Saturday, December 27, 2014


" Bond itself expresses its cozy warm

Where every one's role is on its roam.

To elaborate its strength and security,

It is good to be one to feel its fraternity ".

  The other name for family is BONDING.If everyone of the family members wants to live in a cozy atmosphere,then definitely the  need of the hour is to feel their respective relations genuinely.Because

Feelings lead to humble recognitions;

Humble recognitions lead a fine and shine path;

Fine and shine paths lead to open our hearts;

Open hearts lead to recognize our current roles;

The current roles lead to our respective responsibilities;

Respective responsibilities bring people together;

People together lead to that spectacular caring and sharing;

Caring and sharing lead to bonds in all directions;

Bonds in all directions lead us to all sort of " S " and " S ";

It means " Strengths " and " Securities ".That means,

" All is well with all " to strengthen this " Cozy Bond ".

   Cozy bond is very expressive by our body language.Body language is absolutely vivid when it is
compared with its oral language.So one doesn't need to take any extra efforts to express one's respective love to the respective relations.Just feel the respective relations.Feel to the core.Then BONDS forms gradually,steadily and get strengthened automatically.As usual the first place to start to form this lovely bond is, no doubt our home;our " Sweet Home ".

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Owe To Each Other

   In one way or the other we are in a position to owe to each other either directly or indirectly.But many times,we take many things granted,and comfortably forget the act of giving back happily in the same way or the possible,available way.This attitude is totally wrong and it leads to shrink our boundaries where a good
rapport among any sort of relationship surely get deteriorated.Deteriorating relationship is dangerous where
" Need in Indeed " act and fact would vanish in the thin air.Then everyone get isolated and the unwanted guest " Depression " would lead a permanent " Agony " in the life of every individual.

    To understand the concept " We Tend to Owe to Each Other " we shall go through the following parable.
In a village where there was no electricity.Every family in that village were using only earthen lamps as lights
to brighten their house after the Sun set.Usually in the villages,every house has a open front yard for various purposes.

   The front yard of one such house had been used by an alms seeker for quite a long time to have his meals and to sleep.The owner of that house was also quite generous as that of the whole village.So every night before the bedtime they had been waiting for the alms seeker to have his meals and to make his bed.It means they never closed the front door before the man settle down.It means, they had been helping the man to have the same light from the earthen lamp from their house to finish his cores.

     The time came for the alms seeker to leave this world to reach God's abode.He was waiting in front of the God along with the others to know his next project and the instructions from the God  for the related project.His turn came.God said," My dear friend!I am quite pleased to see you again after completing your assigned project successfully without giving any sort of wounds to any one else.I bless you.Here is your next project.i.e.Thanks giving project ".The man was with all his ears.The God continued, " As being an alms seeker in your previous incarnation and as you had been getting some place and light for your cores from that particular family in that village,I think now it is the time for you to pay back them ". The man was still in keen attention.

   " You may wonder how to pay back them? I will tell you.They have their own farm land.As the house owner became so old and their sons are far away from their home town on their occupation purpose,the owner of the land finds it difficult to find a servant to govern his far away farm land.And you are the person to guard that farm land as an invisible creature".

   The man happily accepted the God's project and came back to this world to pursue his duty as a thanks-
giving gesture.One day while he was on his duty,he happened to hear a boiling conversation between a father and his son.They seemed to be working in a family for three generations to govern their farm land belonged to some other village .The invisible man with all his curiosity  lent his ears to them.

   Father,"Son! It is totally unfair! We have been working for this kind and good family for three generations.They have a good faith on us.So, as usual, they have sent us to market their huge harvested grains.For their generosity they have got good money for their good grains.If you want to lay your hand on this money,it would be sin forever for our whole family.I never allow you to do this evil thing at any cost ". Son, " My dear father ! I think you are unnecessarily worrying about all this simple matter.If we take a part of money for our well being from this huge amount how come they know? In fact we deserve to have a bit more as we have been working for them for three generations.So stop worrying and start acting as a clever man ".But his father was not at all ready to go against his good master.

    At that time the arguing father and the adamant son could hear a chuckling.They looked for the person
all around.Nobody was there.They got bewildered.Again the same voice continued." Friends! Don't get scared.If you are kind enough, please lend your ears to me to tell my story ". He narrated his story and finally finished saying," As I utilized the house owner's open front yard and the light from his earthen lamp,the God assigned me the job to govern his farm land in an invisible manner, as a gesture of gratitude .If so, I am afraid to think about your next project that is going to be assigned by the God for your ingratitude to your kind master ".

