the family.And she used to pack some coffee-beans for her grand-daughter,s husband whose favorite beverage was home made coffee.

   When her ninth daughter's eldest married daughter visited her who were working pair,my grand-mother asked about her grand-daughter's comfort about her dual role and asked about the comfort of her grand-daughter's children with their working parents and any help her grand daughter can get from her parents-in-law  to look after her children and so on.

   Many times I was amazed to see her intense memory power from small to big things with good concern along with good recognition.

   My grand- mother had a very best quality of hospitality.Depending on the meals time her visitors were guaranteed with sufficient delicious meals.It was told that one of her regular visitor was one who belonged to my grand-mother's birth place's neighbor village.He was also a good agriculturist in his place.One day when he was in his field,a passerby lady asked for some fresh vegetables.

   Do you know what was his answer?

   Oh my dear lady I am not at all ready to give any vegetables even to that good and generous lady(mentioned my grand-mother's name) who has served me umpteen times with milky white rice with milky white curd.When the fact is like this, do you think I would offer you a single vegetable?

   My grand-mother had a multiple parted, nearly three feet height and nearly seven feet length granary which was very common in every house of the villages with various heights and lengths in those days.She used to store various sort of grains till the next harvest along with the various sizes and shapes of cloth bags.Whenever her relatives visited her depends on their family size, she offers them grains and fresh vegetables packed in those cloth bags along with some home made delicious dishes and snacks and sometimes milk and curd packed in their respective container.The village had never seen her relatives went back free-handed.

   Whenever I had an opportunity of being with my grand-mother even after my marriage I used to ask about her sweet memories.The way she used to bring back those memories of all her ups and downs,about her loving parents, about her only brother,about her friends,about my grand father,about my grand father's relation,about their agriculture,about her children,about the all sorts of events which took place in her family which reflected her respective age  with those events was quite an admirable one.Generally speaking she used to face the things as they come for the sake of her children and for the sake of her family prestige.I could recognize the intensity of her love towards her children and the intensity of love and respect of her children towards their parents that was a remarkable one.

   My grand-mother was almost blessed with everything by the grace of almighty.

   I observed and absorbed my grand-mother's grand roles and the way she honored her roles with good efficiency for the sake of her big and beautiful family.