Saturday, July 6, 2013

3.The stimulation of the mind

The following days the Lady feels some sort offull of  beans..Yet she and her mind  to arrive for some proper planning
LADY; Friend  it seems to take time for a proper planning.While planning we are not supposed to be stressed any more.
MIND; You are right. what shall we do?
LADY; We better relax first.Let us take one  task in the morning and one in the evening.First we shall try to get up as early as possible I mean before six or five forty five  or so.Early going birds get more food. For first one week we shall concentrate on our prayer i.e the six times prayer and that five minutes cleaning.
MIND: It seems better.
LADY: (She knows well that she can gear her mind up in such a way.So she decides to make it to feel as weather it is a big or small if we do it in a stress free,relaxed manner it will be an easy task.)
When the next day starts the lady is able to manage to cope with the time with the help of the mind.It is a wonderful feeling that the mind keeps remembering her the time of her prayer and her meals time by waking her up around six  in the morning.Even the lady decides to postpone something to sometime for the day her mind doesn't allow her to be so.
The family of the lady seems to be very comfortable with her wonderful briskness and it is inevitably contagious.The family with no other go have to co-operate with her with her some time management.For example, the lady says if you all are ready to have your meals together we ladies will lay the table.Otherwise you have to help yourself.Her family comprises of eight members.Her parents-in-law and two sonsOne  son is married and one grand child. Including her husband her two sons and daughter-in-law are in their different occupations.As their departure and arrival times are different their meal times are also invariably different.
But due to the constant pestering of her mind about the time management the whole family is tend to schedule their work on time.
The lady keeps pestering her family to keep the things in their place.It brings home some sort of automatic cleaning.
So for a day she with the help of her mind she is able to finish doing the day's tasks as six times prayer and five minutes cleaning  along with the her time management skill with her family as a bonus.

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