Saturday, June 28, 2014

3.The Smart Strides of Small Kids.

    Many times, the deeds of the smart kids lead us to a good self analysis indeed.On the other day myself and my elder angel daughter were travelling in a public transport system from our native place to our place.
The bus was crowded heavily that everyone was suffocating.However,my brother was able to reserve seats for me and my daughter with the help of his conductor friend who was on his duty in the same bus.With a good relief,we two settled down comfortably.

   After some time when we were looking around,my daughter spotted a girl around five years old who was struggling hard to stand between the supporting system, the steel rod between the seats in the bus and her mother.Her mother was not able to lift her daughter to her shoulder.In no time my daughter who was doing her collage,dragged the child to our side tactfully,and with her mother's permission, my daughter let the child be on her lap.The child felt so happy but immediately she wanted to know whether it would be all right with her mother who was standing by our side.The girl felt that her mother's nod was a good gesture,she felt so so happy and comfortably threw her head back to see my daughter and sent a warm smile.A bit later I could recognize them as the family who were working for my paternal uncle and were in charge of his agriculture,
staying in his out house.

   The hustle bustle in the bus was as usual,but the ray of the warm smile of this unknown girl was unusual.
Because I happened to see many children of this age who were very aggressive to be with their parents and were even  not at all ready to see the face of the person who tried to play with them.My daughter might also felt the same.She was so curious and sent back her warmer smile to that girl who was looking upon my daughter's face,expecting a good response it seemed.

   The next stage of determined stage i.e the conversational stage started between the two smiling faces.My daughter,

"Hi sweet girl may I know your name "?

With that lovely shyness of the childhood,the girl uttered her name.

"Very sweet name which suits you so nicely".

Again with the same beautiful shyness,"Do you like my name".

"Of course!Are you going to school?".


"Which class?"

"Eighth standard"

My giggled daughter  looked at the girl's mother.She was also giggling.

Noticed the beautiful bangles the girl wearing,my daughter,"Ah! your bangles are so beautiful!Would you give it to me".

With a mingling laughter with her sweet words,"Oh!Oh! these small bangles don't suit you.I will get you bigger bangles from the shop.More over I have some beautiful and colorful joined beads at our place to wear around our neck.You come to my house.I will give you.And I have some play things.If you like anything you can have it". She kept on telling about giving something.What a wonderful mind that little girl had and how disciplined the girl had been raised to understand the meaning and the beauty about the act of "Giving"even though they had unhealthy financial background.I was so impressed.

   Giving is something a very good act. Many of us fail to understand the goodness of this act where the the donor as well as the  receiver get benefited.

Giving love helps one's life for a peace and development,

Giving respect helps one to get refined,

Giving space helps for a fresh air for a deep breath to help our brain to be active,

Giving courage helps one to take risks on research basis,

Giving support, helps one to balance himself to get a firm grip before his next stride,

Giving confidence,helps one to step up in the next level,

Giving good useful suggestions,helps one to explore in new venture,

Giving help in need,helps one to pursue one's journey

Giving real compliments gives one a good enthusiasm that makes one to get refined oneself.

Giving chance to one's mistakes to get corrected, it helps one to be with more consciousness to get back

one's own track and so on.

   When we are ready to open our eyes and mind,we have a lot to learn from these sort of smart kids.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

2.The Smart Strides of Small Kids.

   When I happen to notice some smart strides of kids, that childhood of the every child I feel that it is no doubt it is the childhood of God himself.Their impeccable mind,words and their activities all are real and wonderful.

   My eldest nephew was doing his forth standard.At that time,as our native place is a hill station,that particular year of North West Monsoon brought a part of our 70 years old house down.I think it made him so sad.Reconstruction works were going on.My nephew's love on my parents,i.e.on his grand parents was and is an inexplicable one.It is legendary.He was and is always with full of beans.On those of his school days,he got up very early in the morning along with his grand parents with that glittering face as the rising sun.

   At his early age itself,he was quite a good observer.He was the apple of my parents' eye.He was always ready with all his smiling face to do any odd jobs for the sake of my parents and the other members of our family.On those reconstructing days,his only aim seemed to be to wipe out his Grand Parents misery on their collapsed house.Before the construction labors arrived,he kept asking," Grandpa!what work will get done to-day?.Shall I clear these debris?Shall I arrange the bricks in order?Shall I fill this drum with the water from the street tap with the help of this small bucket?.How long our house will take to get done?.How many labors are going to turn up to-day?Why don't we arrange for more labors to get our house done quickly?".

   His non-stop questions were on their way in different versions for the same answer.My parents showered
love on him as he was the first Grand Child of our family.His arrival,i.e.the first member of the very next generation of our family, brought us a pleased atmosphere with different feelings of happiness.While these constructions works were going on,my father was very particular about his studies.He tried his best to help him to go with his studies well in the middle of this debris.But as we belonged to agriculture family and as we had cattle and poultry, my mother and all other family members were depending on him on various tasks with no intervals.But all those interruption, never made him get angry or exhausted.With the same warm answer and  with the same glittering face he did extend all his help for his age.

