Saturday, August 31, 2013


   A taxi dropped Vincent in front of that magnificent gate of that reputed office.The office was situated in a metropolitan city.The office campus gives a status symbol to its employees.

   On the way to the security cabin to complete the regular formalities, Vincent examined the campus. The architecture technology was simply superb.Vincent was in his own thoughts that man in his every stride and in every field,his advancing technological knowledge is amazing.That part of task seems to be simple for him.In other hand he has no idea about the nature and feeling of his own family members and his neighbor.And this part of task seems to be very difficult for him.What a strange mindset.This brought smile to Vincent's lips.

   By the time he finished his formalities at the security cabin and with profuse thanks he was heading towards main building.The security cabin was in a bit surprise in experiencing this much respect to their cabin.It is a fact that generally they are not given much attention.

   But for Vincent,by God's grace,right from his school days to college he had been blessed with some role-model teachers who gave priority to humanity through subjects.The Director of his previous educational institution where Vincent completed his post graduate degree,always kept reminding them to give respect and take respect.

  The Director used to say that,the security guard is the prime  employee to any concern,with his grand clearance only you can enter the concern.He guarantees the security of the concern as well as the security of the employees.So learn to respect from number '1' and from alphabet 'A'.i.e. from the childhood days itself it should be emphasized.Vincent remembered his words.

   From security cabin to main building it seemed to take a fifteen minutes walk.It seemed to impossible for Vincent to walk all alone.He looked around.A group of people were walking towards the main building.But except one or two seemed to talk among themselves,majority people were walking alone even though they were having their colleagues walking along with them at their arm's stretch.May be they were belonging to different departments.But this seemed to be not fair.They were all working under one roof.They might have shown some familiarity with each other through their warm smile.But they were walking alone as if they were strangers to others or as if others  were strangers to them.

   On seeing this,Vincent remembered again the version what the same Director told that one who lacks the ability of mingling with people means he also lacks the ability of learning in life.By moving with people freely it leads to some inquisitiveness to learn more about ourselves and others positively.This leads to more inventions and discoveries in human relation and the positive bond we create will be more helpful in our life time.And also it helps us to learn what to take and what to let go for our career building and character building.

     Vincent introduced himself to the persons who were walking by his side."Hello I am Vincent.This is my beautiful and pride first day in this office.I think you all are pioneer to people like us.I am very glad to meet you".He shook his hands with them.They gave a pause and looked at his bright face with warm smile they responded him.

     12 months passed.All these months Vincent was the same old Vincent with impeccable beaming face with warm smile.His close friends knew the reason for it.In the beginning days Vincent was compelled to have hot drinks in the week end parties.When he was refused to take,his friends mocked at him to the core."Hi are you still afraid of your parents? or still you are depending on them?or are you a wall or still are you in the opinion that you are a child?"

      Pat came the answer from Vincent."Yes! my friends internally I am five year old and externally I am sixteen year old student.My beloved grand father gave me this healthy suggestion which helps me a lot.My internal 5 year childhood mind is plain,impeccable with no ill feelings like partiality,jealous,comparison,complex,telling tales,over confidence or under confidence and so on"..

       After a pause,Vincent continued,"My grand father told we must always be in the learning process.According to him the suitable age to understand what learning is 16.He told me to assume yourself that you 5 five year old internally which helps to keep your mind plain and 16 externally which helps you in your learning process with no diversion.

       And it helps you lot in course of time through which the road you take would be vivid.i.e.It helps you to what to look at and what to over look.And also it depends on the intensity of your positive rapport with your mind.The mega power mind will make possible everything for your sake to get positive results.More over it helps you yourself handover yourself to your life partner and your children and your grand children as a  gentle man i.e.gentle human.

        Vincent continued." Now my grand father is no more.But his words still guide me.If I am looking as a mocking stock and if you people feel that I am not fit for your friendship circle where a girl friend and cocktail parties are must means,I am sorry.I am leaving.But I really wish you people to have those blissful moments in one day or the other".

        In leaving gesture,Vincent let his hands to shake with their hands.But his hands were grasped as his friends's minds were ready to open.




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