Sunday, August 18, 2013



   I am blessed with two lovely daughters.They are my angels indeed.They are the apple of my eye.Whenever I think about them,my mind and body would be lit up.Such a friendly daughters they are.Elder one is married and has one year old child.She is a post graduate in business administration and had been selected  for a reputed company( whose branches are all over India) through her campus interview.She worked there for three years.Now for the sake of her child she is on her long break, enjoying herself with her family seems to ignoring our suggestions for some more months to pursue her carrier.

   Younger one is an engineer graduate,now she is preparing for her civil service examinations.They both can be put under shrewd category.They took after their father very much in this aspect.Many times my hobby is enjoying their bright brain through various aspects.

   In our family get together occasions their comedy track has so many fans.Everyone irrespective of their age enjoy their mischief activities very well.If  a very good laughter is going on in a place means they are there to either crack some jokes or doing some harmless imitations related to our beloved family members especially related to myself and my husband.

   They are very sensible.They have a talent to explain  a thing in nutshell with that clarity.I wonder how long it would  take me to explain the same thing with that clarity.Really it is impossible for me.Even though I am a post graduate my knowledge in present day computer technology is zero but I would like to know about it.My hesitation was that in my learning process,as I am a slow learner,would it be possible for them to help me with their precious time,effort and energy without getting exhausted?

   But even to a person whose learning process is very slow, my daughters are able to help me to start a blog to register something which I would like to.My elder daughter encouragingly told me when she helped me to get into my own blog,"You needn't to be afraid of these days computer technology Mom.We are here to help you.Your inquisitive nature itself helps you more in your learning process".

   My daughters have the ability to explain any thing to anybody as simple as possible by giving examples from one's related fields.One day I came across with some discussions in the form of explanations was going on between my daughters and their grand-mother.Their grand mother seemed to have asked something who was an uneducated one and her only known field is her agriculture.To my surprise,my daughters were able to make her to understand by giving examples from her own field of agriculture.

   They are passive listeners.I told them so many bed time stories some of which I really forgot.But in my all ups and downs they redirect me to the positive directions through their retold bedtime time stories,which once I narrated to them.

   It is told that a mother can play major roles in a family.But to my opinion sensible daughters can also play the same.Depending on the situations sometimes they become my Mother.Sometimes my Mother-in-law.Sometimes my Mentors. sometimes my Masters.Sometimes jokers.Sometimes Philosophers.Sometimes my Bosom friends.Some times Strangers.Sometimes my teachers.Sometimes my apprentice helpers.

   One important thing I have learned from them is for positive people every thing seems to be positive.So always let us be positive to be positive.

   As our native place is a hill station they were eager to visit our place as often as possible.They respect our culture and they have learned to respect aged and educated.Even though they are in the metropolitan cities they have the ability to mingle with the people at our village elegantly.

   Whenever we four including my husband have a chance to be altogether every wall of our home would be echoed with our non-stop,unstoppable giggles and laughter.

   I can keep on writing about my angels to a great extent.Such a lovely and friendly daughters.Oh my God! my hearty thanks to you a lot.That's what all I can say.

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