   One day morning,as usual the reconstruction works were going on.His friend as usual came there to remind him the time for going to school.My nephew's answer was that serious,"To-day I have some work".In his serious version it was that obvious that he badly wanted his Grand Parents to get back their good home as early as possible.By telling this he himself was being ready to be a helper to the constructing labors.Watching this, my father,burst out laughing and my nephew was convinced in one way or the other to accompany his friend to go to school.

   Still he is in the good books of his mother's as well as his father's relatives.Now he owns a concern and makes it work successfully.He has his own beautiful family and tries his best to make his family to be in the good books of our family circle through his constant visits along with his family.


Saturday, June 21, 2014

1.The Smart Strides of Small Kids-Part I

   Many times I wonder myself  about the listless ' Smart Strides ' of small kids' on many occasion.In fact we are missing many opportunities to notice,observe,wonder,enjoy,learn and being proud about  our kids' 'Smart Strides'.No doubt,every kid of their own generation seems to be displaying these countless, unbelievable smart strides related to their atmosphere.

   My Grandson when he was about fifteen months old,he happened to watch a heated argument on some issues between we four of the family.Myself,my husband,my two angel daughters.As we had no sense that we were creating something unhealthy atmosphere in front of our loving toddler,the argument was going on endlessly.Watching for some time,by keep transferring his attention from one person to other, he suddenly moved towards our younger daughter and stood in front of her with such a state of determination.

   God only knew,what he could understand.With his own oral language and with his own body language,nearly for half a minute he gave his aunt a nice scolding.Then he stopped abruptly.Then he kept on watching her face with such a keen attention.In a moment we all were stunned.We dragged him back to help him to escape from his aunt's wrath.Still, when we happen to talk about this incident,we are in good bewilderment.

   In an another incident,the same toddler was about one and half year old.His father had been sent by his company, to take some his job related training abroad.Some of our relatives were there in their place for a warm sendoff.As the beds were made in the different places of the home,the toddler's dad's bed was happened to be in the drawing room.The very next day his father was about to move for his destination.

   As usual the toddler was made to sleep at his usual time, in his usual place i.e. his parents's bedroom.
Around midnight he got up,and got down from the bed,without disturbing any one of us and moved towards his father who was sleeping on his back.The toddler settled on his father's chest,gave him a good hug and kept on kissing him on his both cheeks for some time and had a good night sleep with him.The next day when his father disclosed his lovely son's lovely act, we all were in good astonishment.How could he sense that his father would be moving for some other place,leaving him  back for some time?. On that particular day's midnight,in his half sleep,how could the toddler locate his father's bed?.God only knows.

   Strong love bonds always make an opportunity to bring the related people together either through good scoldings or through good hugging I observed.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014


   The simple version of   BE GREAT with GRATITUDE,even though it seems as simple as it is, it has its own depth of values, if we are really ready to interpret the real meaning of it.As everything, it also starts from home and from the same place,i.e.from our valued parents.Even though,they never expect any sort of gratitude from their own blood and soul at the present scenario,definitely they would be very happy and bless us to the core which is nothing less than His blessings. When the interpretation of the gratitude is meant in the right way at the right time with no speck in it makes our duty towards our parents half done.

   Generally speaking,no other grains after a good and blessed harvest,when they are made to mingle with the other same sort of grains, cultivated from various places,even when they are seen in the same market places,it can't be identified as this particular grain is from this particular seed,from this particular land.But only for human beings,where ever and when ever we are happened to mingle with our own race,we human grains after a good and blessed harvest can be identified as this particular grain from this seed and from this land.
i.e."THE GREAT IDENTITY".For this Great Identity alone,our prime role of gratitude starts its journey towards our parents.

   Next,the seed sown in the land.The land must need a good and passionate Gardener to take all possible and indispensable measures to nurture the seed to get a good and blessed harvest.But here,Oh My God! What a wonderful,inexplicable land offered from your part that the land itself does all the job of a good and a passionate Gardener to nurture its own seed to give a very good and a very blessed harvest.The land's role doesn't stop over there.The land's role is very prominent till the harvest get a proper landing.i.e.The beautiful world has been introduced to us through the theory of the " SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST ".i.e.Our next prominent role of Gratitude continues towards them as externally our parents and internally our mentors.

   It is better for us to keep remembering that without our parents,and their various forms of sacrifices,

1.We never have an opportunity to get introduced to this beautiful world where there would be a place reserved for us to lead our meaningful life,which paves way later to be with our life partner and our children.
Having got the chance to view this beautiful world with that beautiful sixth sense,our Gratitude must be with our parents.

2.Even though the human being are placed in the criteria of higher status, as we are considered to be  the possessor of that great sixth sense,we are highly dependent on our parents for quite a longer period when compare with all other living things which are placed in the lower status with their related number of senses.So for this longer period of dependency,our gratitude must be with our parents.

