Monday, August 24, 2015

4.Every family member..............

   A Humble Request To Every Family Member.  

   Before we begin this topic,first let us have a warm hand shake and a warm hug to every member of our family.In the same way before we get into this topic, let our mind be in the relaxed manner,I mean relaxed to the core as the needle of a  " BALANCE " in its " BALANCED " Position.i.e. no plus" + "  or no minus "  _  "  mindset. Let our mind be in the balanced position i.e. in the " ZERO "position.

   Now here our humble request starts.How? Even though we are the part of our family, we are individuals.Every individual, irrespective of our age,sex, we individuals make a family.After all a family is  nothing but a team.So all individual have their own respective aspirations and their own strategies to achieve their aspirations for a common goal.i.e. "To preserve our Family's Dignity ". Our activities are in the position to bring either positive or negative impact on our family name.i.e on our team's name.If they bring positive impacts mean, then there would be no problem at all.When there would be a state of drawing negative impact by an individual or by the individuals of the family,it could be reconsidered by the individual himself /herself or by the individuals themselves.Because,  , one way or the other,directly or indirectly,as positive impacts,every individual of a family is being responsible for negative impacts also.

    So, the simple strategy to maintain a family as a family i.e. a team as a good team is " Here we go...........".i.e. every individual of a family, with no harms to one's individuality,try our best to arrange for a one to one and face to face interview with our own " INDEX FINGER " minimum once a day.Instead of using our Index Finger on other members of our team i.e other members of our family for, A - for Accusation, B -for Blame Games, C - for Criticizing, and so on......turn the same Index Finger towards us to check our " Index "properly.After all,self care is the best care which leads to team's care to bring welfare to the core.


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