Wednesday, September 16, 2015

1.Good Tactics of Men


   In our country side this sort of fables and parables are well known ones.One such parable.Here it goes.

    One good rich man was destined to a selfish woman in the name of marriage where the cordial relations of husband and wife are supposed to be maintained as good as possible.But here in this family,the lady inclined to her birth place unconditionally and resorted to a total neglect of her husband's family.Her husband was unaware of it as he was working in a foreign country quite a period of time. 

    When he got back to his home town to settle down,he came to know all these unfortunate facts.The man had a lovely sister.When he visited her,he came to know about her poverty and her poor state of inability to get any sort of help from her sister-in-law in the absence of her loving brother.

   She said," My dear brother! once I went to seek some help from your wife,she didn't even ready to offer me some good meals.But I didn't understand the queer reason she put forward  for her inability to prepare some food for me".

   Perplexed brother wanted to know about that queer reason.His sister continued ,"Your wife said," I am unable to offer you some food.Because the three stones (which used to be as stove to
prepare food )are taken away by a rat.I am so sorry for you".So I came back with empty hands along with empty stomach but with heavy sick mind".

   The loving brother hugged her loving sister with a motherly concern," No need to worry sister!Everything will be all right.You are going to meet your refined sister-in-law soon".

   The other day the brother was sitting outside and was watching the passers by.Then he spoke as louder as possible as if he had been speaking to some one else and made sure that his wife was listening to him.It went like this."Oh my God! It is very unfortunate.Tell them not to worry.I will do my best to help them.In fact it is my
solemn duty to be their side at this time".

   Then he came back to his house as quickly as possible with such a gloomy face.On seeing this his wife asked for the reason."You see my dear.It is very unfortunate.I met your (Mentioned the name of one of her birth place man,who also had a close relative in the nearby village) outside who was on his way to visit his relatives to that nearby village.

   "He told that the past one week's heavy rain brought a big collapse to your whole village.The whole village's farm land grains which are about to get harvested are still inside the water which are of no use.I think your family is also undergoing with the same trouble.Even though,even after this one week they didn't ask for any sort of help,it is our moral duty to extend our help in time.So let me visit them first to analyse the situation.Going with bare hand at this state is not at all fair on our part.So let me have something to give them as helping gesture.So be ready as soon as possible with the things what you would like to give them. 

   It is a known fact that she was ready to load the things which a bullock cart could hold them.And it is also a known fact that the bullock cart was heading towards the man's sister's house.

   In the evening when the man came back,his wife asked with all concern about the welfare of her family.The man with the same undoubted gloomy face," What is there to say? If I say what happened, none would believe it.But you should believe".

   Perplexed wife looked at her husband with some panic in her voice,"What happened ?"." Oh my God I couldn't believe my own eyes.On the way,while I was stretching myself under a tree,in front of my own eyes it happened.Giving no chance to any sort of interruption,the man continued, "Do you know what happened?".
"An eagle took away the bullock cart with all the things and in such a speed it vanished in the thin air". 

   His wife with such a wrath,"Do you expect me to believe this?".
Pat came the reply."When you expect me to believe that a rat could take away the three cooking stones means what is wrong in me to expect you to believe this adventure of an eagle?".

  Then no other go for the wife except to mend her ways.  


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