Friday, July 10, 2015

3.To be Patient.

   The word " patient " itself is being impatient when it comes across either one to one meeting or one to many meeting with us at this ongoing swift scenario.Because it thinks we are not at all ready to lend our ears to it.It often wonders," How can I cope with them with no co-operation from their side .Even when they are not at all ready to lend their ears to any simple matters,how can I get them with all their ears for any important matter.

   For any process,if we need a good out put means,we are never supposed to forget to add the ingredient " The Patience ".With no patience,no expected good output.So to bring the output more or less to the satisfactory level,we are to give good consideration to this great ingredient " The Patience ".All right now let me stop beating around the bush.Let me come to the point how to produce this great ingredient and how to stock it for our personal use.

   The first and the foremost step to produce this ingredient for our personal use is, we are to understand that we all are individuals,
irrespective of whatever relation it would be.So every individual has their own views. Depending on their own atmosphere,their views are also would be different.So we are not supposed to emphasise our views on others.In the same time our views and suggestions ( Either positive or negative ) could be put forward with good clarity by analysing the atmosphere,from our point of view.Let the ball in others' court.By doing this we do create an equal opportunity to others to put forward their own views with the same good clarity.So we are to listen to them.We can feel the majestic entry of the great patience.

   Another simple way to make the great patience to stay with us forever is,instead of treating living things into the non-living things,let us treat non-living things into the living things at home and at our working place.( Play grounds are exceptional )I mean not to drag chair and table and so on,not to throw the remote to the sofa,let not allow our children' merciless kicking of their play things. Let us encourage ourselves and our children that non-living things also have all feelings.So,we have to handle the non-living things with all care policy.Once we get ready to handle the non-living things with good care means,naturally we would be ready to handle the living things,I mean our dears and nears with all good care.Because they have real feelings.It seems to help us a lot to be in good terms with that great patience. 

   One of the great example for the greatness of this great patience is when we come across the great leader Gandhi's "Non- Violence " movement.Through this movement,this leader could bring the whole nation under one roof which comes under the category of unity in diversity,to achieve its Independence. This would live for ever with its impeccable foot prints in the inter-national political arena.

     Hence,when a nation can achieve its freedom through this great patience means,no doubt we individuals can achieve this freedom in our precious life in every stage,once we get its importance at proper stage.

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