Friday, August 28, 2015



                                   G - Granted ( With )

                                  I - Inner Mega power ( Which is )

                                 R - Real (And )

                                 L - Logical 

   1. To Girls ; 

    When every  girl is able to understand that they have been blessed with dual roles accompanied with dual powers,it is well and good.It means, they have been trained meticulously at one place and would be given responsibilities to get gradual practical knowledge in another place.By nature itself, girls are made to feel their one third of presence at their birth place and two third at their destined place.At birth place a girl is considered to be a " Princess "
where as at her destined place she would be a " Queen ". Hence in the prior place she is supposed to made to learn to lay a strong and smart foundation to rule her oncoming territory to maintain an admirable atmosphere " All is well ".

   And in the latter place,she tends to implement all her knowledge and tactics practically to check whether she can make it possible to bring the same and good atmosphere, " All is well " and whether she can stabilise it through her available internal and external resources all through her roles of honour.

   2. To Girls parents;

   It is a known fact that one's religious faith plays major role to lay a strong foundation to every individuals to lead a moral,logical and decent life.Our girls have a beautiful far and wide survival capacity naturally,by spreading their wings of their choice.At the same time,their mere survival doesn't bear any fruit.It is considered to be her parents' humble role to make it very clear that their girls's survival is to be recognised by the strong foundation of their respective religious culture which helps them to lead a moral,
logical and decent life.Then it would be possible for the girls to spread their wings in good determination in all directions and at the same time,it would be possible for all their respective relations to be under their wings with all comforts.

 To the Girls parents -  in law.

   Once girls are elegantly transferred from their parents to the parents - in - law  with a request to help her to march forward with smart strides,through  a good ceremony,the parents - in law are expected to guide them through their good leadership,how to lead a family elegantly and efficiently.Thus, through this the girls are going to be ready to play and honour their respective roles in future with all sort of smartness.This learning,implementation and passing on to the next generation is said to be the way of respecting universal law.

    When this circle is on its way with " Feel the relation  pattern ", then there would  be an ample chance to bring down any sort of complications in every one's family life.Because,in many cases boys are failed to maintained their balance at their sedentary place due to some negative influence caused by some immature girls in their family life.Boys "Balanced position " is very very important in maintaining comforts in one's family.That stable balanced position  of boys can be protected and preserved by these girls who have been given knowledge about their strong moral and logical foundation which would be refined by creating positive chances of implementation.Then they are able to be good leaders and they  are able to create good leaders in future.    




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