Friday, May 16, 2014

Self Respect is the Best Respect

   When we talk about one's self respect, many times for many reasons we let it down with no knowledge of its great importance for some temporary benefits.In the long run, it is a known fact that this self respect is the only factor to guard us from all sorts of unwanted events which may be big disturbance to the peace of a family.

   In a family,when one cares about one's own self respect means no doubt,he cares about his own family's self respect.In other words,the family's pride would be preserved.The person would be  a good role model to one's own family circle, and outside one's family circle.Here is a one good and pleased life style of a couple whose life style was based on this precious ' Self Respect ' which led them a smooth sailing in their family journey.

   In a big joint family,where the eldest brother along with his sweetheart,took the responsibility of his family, after the sudden demise of his father.He was around thirty five and his wife was around
thirty at that time.He had to take care of his nine siblings with his mother.In their village they were in the good books of the village.It means the couple was in a position to preserve their self respect.

   One day,after the funeral ceremonies of his father got over,the eldest son had a private discussion with his wife."Honey! I do hope that you have understood the present situation as it is. As we are the eldest of the family, and as per Darma,the righteousness,we must play the role as parents,literary as parents to my siblings,where the youngest one is just ten years old.I have no idea about his understanding about his big loss,his loving father.I think it would take some time for mother too to come back to normalcy".

   "One more sister is to be married off.I know the weight of the responsibilities is too much for us.But I have a strong faith on your support without which definitely I will not be able to do anything.But at the same time I don't want to put any pressure on you just because you are my wife.If you are ready to make up your mind and heart to go along with me,we can make the task as easy as possible as parents.As parents indeed.I feel this is the right thing to preserve our self respect which I have inherited from my parents.At the same time I do promise you that even after these responsibilities definitely I will be your good old better half".

   His Sweetheart,held his hands,through which she conveyed her whole and soul were always belonging to him.As the eldest son was in a good post in a government office and by God's grace,as they were belonging to upper middle class,and as they were in the good books of their village the couple made their family journey as smooth as possible on all ups and downs to preserve their self-respect and their family's self- respect.As he and his wife did act at his mother's word,
naturally,his siblings had to act at their eldest brother and sister-in law words.

    As the eldest son and his sweet heart led a life entirely based on self respect,they never let down themselves and their family at any cost. Still their names are having their fragrance in the village even after the period of their life times,nearly twenty and ten years.

   I would like to quote one more incident where my little one was so conscious about her self-respect, even at her tender age. One day,I was taking a after noon nap,my younger daughter was playing with her friend at our home.She was doing her second standard.While they were playing,something was dropped with a big bang.I got up with high intensity of anger and I was about to scold her.She instantly shifted to our mother tongue,requested me," Mom! Please don't scold me in front of my friend.You do it a bit later". With no waiting for my response,she turned to her friend,shifted to their common language,"Friend! I am going to sleep now.We shall play in the evening. Bye! See you!".After locking the door,she came back and stood in front of me and said," I am sorry Mom! for disturbing your nap.Now I am here to have your punishment".

                                   " SELF RESPECT IS THE BEST RESPECT ".


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