  So it is the time for us to think about ourselves.We tend to owe each other for umpteen times for umpteen good reasons.So let us start it with our parents,our siblings,our education,our teachers and mentors,our life-partners,our business partners,our children,our relatives,our friends,our neighbors,our location,our carrier,our society,our nation and so on.We shall honor this owing to each other gesture throughout our life in a graceful manner.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

13.The Five Elements.

The five elements are very intimate indeed,

As our five fingers' natural intimacy in deed.

Even they have their own special features,

They never take them to their head at any atmosphere.

Friends' prospect is " Here I am " prospect,

That is evident with their integral respect.

Their nature differ with the change of monsoon,

But they come hand in hand in freak season.

For example; When the Earth is dry and thirsty,

The Sky showers its love through heavy rainy.

When this heavy rains cross their boundaries,

The quick Wind and the Sun come to dry lands.

As the dry lands starts burning with high flames,

Again the Sky showers to rescue the land with no more blame.

If the flames are in real need but show no enthusiasm,

The Wind comes to help with its gradual speed as,"Here I am".

If the Wind crosses its limit with no knowledge,

Again the Sky sends the Sun with its cozy sunshine.

The Sky always does the dual role for the sake of its friends.

To cool through shower and warm through sunshine.

As these five Elements,our five fingers also act so,

It is the time for us to start learning their integration also.

Through these five Elements and through our five fingers,

We have to learn a lot as we have miles to go to mingle all.

First we shall start it with our family members;

For that we shall sort out our family members;

Then make sure that the family is an integral part,

And act for a blessed family through honor our part.

The beautiful long journey with these Five Elements,

I am sure they have helped us in learning many filaments.

We shall say happy Good Bye to these Five Elements,

With our heart-fill lot and lot of " EVER GREEN THANKS ".


12.The Five Elements

 This fifth element with the first element,

i.e It goes with the earth hand in hand.

In protecting the intermediate features,

For the welfare of the all worldly creatures.

The shining Moon with the twinkling stars,

Enhance this element's beauty in the dark. 

They take the world to different region,

Which is left to one's own imagination.

The shining moon and the twinkling stars,

Help us to have a good night sleep to its core.

And pave the way for the next day bright ,

Which is the glittering face of the Sun of white.

This element teaches us the life philosophy,

With its alternative dark and bright literally.

It indirectly teaches us " Always be with 'C' and 'P';

I.e Be with Confidence and Patience for a good reap.

This element's heart is very generous indeed,

Through its whole blanket coverage we d

Even the other four elements feel very cozy,

Under this fifth element's excellent security.

The very understanding among these five elements,

Is an excellent living example for all human beings.

Their timely dependence, timely independence and

Timely interdependence,fix the things with no damage.

What are their timely wonderful adjustments?

We shall enjoy learning in the next chapter.

                                                To be continued..........

Sunday, November 16, 2014

11. The Five Elements.

The fifth element the Sky is vast indeed,

Where its entire feature leads many seeds.

It has paved and paves many ways to lead,

For many kind of researches for human need.

It's vast palace is decorated in multi colors,

With so many varied things with their own valours. 

This element's internal and external structures,

Ah! what to say about its amazing features.

When it meditates it shows an even sky blue,

From which we have to learn the serenity too.

It sends its messengers of different clouds as clue,

To its colleagues, the other four elements as cue.

The voyage of the white clouds with their own beauty,

Which keep changing their size and shape in the same beauty. 

Make us to brush our sweet memories of naughty,

That is the best time to bridge our relations too catchy.

The black clouds indeed have good nature,

Which always take care of human feature.

With their full bags of basic life water,

To make this world a wonderful place of cater.

Still more amazing features are on many researches,

To know about this element's wonderful features.

But whatever they are, we shall continue our journey,

 In enjoying this element's beauty in the next chapter.

                                                      To be continued.................


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

10.The Five Elements.

As a Globetrotter this element is very good,

At storing of vast Knowledge in its head.

So with good acquaintance with this element,

We can learn a lot about all filaments.

As it fills each nook and corner with no difference,

It is sure it shows no bias based on any reference.

Hence, it is quite approachable to enhance our shrewdness,

But it never allows any sort of selfishness.

This element's basic teaching is " Be as one ".

To make this world  a big pleased fun of shine.

" Always be ready to work under one roof " 

Which is its strong message, meant in brief.