3.We must understand one thing that till the 20th century, the internal,external and financial related changes were gradual.But  this 21st century leads to swift changes due to various technological developments in all most all fields,where money is given prior importance than our loving parental care.Responsibilities and reliable nature are made to take the back bench.This feeling makes our parents suffocating for which they are not used to.This is not good for a healthy society where nearly 30% of the citizens are senior citizens.So to minimize their scare and to minimize our sins,we must be with some gratitude by respecting their "Right to get Security from their children" norms.

4.Every human being is to be considered as a HUMAN being when there is some respect attached to their names.Otherwise he/she is considered to be invalid.The very first step to earn our first respect is to maintain a life time good rapport with our loving parents.It will definitely lead to all other respectable paths to earn more and more respect which is the chief symbol of a ' HUMAN '.The prime chief resource of earning respect is, respect towards one's parents which is a good gesture of  ' Gratitude ' towards our parents.

   The last but not the least,without our parents we are no more.It is better to pass on this message, generation after generation through which whatever changes are on their way at whatever speed they are,the physical health as well as mental health of the home as well as the society will be under good security.  


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Intend to be Content.

   The other day we happened to hire a Gardener to weed our nearly 2000 square feet tiny land.As the land is located in the outskirt of the city,we fail to maintain the land.Here and there some houses have been built around our land.As it is,no wonder about our land's position of filling with heavy herbs and shrubs which were hanging outside the compound wall and the main gate.Some four or five deep rooted trees with heavy branches were also there.The weeding must have been done two years back.But our negligence turned our land into a mini forest and a comfortable dwelling place to some kind of dangerous reptiles which needed a instant weeding.

   We looked for a Gardener in our locality but we were unable to find one who came forward with reasonable wages.We waited for some more time,nearly for three more months.The monsoon started.When we had a casual chat about this with our relatives who are at our native place, nearly 80 kilometers from our place, there came a solution..The very next day,they appeared before us with their Gardener and the related tools of gardening.

   They came along with us to show the land to their Gardner,and they were off to the Town-Hall for some shopping.The next day they were off to our native place.The Gardner was well built with medium height but certainly has a beaming  face.After surveying the land, he suggested politely with all respect,"Master! First the herbs and shrubs get a thorough weeding through weeding spray.I will get it in the market and will spray now.The weeds need 12 hours to get withered.After that I can find the way to reach the trees.It will take three days to get the process done.My relatives are here.I will stay with them and do the weeding.My Masters are so good.I have to do a lot for them.Let this be the one such good gesture of goodwill".

   We came back home.The next day evening,I went to the place.The beaming gardener was almost cleared the withered herbs and shrubs.I had been there for some time.It was a pleased experience to see him working like a busy bee with that sort of passion.Each and every square-foot had its spectacular clearing from the weeds and that wet land was shining which seemed as if the land had good shower bath just then which enhanced the beauty of its face.I could not help admiring the beauty of the spotless land with those trees which then seemed as if they had been playing the role of mega umbrellas.

   The third day, as I was so curious,I visited the land with good sort of excitement.It was around five.To my surprise,the land seemed to have some sort of seeds with in it.The land had been divided into so many medium sized Squares and Rectangles.Each row of the partition was having a very light codes of white powder.The trees got pruned in such a beautiful way as perfect mega umbrellas.The beauty of the land was an inexplicable one.i.e.It could only be felt.

   The wonderful Gardener was about to get ready to leave the place after finished doing his gardening to the core.Noticing me,he was nearing me with that ever green beaming face,"Madam!Forgive me.Without your knowledge I took your permission as if it was granted.After clearing the weed,my farming passion didn't allow me to leave the land again as bare land.With a hope that you people wouldn't refuse this sort of cultivation in this land,I bought some kind of seasonal seeds and manure on my way back from my relatives house.They plants are of short termed plants.Before I decided to do this,I sought permission from my master whether it would be possible for me and would it be all right with you people.My good Master told,"Carry on!Let it be a pleasant surprise for them".I felt a lump in my throat.The Gardener continued."You needn't worry about anything else Madam!.I can mange with this along with my Master's.If need arises,I will bring my one or two friends.Let us not waste this fertile land any more".For the favorable answer he looked into my eyes.

   What can I say?The Gardener and his Master both have been making each other very proud by all means.When I told the whole story to my husband,he was moved to the core..We offered the Gardener the wages what the local gardeners had demanded.Really he deserved it.But he accepted only the half and politely gave back the remaining money.We tried our best to make him to have that money.He refused again politely but firmly.His intentions to be content is really godliness.We felt.Now we three,ourselves,our relative and this Gardener have been looking after this tiny land through this nice Gardener and we 'trio' have been enjoying the taste of the seasonal vegetables through the same nice Gardener.This sort of atmosphere is very beautiful indeed.