Thursday, September 3, 2015

6. To Disclose.

      We people who belong to yesteryears generation,are fortunate enough to have more fun and having more good things to enjoy.As we were having good number of siblings and the joint family system that helped us to have a warmth family atmosphere.But the present generation, compared to us,they are very unfortunate indeed as they are missing abundant characteristic features of a joint family system and with good number of siblings.

   Good number of siblings who are having their own characteristic 
features are in fact a real strength.Indeed,one's inter personal needs and intra personal needs are taken care by their respective characteristic siblings in natural way.Hence almost all sort of problems would be solved among themselves.Only a few unsolved problems would be brought into the judiciary of their parents.So naturally we siblings lead a happy and comfortable and secured life in our own way under the wings of our parents.

   Many times we people wish that our children had enjoyed our way of life. IT IS POSSIBLE.When there is a will,there is always a way.The first step is to be suggested that we parents are to have a goodwill gesture to come forward to create the same warmth family atmosphere what we had experienced.For the sake of our children,
with the same goodwill gesture,we parents are to be ready to maintain a good rapport with our parents and with our own blood and flesh siblings.It is natural for the children to be easy and to feel secure with the relations where their parents feel good.

   The second step is to be suggested that, when we take notice of every family,there would be one big resource is vivid for the up - gradation of the respective family.It may be a movable asset or an immovable asset.The up - gradation is only possible with the open heart of the family members.When we are ready to respect that big resource of our own,our children would be able to come closer in presence of their parents.This closeness would get strengthened in the course of time and it would be strongly recognized even in the absence of their respective parents.It means,through their natural caring and sharing moments they would have a guarantee for a
secured bond among themselves.

   The third step to consider for the sake of children welfare is,we parents with our siblings are expected to come forward to invest a ten percent of their total income for a common venture after a good analysis.Regarding this our very often meetings would also help us to keep us and our children in a close circle of good understanding.
So that our children would have chances to face the things as they come in natural way.

    These suggestions are for the sake of the greater good for our children.As they are having a least chances of having good number of siblings and an unsecured dependence with the external world,
we parents are expected to pave way for our children to have sibling relationship with their maternal and paternal cousins through our own siblings.This is considered to be the first righteousness we give our children to make their days fear free and worry free and but letting them being as happy bees.


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