When we ready to cope with its means of message,

This element too be ready with its gentle breeze.

If we show our ugly face to exploit it in any way,

This element never hesitates to throw us away.

As other elements,its hierarchy of anger is unbearable,

To make our deeds good and bearable.

So with a real promise for the same to this element,

We shall " Air " our good bye to this " Air Element ".


 We shall meet the fifth element which is very high,

And this element's name is the beautiful " The sky ".

It has many wonders in its vast place,

With its permission we shall visit its palace.


                               The beauty of the palace,

                                                      is to be continued................



Sunday, September 14, 2014

9.The Five Elements.

This fourth element is named as the " Air ",

Which makes its presence everywhere.

With its absence no one can survive,

As it plays the role of foundation in every life.

Air is known as the mixture of many gases,

To match the life of things of their choices.

This element is blessed as Globetrotter,

Which resembles our mind in many factors. 

The Air has many fascinating works as wind,

In producing sounds of musics to please the mind.

It plays with different musical instruments,

To bring different music as good entertainments.

As wind it produces Electric current as wind energy,

As wind it produces all sorts of sound energy

As wind it makes the life hale and healthy,

As wind it shows its different hierarchy.

The smart strides of this element are impressive,

Where as the strong strides make our grip elusive.

It's tactic talent is a fact to be observed always,

To learn to bring prosper within us in many ways.

We shall learn them in the coming chapter,

So, let us be in this process as good partners.

With good passion and patience,we shall wait,

To see the all the sides of this element which,

                                                                  is to be continued...........


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

8.The Five Elements.

This element fire reminds some times,

The theory of " Newton's Law " in times.

For every action, there would be no doubt

For equal and opposite reaction, that's a fact.

So when we are ready to be smooth to soothe,

This element fire is always ready to be so cool;

The coolness makes this element good at submissive,

Otherwise, living or non-livings things get dismissive.

It goes very well with the things to cope,

With it's size to match the project with a hope.

It is a good example for " expect the unexpected "

While the process is on its way of expected.

This element is the symbol of civilisation,

Where it led the stone age to modernisation.

It brings light to both inner and outer station,

When we are ready to learn its values in good passion.

So from these above facts,it is all clear,

This element needs us to be very clever.

If  it feels our goodness,we can feel its warmth,

If not,no chance to escape from its fumes of wrath.

So let us say Good bye to this element for time being,

With our names in its good book as " good human being ".

We shall visit to the next element " Air " It's name,

Which has the power to bring name and fame. 

                                               To be continued............

Sunday, August 31, 2014

7.The Five Elements.

The next element Fire is bold and beautiful;

 It copes with spirits of the same bold and beautiful.

It has the great power of Dare Devil power,

But we can drop the Devil for Dare power ever.

This power's inspirations are very colorful,

But if we fail to respect it,it would be dreadful.

Even a spark can trigger its anger to wrath,

So let cautious strides be stepped on its path.

This element fire is a good example for " Alert ",

To grab the chances to get its life long and bright.

It has the power to construct in a second,and

 It never hesitates to destruct in the same second.

This element is always with full of beans,

As it always analyse its atmosphere with keen.

It first makes itself smart and steady,

Then survey the other things with some sort of greedy.

If this element's boundaries are made to known,

Its nature of bold and beautiful always be shone.

The measures are to be followed with care,

Then this element's help is vast and sure.

The diplomatic measures are,

                                                        To be continued..........

Thursday, August 21, 2014

6.The Five Elements.

The first measure to preserve this element,

Is,owe this evergreen treasure; Bear this in mind.

Like this element water's nature of cleanliness,

We must follow its strides,no doubt,it is Godliness.

When with its meager avail it tries its best to serve

To the living things on the earth to survive.

Through its many forms of resources of lakhs,

It is our turn to preserve it with profuse thanks.

For this divine task,we have to remember,

To be in the same and strong firm ' We ' member.

Then pass on this message to all as a whole, 

To come together with clean heart with no hole.

Together let us protect the water bodies,with every tact,

The prominent tact is nothing but they should be intact.

Even their free flow is forbidden by a tiny waste,

Remember we are the reason with our ugly taste.

Let its potential energy be more potential,

With the measures of old and new technical.

Its kinetic energy must be regularized,

By checking its usage if it is irregular in size.

To make this element more efficient,

Let it be on the good pact with the first element.

By letting grow thick and tall green vegetation,

It draws abundant drops with it's high nutrition.

These are all some of measures to implement,

To preserve this precious second element.

Now, we shall visit to the third element,

Known as fire;It is a dare devil,bear this in mind.

This curiosity,

                                        is to be continued...........   

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

5.The Five Elements.

Whenever we see this element " Water " in any form, 

This mighty element is always ready to re-form;

That's its big and beautiful quality of its own,

Cope with the size and shape and color of the things as it's own.

It resorts to this sort of reforms is spectacular,

Means, to make things as ' living things ' in particular.

It doesn't want to be so rigid but being pleasant flexible,

 Helping the things lead a life of cozy and comfortable.

With no bias in its nature,it is always crystal clear,

Sends this message to all, as " Take care one another ".

It also sends one more wonderful and beautiful message,

" As I do,print a wet mark of love for your age ".

Its characteristic feature is,try try try your best,

To make some fields flourish before the final rest.

Let's make up our minds like this element's steady flow,

Chances are more and more for a non-stop good row.

We have learnt a lot of lessons from this element,

To make things possible with determined mind.

Let's take an oath of get going but not a life of sedentary,

With fresh flow of this element,it would be a legendary.

So, We must give up this ugly don't care manner,

To make this element's life as long as longer.

If this element's presence vanishes with no more trace

Then the World War III is guaranteed with no life trace.

Hence the preserving measures of this element are,

                                                                  To be continued..........

Sunday, August 17, 2014

4.The Five Elements.


The next element is the great water,

Without which nothing can be a matter.

Understand its worth and the motto of the Creator,

Always be gentle with this ear and eye candy orator

When this second element flows as stream,

It's oration is a loving lullaby it seems;

When its joy finds no bounds, it enjoys as falls,

And it's overwhelming happiness is waves of all.

It depicts its pleasant presence wherever it goes,

With a ever green sight from tall trees to shrubs.

It's a close friend to the Earth as the other elements do,

In bringing prosper to the human civilization,it's true.

It's a natural food to many living things,

Without which our world has no living things.

To Quench our thirst,it expects our trust,

It's a guarantee for its long life to bring all the best.

Hence, let us be good friends with this element,

Through our entries in its good book,it's prominent.

For that,here are some measures to consider,

We shall see them in the next chapter. 

                                                               To be continued..............


Thursday, August 14, 2014

3.The Five Elements.

The  Earth

Before we go to the next step to act and re act,

Once more fine reminder to make things enact.

Because, for whatever building to build,

The strength of the foundation must be Gold.

Don't get bored with the same reminder " WE ",

It's power changes all sores to evergreen glee.

It is fact that " I " can't stand with no support,but

 " WE " have mighty foot-prints with good rapport.

With this strong foundation " WE " on the " Earth ",

We shall take the measures to save its worth.

The prime element " The Earth " must be handled with care,

If not, face it's counter reaction with lot of scars and scares.

High sky-scrappers, need good consultation;

With this first element with salutation.

With no more sham and with no more blame game,

The Earth must be given full respect in every gram.

Hence this persistence to stick to" We ",

As the stupid " I "  is very selfish you see;

It never be truthful to this pleasant Earth;

so it has to face the Earth's irreparable wrath.

Be in the " Bond " of " We " to bring prosper,

To this beautiful Earth with forms of proper. 

It is a sign of good concern must prevail between

The Earth and the man to make each life a ever green.

We shall start with the next element,

It's the " Water "that brings so excitement;

We shall sail our beautiful boat on it,

which tells its duty.i.e.Rest in the next.

                                                             To be continued................



Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Five Elements.

2.The Earth

The  next step is, just let  our every step,

Be on  it with a honor and full respect.

The mighty Earth observes our love and respect,

And plays its tender role as good as prospect.

Let us be ready with the goodwill gesture " We ",

The Deforestation would be on it's down;You see.

Instead afforestation on it's up to make us proud,

And it never let the ugly " I " back on the road.

When I was in my beautiful and carefree teen,

With my lovely Dad,who let his fields with good sheen.

Once I saw him analyzing our 100 years old some trees

to make them fall to get some family hurdles free; 

Once they made to reach the ground with no mercy,

The instant saplings were planted with the same mercy.

I asked my Dad," why all these again?" with all ignorance,

My smiling Dad just hinted my fore fathers' awareness.

When we become kindred spirit, to the nature,

It would give us back, many form of treasure .

These are some sensible measures to follow

to keep our nature all even with no hollows.

And again, the next step is,

                                                      To be continued.......